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Joshua N. - Music theory and Voice Teacher
$65per hour

Music Theory & Voice Teacher

Joshua's lessons:

Music Theory, Voice

Music theory Lessons

This is a subject of particular and deep interest to me.

Do you have questions about: The basics of music theory?
- You'll learn how to construct major and minor scales and chords,
- How to identify, analyze, and sing intervals,
- How to identify the tonal center of a song,
- How to create a common chord progression - the I IV V.
- How to recognize blues and AABA, and other simple song forms

Are your needs a bit deeper? - Form and Analysis, Composition, Harmony Theory, Natural Harmonic Series, Church Modes, Jazz Modes, Pythagoras and Early History of Music theory, The progression of Music Periods? - We can do that too!

Are we starting at square one? - Great.

Is this for a high school class or college class? - I can help.

Are you trying to catch up, or get ahead? - Either way; great.

Do you want to learn for enrichment and extension? - Having some exposure to music theory will give depth to your playing, composition, arranging, orchestration, and improvisation.

20th century music
5 and Up

Voice Lessons

I will give you instruction based on your need and interests. I will do continual and informal assessments.

It is nearly impossible to sing perfectly, there is always room to grow. I can help you, without being nit-picky, on that one thing, that if it was fixed, your general performance and delivery would be much better.

Let's see if you need to work on diction, articulation, breath support, range, power, tone, dynamics, even performance tips. - I can help.

Is this for school, an audition, a competition? - Let's get that piece sharp.

Already good, and want to get better? - I can help. We can find that spot where there is still room to grow.

I will be critical in a constructive way. I will be honest, but never in a way that hurts. I'm never mean. I'll never ask for more than you can give me.

6 and Up


I'm a public school teacher in Plano TX. My straight job is as an Elementary Special Education teacher for students with Emotional Disturbance, and Profound Behavioral Challenges. I've got plenty of patience and creativity. Sometimes finding the right method of delivery makes all the difference in how the student learns.

I have a degree in Music Education from Southwestern Assemblies of God University.

I've been teaching now for 13 years. I've taught English in Chinese universities, Behavior and Social Skills in Elementary and Middle School.

I've also taught some funny things too. - I cut hair in college. Instead of having repeat customers, frequently, I talked them through the steps, showed them tips and tricks so they could cut their own hair and save a few bucks. I did the same with electronics and guitar repair. I charged them an hourly rate and had them sit down with me to learn how to do it themselves. Teach a man to fish, right!

I sing well. I play guitar, bass, ukulele, hand drums of many kinds and styles. I can fake it on the drum set, or drum kit. I can fake cello, banjo, the Irish penny-whistle, the alto-sax. I can comp and chord piano and keyboard. I've written, composed, improvised, performed, gigged, recorded, produced, and taught music in a variety of capacities. I had a pretty developed understanding of music theory from about the age of 12.

I've got 5 wonderful, beautiful, dizzyingly smart, competent, and helpful children all under 8 years old. - Patience. Yup. Differentiation. Yup.
Fun. Yup.


Music Education B.S.

Sep 2000 - Dec 2004Southwestern Assemblies of God University, Waxahachie, TX

Liberal Arts: Jazz, Theater, Visual Art

Sep 1999 - May 2000University of North Texas

Languages Spoken

  • SpanishLimited Proficiency
  • Mandarine ChineseProfessional Proficiency
  • EnglishFluent/Native Proficiency


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