Difference Between 5 Strings & 6 Strings Banjo

Banjo is a 20th-century music instrument that was played in orchestras. Banjo is the short form of Banjitar. You can call it a guitar-like instrument. Every banjo has strings that are attached to the chords and tuned with it. The tunings are easily played with keys.

Real banjos have four or five strings. Only music lovers know that six and seven strings are also available in the market. It’s not difficult to tell the difference because of their different shapes.

If you are planning to grab a banjo on your own, then you must know what type of banjo you should choose. Moreover, if you already have a banjo then, you might know how many strings are needed to produce your desired music.

Here in this article, you will know about the differences between five strings banjo and six strings banjo.

Five-string banjo:

If you love folk music, this is for you. Frailing music is also produced with five-string banjos. These have 22 frets and if you want to add a resonator to a bluegrass banjo is appropriate for you. Because it comes with a long length it produces a lower tune. You can play it with a thumb-pick or with two metal finger picks.

Six strings banjo:

A banjo with six strings is more like a guitar than a banjo. They come up in a large size like a guitar. It is appropriate for everyone who knows how to play guitars. You have to tune a six-string banjo like a guitar to play it. These types might not give you a sound or feel like an actual banjo. It is played with rolls.

Benefits of a five-string banjo:

It is the most common so you will get it in any music store. This is best for traditional American music. You can play beautiful country sounds with this banjo. It is beneficial for its unique peg style and type. It is easier to play. It will deliver raw music.


It has a lower tuning than others. You have to be careful with the head. Some also have keys so try to learn them before you use them.

Benefits of a six-string banjo:

Looks like a guitar and comes in a big shape. As it has more strings, you will be able to play a wide range of music with this. You can play rock, bold and jazz music with it. It is also called the rhythmic guitar. The bass is stronger here. A diversity of music is possible.


Don’t expect those sweet melodious songs from your six-string banjo, and you will end up regretting. It is a little tough to handle for its bigger size. If you do not know to play guitar, then do not force yourself to buy a “banjitar” or a six-string banjo.


A six-string banjo will cost you $1000, where you will get those five-string banjos just within $500-$700.

Be sure about the fretboards, chords, strings properly while you are buying one. Be a little extra careful when you purchase them online.

So what are you waiting for? Go and grab your perfect banjo!