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Stephen A. - Voice Teacher
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Stephen's lessons:


Voice Lessons

Serious students will discover how their voice works, and how to improve it to the best of their abilities. Their distinctive instruments deserve ideal and specialized training. Hard-working students will soon be able to produce their voices freely and beautifully with strength and consistency.

bel canto
contemporary commercial singing
musical theatre
15 to 65


Stephen Amundson is a voice teacher, singer, musical director, and accompanist. He is the accompanist and voice coach for Cypress College’s Musical Theatre Techniques class where he informs and guides students on proper voice use for the stage. He maintains a voice studio in Cerritos, California.

For over 10 years, Stephen has accompanied, coached, taught, and performed alongside many singing professionals. Due to the many requests from peers for vocal guidance, his voice studio began in 2014 and has grown immensely.

Stephen has often been asked to speak at high schools and colleges because of his ability to break down technical vocal concepts and make them applicable and engaging for singers.

Stephen performs as an actor, singer and accompanist throughout Orange County and Los Angeles, California.

Stephen received his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Musical Theatre from the American and Musical Dramatic Academy in Los Angeles. He is currently in preparation to pursue a Masters Degree in Voice Performance.

Studio Philosophy

This voice studio is welcome to singers who are focusing on continual development of their voices. Singers at this studio want to know how their voice functions and how they can gain technical ability and nurture artistic singing.

If you feel you fit this description, and you'd like to know how to find and use your genuine voice, and how to cultivate it as best you can, then this studio is the place for you. Your one-of-a-kind instrument deserves the best training, which involves liberating your voice, making your performance result pleasing, and taking care to cultivate a healthy voice so that it is stable and consistent.

Training in this studio is designed for serious students, dedicated singers who are striving for these results.

What Singers Can Expect

As singers train in the studio, they will gain knowledge of how the voice functions from an instinctive, skillful, and anatomical perspective. Essential and important ideas about singing will be presented at every session to equip the singer with a custom-designed technique; one devised to be expanded upon as skill improves.

A Singer's Responsibilities

To achieve success as any type of vocalist, (and any profession, for that matter) singers must move beyond understanding the information. Singers need to be dedicated to developing their voices; it is not sufficient to just know how to sing well. Successful singers pay attention to their voices and practice regularly. This is why their voices improve and why they're able to believably sing & musically express whatever they desire. With guidance, singers in this studio will learn to design a deliberate, calculated, and focused practice routine made up of unique vocal exercises for the singer to employ.

The Big Picture

The eventual goal of every singer is to have such stable technique that they can let go of thoughts about how the voice is functioning, and to sing passionately and meaningfully. Singing meaningfully is using the voice to convey a story, to reveal feelings, and to allow the audience to go along for the ride, in an honest way - without apology. Singers in the studio will work on emotional and intellectual aspects of their singing. Singers are always encouraged to take note of important ideas and to discuss them with other serious singers in order to delve more deeply into their voice study.

Some Final Words

Singers can only be sincerely passionate when they are stable in their vocal technique, and only with practice will that stability take root. Therefore, understanding the information, practicing & applying it, and performing it with meaning & passion are all essential in a singer's journey to becoming a respected performer. One's life becomes much more fascinating and engaging after choosing this direction. Here's to the journey!


Bachelor of Fine Arts in Musical Theatre

Oct 2012 - Jun 2015American Musical and Dramatic Academy


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