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Yolanda B. - Music theory and Piano Teacher

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$60per hour

Piano Instructor

Yolanda's lessons:

Music Theory, Piano

Music theory Lessons

classical & pop
5 to 70

Piano Lessons

Students learn concert level techniques, Theory, Reading, Aural Skills & Improvisation. They will start from the very basic as beginners on to intermediate and continue on to advance.

Classical and Pop
5 to 70


I came from the Philippines, a Filipina and I've studied music at the Philippine Women's University College of Music and Fine Arts. I have been studying since I was 8 years old non-stop until I went to college and finished Associate in Arts in music major in piano. I love to teach and have been doing this for 21 years now. I've been teaching some years previous to this but 21 years is when I really put my full time into it. At first I began doing private tutoring but after awhile I went into teaching at a piano studio in the year 1999 at the "Rios Piano Center" as a private one on one teacher
as well as a group class teacher. At the same time I also did start on another piano
studio called "California Music Studios" wherein they gave me students and I went to the student's home for piano lessons. I did these 2 jobs until the year 2003. After that I went back to my private tutoring and continued on until the present time. I've been active in playing hymns at churches where I use to go playing prelude and at offerings. I've
been invited to events also to perform both classical and modern music. I'm very patient as a teacher 'cause it takes patience to learn it too. Don't be intimidated that it's hard to learn piano in fact it's very enjoyable especially when you can already read well and play your favorite songs whether pop music or classical. I teach both since students may request to learn songs they constantly hear like popular hits, maybe old songs or new. I'll teach you what you really love to play. Classical music is always best to learn too. You'll be so proud of yourself once you learn Beethoven's "Fur Elise" and
Mozart's "Sonata in C". So start your lesson with me and enjoy while you learn.

Questions and Answers

What experience do you have teaching kids?

The question is: What experience do I have teaching kids? I've experienced everything from the hardest to teach to the easier ones. Those that are really interested are easier and those that are not and are just being forced by their parents are the hardest. But I really still try to make it interesting for those that are hard to teach. You just have to give more patience and time for them. I've found out that at first they find it hard but just wait once they begin to learn how to read then that's when their interest begin.

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How do your lessons for adults differ from lessons for children?

The question is : How do your lessons for adults differ from lessons for children? Lessons for children are a little more of a challenge than adults. With children you have to apply all your skills in making the lesson more interesting for them because their attention span is shorter than an adult. Their minds can wander while you're teaching but is unlikely for the adult.

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Why are you a music teacher?

The question is: Why are you a music teacher? I'm a music teacher first of all because I love music. I started piano lessons when I was 8 years old and continued on non-stop until I went to the Philippine Women's College of Music and Fine arts. I've enjoyed every minute of it so I've decided to be a piano teacher. I love kids as well and would like to help them learn what I have learned in piano because I want them to experience the pleasure in playing their favorite songs and gain a self accomplishment each time they hear themselves play privately at their own homes or perform at recitals and everywhere they are invited to perform at events or maybe choose it later on as a career as a piano teacher, piano accompanist, or as a professional performer or more so as a concert pianist.

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Why should I choose you as my teacher?

The question is: Why should I choose you as my teacher? You can choose me as your teacher because I know you'll learn a lot from me. I can teach well because I know how to speak fluent English and also fluent in our native Tagalog language in case you are a Filipino or Filipina student. You'll learn Rudiments of Music and Theory together with learning piano on a concert level technique. I've studied both classical and modern music and I am very good on both. In school they had emphasized to us classical music because once you're good at it modern and pop songs will just come naturally and easier. I can teach reading, improvisation, aural skills, and even composition.

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What do you do during the first lesson?

The question is: What do you do during the first lesson? First I have to introduce myself to the student, a beginning step to making him or her feel comfortable. Then I have to tell him or her that their first book will be this lesson book or that lesson book. I start them first with the easiest lesson then just gradually advance to the rest of the levels of the book. I am very patient with my students. I don't force them to get to pass right away their lesson not until they have fully learned it and understood it and until they are ready to go to the next lesson.

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Associate in Arts in Music, Major in Piano

Jan 1956 - Jan 1959Philippine Women's College of Music & Fine Arts

Languages Spoken

  • englishProfessional Proficiency
  • TagalogFluent/Native Proficiency


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