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Seifer K. - Guitar, Music theory, Songwriting Teacher
$50per hour

Jazz Guitar Lessons

Seifer's lessons:

Guitar, Music Theory, Songwriting

Guitar Lessons


These lessons are specific to those who want to hone and further the true facility of this instrument. I have worked in many genres of music inclusive of blues, pop, metal, and prog rock, and especially acoustic fingerstyle guitar. We will be working on tunes that you like while honing dexterity, digital independence, guitar theory (yes this is different than music theory), and fretboard navigation.

Advanced/Scholastic Prep: These lessons are designed for the student who is getting ready for college/conservatory auditions and possibly scholarship performances, or simply devoted and passionate people ever interested in deepening their relationship with this incredible instrument.

Scholastic program:
If a scholastic path is your calling then consider the following: Music notation should really have already been learned at this stage but if not I can certainly teach you. This can be intense for some. We will begin usually by examining scales. modes and the relationships between them. Scale shapes will be broken down so to choose those that best suit your particular needs. (for instance: Jazz, Classical, modern fingerstyle, modern rock studies, etc.) Guitar theory, fretboard navigation, and composition study will also be introduced. Technique and auto-diagnosis will be very well established along with a basic understanding of any prerequisite repertoire needed. Performance techniques are introduced at this time. (Breathing, anxiety reduction, sense memory induction etc.)

Music theory is a lesson plan I highly recommend getting into at this time. I teach from The Elements of Music, a textbook by Ralph Turek which you will need to purchase prior to beginning the theory portion of your training. As guitarists we are often behind the ball going into school. Often we don't read music and though very talented are to commonly not able to speak the language of music fluently enough to get all we can out of the beginnings of the college/conservatory experience. I know because in the beginning, it happened to me. I am here to do the best I can to see that that doesn't happen to you.

For those that are not going into an academic study but are doing this purely to enter the next phase of your playing, you'll find that the experience is not so much like those going into a college/conservatory. These lessons are typically a lot more relaxed in that there's no deadline so we can take as much time to focus on exactly what it is YOU want to learn. Having said that, all of the education I would offer anyone going to a college/conservatory is certainly there for you if that's something you feel led to explore.

Blues and Rock Electric guitar
College/Conservatory prep
Fingerstyle solo guitar
Session genre studies
14 to 90

Music theory Lessons

The music theory I teach is aimed at the student looking to further his/her understanding of music as a concept and how it works in practice as well as theory. In these lessons you will taken through and familiarized with common material found in the theory courses of your first year at most colleges/conservatories. I teach from The Elements of Music, a textbook by Ralph Turek which you will need to purchase prior to beginning your theory training. Subjects will include: basic standard notation essentials, basic rhythm notation, key recognition, circle of fifths, scale construction and formulae, mode construction and formulae, chord construction and formulae, minor and major harmonic motion, cadence formulae, application and modularization of ideas presented.

14 to 90

Songwriting Lessons

Songwriting I: Basic principles of songwriting:

In this series of songwriting lessons we will examine the most common chord progressions, rhythm structures, cadence occurrences, key modulation, harmonic modulation, melody construction and the theoretical aspects of how songs are written.

Songwriting II: Advanced principles of musicological consumerism or How to Write a Hit:
Here we will examine many of history's "number ones" and strive to understand what makes something "a hit" via today's standards in a very competitive and often nepotistic marketplace. Seriously, you have six weeks at radio and if it doesn't pop, you're out folks. There's no such thing as artist development anymore. If you're going to start writing tunes, it's best to understand things like:
How long should my intro be?
Should I use first, second or third person point of view?
What are the consumers expectations for each genre? (They're more different than you might think.)
Is it really necessary to rewrite a tune five times?
What is a bridge anyway?
What is a breakdown anyway?
What to do during a breakdown? aka Do I actually want to throw my instrument through a wall or have I simply slipped into an artistic abyss so deep that only Seifer can pull me out? All great questions. I'm here to help guide you through it all.

Top 40's
16 to 90


I was a typical kid who was saved by music. I spent hours in my room all through middle school and high school feverishly going through every guitar magazine lesson, and guitar tab website I could find in order to learn whatever I heard (and I do mean WHATEVER I heard) around me. I got into a small school called Valdosta State University without having any lessons at all. That was when I realized, I was WAY behind the eight ball where the inner workings of music were involved. I worked very hard with some really great teachers.

One day I woman named Antigoni Goni came to my campus and I was offered the chance to play for her and it changed my life. I was shortly thereafter invited to study at the Philippos Nakas Conservatory in Athens, Greece. After having my chops whipped into shape at PNC I have attended many Berklee summer sessions and have studied with some of the best musicians, teachers, artists and songwriters in the world. They are experiences I will never forget and will always be thankful for.

Since then I have been lucky enough to have gotten a lot of great work with a lot of great artists/bands/producers/studio engineers and I have learned how far even just the basics and a little professionalism can get you. Let alone what you can do if you have really done the work to become all you know you are. I have been lucky enough to make a living doing this as a profession and there's little that I enjoy more than helping others to do just that. My students walk the halls of colleges and conservatories all over the country and I would be honored to help you do the same with your head held high.

I can't guarantee you wealth, fame or success. I can promise you that I will do the best I can to equip you for a life in music as a self-sufficient, independent musician with the tools and know-how necessary continue your craft professionally well into the future.

I hope to hear from you soon and remember, when in doubt, always play in the key of G demolished. It's really all good from there.

Your future guide,



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