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Pop Bass Teacher - Ian W
Pop Bass TeacherMission Viejo, CA

Hey my name is Ian I am currently enrolled in saddleback college for Jazz and Commercial, I have been playing since elementary and love teaching. After college I plan on becoming a music teach I hope to get more experience teaching one on one.

Bass Lessons - Anthony B
Bass LessonsLake Forest, CA

Hi, how's it going? So I'll keep it brief: I've been playing for 7 years and have been teaching locally for about 3. I've recorded and played shows in the OC and LA area. I'm currently in two bands, one is called Ambient Waves and the other is called Comrade Cat. The first is a moody alternative rock band and the other is a fun, loud rock band still trying to find itself after only one month in development. I'm pretty much at a place in my playing where if I don't already know how to do it it's most likely a technical or stylistic thing and can be learned overnight or in a week. Functional harmony in the way that jazz, flamenco and other virtuoso styles require chordal and melody type playing is an area for me that could be explored more: but I do know a few jazz standards by heart (both lead and chords) that I believe will be a good starting point for the virtuoso types out there. I've also played along to and analyzed the playing of many all star bassist like Remco Hendrix, Andy Irvine, Cody Wright, Victor Wooten, Michael Pipoquinha, Jaco and so on. Anywho, if you're interested in trying me out just call or email and we can set up a time and place. I have an empty room on the second floor of my Lake Forest home for practice (or just the garage), and if we can't meet at your home I have with me a portable bass amp if you want to learn and play at a park or coffee shop.Thanks for your time! - Anthony

Guitar and Bass Lessons - Tyler S
1 Review

I have been performing and collaborating with various Orange County artists since I was 16 years old, and am currently a session guitarist across the Southern California music scene. Having experience learning music at Vanguard University and teaching students in private lessons and group courses, I understand the musical education process on both ends.

Piano, Guitar, and Bass Teacher - Adam M

My father had been an intermediate/advanced level guitarist throughout his early years. I remember observing him play out a fair amount of his own personal favorite songs, one summer night (perhaps seventeen or so years ago, at roughly the age of four or five) and seeing him strum and pick melodies at ease from the instrument, to me was something mind-blowing. I was intrigued by the sounds, and eager to play it. I've performed professionally with some successful bands. "Falling Awake" (last band played with), signed with "Mute-mouth Records" in 2013, and traveled across/performed nightly in many cities/states nationwide. Whether for fun, or labor, I have always continued. During middle school, Sunday Mass was always a blast, in the Chapel I sat, to play with the band, at San Antonio Catholic Church. I was later delighted to play Guitar, with the Canyon High School Jazz Band. I am currently majoring in music. (Music Theory, Jazz Guitar, and Music Production)Playing/learning any instrument, builds upon one's ambition to actuate development. I find it important to point out, practice should survive down the line, not a contrived custom, but a self-gratifying chain of priceless achievement; If the application inhibits ambition, one divides by nature of association. I've been teaching unprofessionally, and professionally( many friends and willing learners )for roughly seven years or more. I recommend choosing me for Guitar or Bass, Music theory, and ear-training/aural skills are the two most important factors/main focal points, in my lesson plan.

Jazz Music Lessons - Calvin A
Jazz Music LessonsCosta Mesa, CA

As a teacher, I have worked with of many ages and backgrounds. One of my students, Skylar Stecker, has gone on to become a successful major label recording artist. I Recently had the opportunity to tour with her as her guitarist and pianist.I have studied, performed and taught music for over 10 years. I hold a B.A. in music from USC. My professional experience as a musician and teacher has led me to many areas of the music business. I've worked as an apprentice to several established film composers and arrangers and have had the opportunity work with Lionel Hampton New York Big Band, Metropole Orchestra, Clayton-Hamilton Jazz Orchestra, Clayton Brothers, Rachelle Farrell, Michael Buble, and Charles Aznavour. I play guitar, piano, bass, ukulele, banjo as well as write music.*** Lesson Details *** I am extremely patient and firmly believe that anybody can learn to play music.I try to keep my teaching philosophy simple. We figure out your musical goals and aspirations and carve out a path to achieving them. Along the way I will try to illuminate how the path to attaining your goals and aspirations is best taken at an enjoyable, relaxed pace and with a strong work ethic.I always prepare for your lessons based on your interests, integrating relevant books and videos, creating handouts tailored to what we are studying in order to maintain clarity.*** Specialties *** Any style you prefer (Rock, Pop, Folk, Country, Jazz, Bluegrass, etc.)

Bass Lessons - Alec G
Bass LessonsHuntington beach, CA

Hello I'm Alec! I've been playing bass for about 14 years and I am attending musicians institute for bass performance . I've played for multiple bands and have a hunger for sharing my knowledge!

Fun Piano & Guitar Lessons - Terry A

Okay, so I actually don't recall when I started teaching music - it was a long time ago and I have taught off and on. Up to this point, I've never advertised. The students I've taught have been the result of playing shows and at my church and people reaching out and asking me to teach them So what's changed you may ask. It may sound a bit corny but I have come to recognize that the knowledge I've amassed over my 30 something years of live and studio work, comes with a responsibility: I feel I should pass on what I've learned to people who want to learn. (Not to mention the realization I ain't gonna get rich and famous. But hey, the next best thing would be my STUDENT getting rich and famous. Right?)

Fingerpicking Guitar Lessons - Rock S

As a guitar player, ive been playing for 16 years. I mostly play metal, though i know some blues and acoustic guitar. In my off time I play in an "Alice in Chains" cover band.

Music Teacher - Sean R
Music TeacherCypress, CA

Thank you for checking out my profile!My name is Sean Roberts and I'm a professional working musician. I've been performing for over 30 years and teaching for over 17. Most of my students have gone on to become successful musicians themselves and I couldn't be more proud.When selecting a music teacher, consider their teaching style. Do they teach you the basics first or throw you in the deep end? A qualified and experienced teacher can make a big difference in the success of any student.Private instruction lets me tailor your lessons to match your goals, interests and learning pace of the individual student -- all in a fun, relaxed and musical atmosphere.