Best Acoustic-Electric Guitars Under $300 (Review + Guide)

Whether you’re a beginner or professional guitarist, you need a guitar with good sound and solidly built. If your chosen guitars easily break down or sound awful, it is really disappointing! Most of the guitarist players face these problems after purchasing a guitar without consideration.

Surprisingly, you can get a guitar with natural sound, solidly built, and quality under $300. It is the acoustic-electric guitar, which is preferable both for the professional and beginner player.

Ever used the acoustic-electric guitar? If so, then you must know they are flexible, easy to pick up, solidly built, hence won’t break easily.

With so many choices, it’s somehow difficult to choose the best acoustic electric guitar under $300. That’s because not all the acoustic electric guitar comes under the $300 is good in quality.

So, we have reviewed top-rated acoustic electric guitars under $300. After finishing the content, you’ll understand the guitars we have selected feature quality material with solid built.

Let’s dive into the article and see what we have covered for you.

Reviews of best acoustic electric guitar under $300

If you’re a conscious buyer, when purchasing a guitar, you’ll research for a reliable suggestion. Indeed, you’ll get random recommendations from your friends and the internet, which might make you confused. That’s why we have come with comprehensive research on the best acoustic electric guitar under $300.

Hopefully, with our comprehensive research, you’ll get the best guitar that’ll serve you for many years.

1. Jameson Guitars Full Size Thin-line Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Apart from the price, everyone looks for the performance in a guitar with the quality material. Luckily, the Jameson guitar comes within $300 will impress you with its quality and genuine instruments.

With the value you spend, you’ll find the guitar is providing excellent performance. Let’s know what the features it offers are.

Body and neck

The Jameson thin-line is one of the more comfortable guitars than most other standard guitars. Because of the thin-line, the acoustic guitar is a perfect fit for the beginners. It gives an amazing feel. Plus, the single-cutaway ensures easy access to the soundboard.

However, the instrument features NATO wood that keeps its cost down but provides excellent quality. Furthermore, the wooden body gives the instrument a high-gloss finish.

The maple wood neck is fitted with a truss rod crafted in 20 frets rosewood fingerboard. The wooden neck of the guitar is neither too wide nor too thick. It leads the user to comfortably using the guitar.


What is the basic thing you expect from your guitar? Of course, it is functionality. The Jameson thin-line guitar is a very functional instrument with fitted die-cast tuners, where you’ll get a rosewood bridge.

With the rosewood bridge, the instruments get string stability along with good tension.


It is a slim little guitar with a 3-inch thickness, which plays really well! No doubt, the thinness makes the sounds darn good and natural.


  • Inexpensive
  • Impressive quality and workmanship
  • Substantial maple neck
  • Smooth tuners
  • Stock pickup
  • High-gloss finish
  • Easy to press strings


  • Fairly shallow but doesn’t compromise sounds quality

2. YAMAHA FGX800C Solid Top Acoustic Electric Guitar

Coming up to the next option on our list, we’ll get a solid entry level guitar. It’s a Yamaha FGX800C that includes quality material with great sound quality.

Since the 50 years of introduction, Yamaha produces new range features; still, it’s working for further development. The manufacturer has proved that the cost is not a problem of getting a quality instrument. So, what qualities the Yamaha FGX800C covers? Let’s know!

Body and neck

The Yamaha FGX800C is a high-end guitar that features a newly developed scalloped bracing system. It makes an ideal acoustic structure that maintains the durability of the top without sacrificing much sound quality. Plus, the body of the guitar comprises 5 grades of different tonewood.

Similar to most other guitars, the Yamaha FGX800C has a slimmer neck, which is smooth and comfortable.


The guitar is crafted from the quality material that makes it a great instrument. It has a traditional dreadnought with detailed quality control. The high-end guitar includes a plastic saddle and nut with the adjustable truss rod.

However, the neck, back, and all the sides of the instrument are made of the laminated Nato.


With the solid Sitka spruce top, the Yamaha FGX800C produces a very warm sound, which is pleasant to ears. The main credit goes to the dreadnought shape of the guitar. Plus, the rosewood fingerboard allows a smooth sliding, creates a natural sound, and gives a classic look.


  • Affordable acoustic electric guitar
  • Excellent craftsmanship
  • Great sound and ideal for beginners
  • High-end clarity
  • Pretty impressive tone
  • Easy to play


  • The string is a little bit off
  • Nato is not too much good
  • Needs a bit adjustment

3. Yamaha APXT2 3/4-Size Acoustic-Electric Guitar – Natural

The Yamaha APXT2 is one of the best-selling and kid-friendly acoustic electric guitar. It comes with great quality and needs almost zero skill level to play. Whether searching for your traveling companion or a better guitar for your kids, it is undoubtedly a good match.

However, for practice, it is an excellent guitar with a budgeted price range. Let’s take a gander what you’ll get in this instrument within an affordable budget.

Body and neck

The guitar is scaled down APX body size. The neck, back, and both sides of the instrument consist of the meranti. It’s fairly cost-effective than the mahogany wood. However, the material gives an excellent look at the guitar.

Indeed, it is quite a well-constructed compact guitar which comprises the spruce top. It gives a natural finish to the small-size guitar.


The Yamaha APXT2 is a small and simple instrument with 68 contact pickups. It has 21 frets with fully installed rosewood fingerboard and an adjustable bridge system.

The string is included with the guitar not too heavy as it looks. So, you might need to install a more improved and heavier string for better sound.


The acoustic guitar delivers a very natural tone and balanced sound. The actual credit of this balanced side goes to the spruce-topped meranti, which consists of the instrument. 


  • Balanced sound and acoustic tone
  • Overall simple
  • Natural finish
  • Durable
  • Super lightweight
  • Well-constructed
  • Good pickup system
  • Accuracy


  • Needs a little adjustment for better sound
  • Very small

4. Vangoa Left-handed 12 String Guitar

Both for the starters and experts, the Vangoa presents an awesome budget-friendly guitar. A guitar that comes with the 12 strings is exceptionally suitable for the left-handed people. 

It combines both the quality of the electric and acoustic guitar. That’s why the left-hander, who looks for the budget-friendly guitar, will perhaps find a better option than it. 

Let’s break out the details about this guitar and discuss why the left-hander should choose it. 

Body and neck

The back, neck, and sides of the acoustic-electric guitar are built with the mahogany wood. In contrast, the overall body of the dreadnought guitar consists of the spruce wood. This full construction presents the guitarist a warm and well-balanced sound.  

It has a C shape neck that comes with a gloss finish; consequently, the guitar feels smooth to touch. Furthermore, it’s a straight and durable neck that makes the guitar perfect for holding with the left hand. 


For ensuring the comfortability, there are easily built-in truss roads into the guitar. The guitar comes with the 12 strings, which are perfectly installed next to each other. That’s why it won’t need much strength to play the guitar with your left hand. 


Without upgrading, the guitar produces a well-balanced and natural acoustic tone. It’s the bone nut and saddle construction efficiently makes the guitar sound much better.  

What’s included

  • A twelve-string guitar
  • Polishing cloths
  • Pickguard
  • Allen key
  • Manual
  • String
  • Tuner
  • Cable
  • Straps
  • Picks
  • Bag


  • Straight and durable neck 
  • Robust, well-balanced, and warm sound
  • Prevents against dust and liquid
  • Strings nicely 
  • Natural and comfortable position 


  • No cons yet

5. Vangoa 12 String Acoustic-electric Guitar

Whether you’re a starter or experienced, you’ll love the acoustic-electric guitar at all conditions. The reason is its built-up structure with versatile quality and affordability. It somehow includes almost all the quality of the Vangoa left-handed acoustic-electric guitar. 

Nevertheless, one of these guitars is suitable for the left-header, and one is for the right-hander. That’s the main difference between both of the acoustic-electric guitars. 

However, the Vangoa 12 string acoustic electric includes the aesthetic beauty and awesome style. Let’s disclose all the features of the acoustic-electric guitar. 

Body and neck 

The whole body of the Vangoa 12 string acoustic guitar is made of basswood. Whereas, the fingerboard of the Vangoa is featured with the rosewood. This combination produces a strong, rich, and aesthetic sound, which is very keen to hear. 

The gloss finished and beautiful wood grain makes the guitar’s neck more appealing to the viewer. Furthermore, the slender neck shape makes the guitar more comfortable to handle with your neck. 


The Vangoa 12 string acoustic guitar comes with the truss road, which makes the guitar easy to maintain. Regardless of this, the adjustable truss road enables the guitar to create easy tunes. 

However, you’ll get the guitar with three available colors – blue, black, and natural finish. 


Indeed, the guitar is featured with a warm and well-balanced sound. Regardless of these, you can also create a loud, impressive, and echo-like sound with the guitar. The tuners of the guitar are designed for precise adjustments to any type of sound. 

What’s included 

  • Twelve-string guitar
  • Polishing cloth
  • Pickguard
  • Allen key
  • Manual
  • Tuner
  • Cable
  • Strap
  • Picks
  • Bag


  • High-quality sound and stylish look
  • Great instrument 
  • Affordable
  • Comes with an entire bundle 
  • Upgrading is needless 


  • Needs some spare strings for the professionals 
  • A larger headlock 

Some Exclusive Acoustic Guitar Under 300$

1. Jasmine S34C NEX Acoustic Guitar

If you look for a decent jumbo guitar within $300, it is quite difficult to have one. Jasmine S34C is a right jumbo guitar when you have a tight budget but don’t want to compromise the quality. 

With the design, features, and price, the guitar is holding one of the best positions in the market. Let’s have a deep look and understand what the features it includes are.

Body and neck

At first glance, what you’ll love about the instrument is its gloss naturally built. It comprises a soft, smooth, and blonde satin finish with dreadnought body Style. Verily, it is what you expect from an acoustic guitar. With a convenient body shape, the guitar will naturally fit your body.

The guitar’s neck is made of mahogany, which makes the instrument pretty smooth, slim, and straight. The guitarist with the large hand might feel the neck a bit annoying. Nevertheless, if you’re an intermediate or have a small hand, surely, you won’t mind it.


The guitar features a standard rosewood bridge with an installed synthetic bone saddle and nut. Conversely, the headstock is surrounded by a good die-cast tuner, which works relatively well.

If you always want to remain in this tune, you must carry on adjusting the guitar timely. 


The strings of the guitar consist of the laminated spruce top. Because of this, you’ll really get a nice sound even if you play the instrument a bit aggressively. 

Now, let’s go to the fretboard. The guitar’s fretboard is made of the rosewood, which makes it pretty comfortable to hold. The sound it produces is almost similar to the dreadnought.


  • A beautiful satin finishes
  • Smooth and clean body
  • Ideal for fingerpick
  • Matte neck
  • Attractive and natural design
  • Perfectly executed binding


  • Durability is a great concern

2. Epiphone DR-100 Acoustic Guitar (Ebony)

Epiphone is a leading guitar manufacturer serving from the 19th century till now. It’s a huge time indeed! You can easily separate their guitars from the others with the headstock shape and gold script logo.

If you’re a beginner or playing guitar on travel, it is undoubtedly a good instrument. Find out why!

Body and neck

The Epiphone DR-100 comes with a sturdy and classic built. The mahogany, rosewood, spruce has covered the whole body of the full-size guitar. 

Wherein the neck of the guitar is made of the mahogany, which is fitted with 20 frets. The slim neck is resilient enough to stand by itself but still uses a truss rod for additional support.


It’s a large-sized guitar compared to the typical guitars that come with the dreadnought body shape. Plus, the DR-100 has varieties of color options, including natural, ebony and vintage sunburst.

The bridge of the guitar is featured with the rosewood. Indeed, the rosewood bridge improves the overall strength and durability of the guitar. The overall construction makes the guitar affordable in price. On this price point, it is really an excellent and high-quality guitar.


The Epiphone is featured with a solid spruce top, which ensures a bright sound with a balanced tone. No issues have been found with the dead frets or buzzing. So, enjoy a smooth and comfortable tune with regular practices.


  • Incredibly affordable
  • Built with real tone woods
  • Bright sound and balanced tone
  • Slim neck
  • Truss road support
  • Smooth a comfortable play


  • The sharp fret is inconvenient for the beginners
  • The strings are positioned too high above

Best acoustic electric guitar Buyer’s Guide

What to look for a guitar under $300?

If guitar playing is your passion, then you would definitely love the acoustic electric guitar. They come with somehow different and extraordinary features than a standard acoustic guitar.

Nonetheless, selecting a quality acoustic electric guitar is quite challenging, notably when it is under $300. That’s because most acoustic electric guitars that come under the $300 cannot maintain their quality.

So, what are the qualities that you must consider in your acoustic electric guitar? Hopefully, most of you don’t know. If so, then read on.


Quality is the basic thing that everybody desires from his instrument no matter what its price is. You also want to ensure the maximum quality, although purchasing a guitar within $300.

It is not less expensive either; still, most of the quality guitar comes at a higher price. However, you can also get a quality guitar within this price.

To do that, you need to consider the guitar’s neck wood, profiles, body types, craftsmanship, strings, and so on. Let’s know what types of materials and craftsmanship would be best for your low-budgeted guitar.

Guitar’s size

Guitar’s size is the significant factor that a buyer looks at first. If you give a large guitar to your kid, it would be impossible for them to hold, carry, and play. Conversely, it would be inconvenient to hit the strings when you have a smaller guitar than your size.

However, A full-sized guitar with 38” long is considered ideal for the adult’s use. The ¾ -size guitar is a perfect suit for the teens and people with a smaller hand. And finally, the ½ -sized guitar is known as the learning guitar, which is suitable for the kids.

Neck wood

The neck wood and profile define how conveniently and perfectly the player can play the guitar. These also influence the sound system of the instrument. For instance, the mahogany neck at almost all the guitar features the rosewood fretboard. It keeps a significant impact on the sound system of the guitar. 

Likewise, the body types and neck wood also includes different woods. The maple and mahogany are mostly used neck wood among them, especially when you’re purchasing a low-budgeted guitar.

Despite being lighter and softer, some cheap materials like basswood are also used for making the guitar’s neck. If you’re selecting such materials for your guitar, make sure they have a good epoxy coating and solid-built. 

What is the best guitar brand?

Best guitar brands ensure the overall quality with the best value. There’re endless options of the guitar, which you need to consider to purchase based on your budget. Don’t worry about quality.

They ensure the best quality overall; that’s why leading the current guitar industry. Some of the best guitar’s brands are:

  • Gibson
  • Guild
  • Seagull
  • Yamaha
  • Ovation
  • Washburn
  • Fender
  • Epiphone

Can cheap acoustic electric guitars still sound good?

No tall cheap acoustic guitar comes with bad quality. Plus, it’s possible not to get the expected sound in a high-priced guitar. You can also have an awesome tone with your cheap acoustic electric guitar.

It depends on which brand and what types of materials you’re choosing for your guitar. If you want to get something best in the cheap, you better choose a guitar from Yamaha or a fender. They are the leading guitar brand that has made it accessible for everybody with their budgeted guitar option.

Neck profile

“C,” “U” and “V style” are three different types of neck profile, you’ll find in several guitars. You need to choose a suitable one based on your comfortability and playability.

Among the neck profiles, “C” is perfect for the smaller hand. It is the thinnest profile, hence suitable for children.

The “U” profile guitar looked flattered and rounded like “U” shape. It is the most convenient neck profile amongst the other profiles. Finally, there comes the “V” shaped neck, which looks somehow like “V.” It needs a little practice and time to play comfortably and become habituated with it.

Guitar’s body types

A guitar’s body types affect its playability and sound a lot. And of course, all of us want to ensure the best sound system in our guitar above all other things.

An electric acoustic guitar may feature the dreadnought, auditorium, grand auditorium jumbo, etc. body types. Among all of these, the dreadnought is mostly used for making entry level and inexpensive guitars. It includes a deep body with a wide waist, which ensures a reliable carry when playing.

Some inexpensive guitar also comes with the jumbo body shape. If you’ve used the jumbo guitar at least once, you must know it never compromises with the quality.


The poor gluing, cracking, or wrapping is considered the lacking of craftsmanship in a guitar. It may create a significant problem in the guitar’s sound system and durability.

Most buyers forget to check the guitar’s craftsmanship or consider that checking it is not that important. If you don’t consider this factor, no matter how famous the guitarist you are, you can’t create a good sound.

Hence, before choosing a guitar, make sure it’s holding an excellent craftsmanship.


When you get a guitar, the first thing you need to check is its string, which creates sound. Some strings may look shiny and good but still provide a dull sound.

For the better-quality sound, the manufacturer uses the heavier and shiny string. If your guitar has no strings like that and sounds awful, then replace it immediately.

Our top recommended acoustic guitar

Best value

In our list, the best value product is Jameson’s thin-line acoustic guitar. Within a $300 budget, it provides better performance and quality material apart from the others. It includes a thinner body and neck, which enhances its comfortable playability.

Most of the time, you need to compromise the guitar’s quality with its low price. But the case is not the same with the Jameson thin-line acoustic guitar. Although it is available at a lower price, it never compromises the quality with the price it offers.

What is an acoustic electric guitar?

Acoustic-electric guitars are those guitars that combine both features of the electric and acoustic guitar. The combination makes the guitar far better than a standard guitar.

Moreover, the acoustic electric guitar includes better-quality material with natural and bright sounds. And, many standard guitars have a bit lacking in these qualities.

What are the cheapest acoustic guitar brands?

The Yamaha and Epiphone are the most popular acoustic guitar brands of the existing industry. With a passion for playing guitar, anyone with a minimum budget can afford these brands.

The quality of the maximum guitars from these brands is very good and considerable. Most of the guitars don’t only come with great sound but also a natural finish.

They provide color options, body style, and wood quality that are rare to find at this price range.

What can I expect from an acoustic guitar under $300?

The $300 is not that high-price to expect very excellent quality from your acoustic guitar. Still, the renowned company offers good quality guitar with a low-budgeted guitar.

From our reviews above, you get to know; the acoustic electric guitar may comprise the solid or laminated tops. Most of the instruments also feature the traditional or unusual tonewood with the 6-, 12- or 4- strings.

Your budgeted guitar can end up with the bad quality sound if you don’t check properly. To ensure a good budgeted instrument, you must check the reviews of the sound system properly. You better increase your budget a little bit to ensure a good quality instrument.

Why buy an electro-acoustic guitar?

The electro-acoustic guitar is pretty better than many luxurious and standard acoustic guitars. It can record the sounds of the guitar, which lessens the importance of an expensive microphone.

Whether you’re camping or in the middle of the road, you can sit with your electric acoustic guitar. It produces a very loud sound that heavily affects the surroundings.

But you can adjust the guitar’s sound system based on what types of environment you’re staying in! That’s why it is known as a dual-purpose instrument.

What is fender play we hear you ask?

The fender play is an online guitar lesson system offered to the beginners and intermediate. The fender itself is a well-constructed guitar which consists of tonewood. The tonewood makes a classic pair with the spruce top and mahogany wood, both the back and sides.

The guitar can be played only with your top-notch. With great style, sound, and affordability, this instrument is hard to beat. 

Final thought

The acoustic-electric guitar has acquired fame within a very short time for its good sound and well-constructions. Besides, some also come with the recording system, which is unavailable in a typical acoustic guitar.

If you are purchasing an acoustic electric guitar, you’ll get countless options to consider. Most of them feature the top-quality material but come with a higher budget. 

Shortly, it’s pretty trickier to get the best acoustic guitar under $300. Don’t give up! Stick to this article from first to last and see what you’re going to have as a reward.