Best Cheap Acoustic Electric Guitar

An acoustic electric guitar is always best for a beginner guitarist. Cause you can practice it by freehand or with AMP. So, if you are a beginner or mid-level guitarist, you should try with the acoustic electric guitar.

Also, the acoustic electric guitar is famous now for all levels of guitarists.

In this post, we are going to show the best cheap acoustic electric guitar. Our focus is to suggest the best quality within an affordable range.

For that, we picked top 5 models.

Based on that considering (Popularity, Quality, Price, Quantity, Compare with other models, etc. more ), we found, “Jameson ” is the overall best model in this Top five list.

When you want to AMP with a guitar under a cheap range, “Glen Burton ” is best here.

Also, “Ashthorpe” is the best rising and the best inexpensive model here.

“BestChoiceProducts” is a surprising model here. This brand is offering every accessory with the guitar within a very cheap range. So, it’s great for a beginner.

And “Yamaha APXT2 ” is the best for the lightweight & quality. But this is an expensive model (under $200.)

If you in a hurry….

Just in case you are in a hurry, you can check these five best cheap acoustic electric guitar, personally chosen from our review team.

5 best cheap acoustic electric guitar collection.

Here our editor reviewed the 5 best budget acoustic electric for you.  He picked the guitar based on his playing experience. 

1. Jameson Guitars Full Size Thinline Acoustic Electric Guitar:

American Jameson Guitars are popular for the quality and affordable price.It has  colour variation, dramatic sound effects and thinner bodies.

The guitar also offers creamy tones. So it will be a great deal for you. Jameson also offers  Right & Left-Hand guitar. Here is the detail.

Style and Dimension:

  • Color: Black, Blue, Natural, Red, Green, Pink.
  • Body Size & Material: 3 Inch HardWood Made.
  • Weight: 9.2 LBS.
  • Hand Orientation: Right & Left both.
  • Strings: Six steel Strings.
  • Neck Material: Mahogany.

Why do we Like it?

This is a stander size, very lightweight & wood made guitar. Which will be very comfortable in your hand. There are many reasons for keeping this model on top ranking, that is:

Made of Hard Wood Body: this guitar’s body is made from Nato Wood. Nato is best for lightweight. Now a day’s it become popular in the acoustic community for the wood quality. It isn’t expensive but remarkably smoother. And the wood is similar to mahogany wood for tone and color.

Spruce Made Top: Which wood is better Cedar vs. Spruce? Well, Spruce Top is best for natural sound for wood-made guitar, it’s from my experiment. But, if you like Cedar Top, you can’t say that Spruce Top isn’t bad for Acoustic-Electric Guitar.

And this top is made from Spruce, which will give you a precise, treble, and clean sound.

Lovely sound: this 3-inch in thickness guitar is stander size for making a beautiful sound like a classic (Acoustic-Electric) guitar. For Nato wood-made, Spruce top, String response, defiantly it’s music will be pleasant. For Easy control (volume up-down ) Spruce top, lightweight, stander size, this is an excellent deal to near a young or beginner player.

Nice-looking: Not only hardy, but Jameson is also offering different six colors. For stylish design & Bright color, it will be perfect the best elegant classical guitar for you.

Left & Right Handed: Are you a left-handed person?

Ok, No Problem.             

Jameson is also offering two different version guitar ( Left-Handed & Right-Handed). It’s an excellent option for different handed guys.

Best acoustic-electric guitar for the money: when we picked this product list we had kept in our mind as the lowest price. Not only quality & features, but this price is also very lower as a quality model. This model price is under $100, but sometimes the rate is variable, so please check now the latest price here.  

Jameson unboxing:

  • Guitar
  • Gig Bag Case.
  • Guitar Picks.

2.Glen Burton GA204BCO-BK Acoustic Electric Cutaway Guitar, Black

Glen Burton is a rising up model here for the beginner guitarist. This is also an American made and economical model. The price is slight higher than Jameson. But, it’s excellent in compare with what is offering .

Especially this brand is offering many accessories which is a great deal for you. That is why it grabbed number three of position in our”Acoustic-Electric Guitars” list.

Style and Dimension:

  • Color: Black, Natural.
  • Power: 10W.
  • Weight: 16.5 LBS.
  • Hand Orientation: For right handed only.
  • Strings: Six steel Strings.
  • Body Material: Basswood/Maple top.
  • Neck Material: catalpa.
  • Fretboard Material: Rosewood.

Why do we like it?

Experts are recommending this guitar for beginner. Many “Guitar Forum “and beginner customers rated it 5 star. So, this is a great pick when you are looking for an affordable acoustic electric guitar. Glen offers some cool features, that is why we kept it, in our second position among the list. Features are:

Offering Many other accessories: Glen Burton is offering, Digital Clip-On Tuner, a Truss Rod And 10 Watt Amplifier, with the guitar. Which is an excellent opportunity as an under $120 prices guitar.

High-Quality Built-in by 3 Kinds of wood: This guitar is made by three different wood to keep quality built. The top has made by using Maple wood, back and sides are basswood, and neck is Catalpa wood. These woods are native North American wood, which is best for high-quality manufacturing.

Upgrading Facility: We mentioned earlier that it offers many accessories. You can upgrade it by some inexpensive guitar accessories. These are not as excellent as the built in. Yet you can update, it will give you a great feel while playing. This guitar is not bad for playing at a low price. But if you think you will get here to this upgrading facility.

Pleasing Sound Quality: If you think this sound isn’t good, cause this price is low. It’s your wrong concept. This sound is very impressing, like an expensive guitar.

Glen Burton Unboxing:

  • Guitar
  • Picks
  • Accessories Bag.
  • Strap
  • Digital Tuner.
  • Truss Rod.
  • 10w Amplifier.

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3. Ashthorpe Full-Size Cutaway Thinline Acoustic-Electric Guitar Package

Ashthorpe is a great deal when you are looking for inexpensive acoustic-electric guitar. It comes with six different colours. The guitar is also lightweight and has quality manufacturing.

Within a cheap range (under $100), there is nothing could be great. For this reason, this guitar model grabbed the most value to the customers.

The reason we listed it in number 3 for the quality and tone. Undoubtledly, this thinline would be a real saver for you.  

 This model also includes every kit without an amplifier. But it’s not a negative point (Not included an Amplifier) if you look at the price.

Style and Dimension:

  • Color: Black, Blue, Brown, Natural , red, sunburst.
  • Weight: 8.25 LBS.
  • Hand Orientation: For right handed only.
  • Strings: Six steel Strings.
  • Body Material: Basswood / Spruce wood.

Why do we like it?

This smart looking, sonicmaster, cheap range guitar is a great deal. Who is looking at the best inexpensive acoustic electric guitar. This guitar is designed for all guitarist. Here is why?

HardWood Manufacturing: this guitar is constructed by Spruce and Basswood. Both wood are focused for hardness, soft with loud sound, and responsive.

Lightweight Design: Yes, this 1 meter long and 8.25pound / 3.5 Kg weight is very comfortable for travelling.

SonicMaster: This guitar sound is perfect. It has 4-band pickup equalizer, bass and volume control. The strings are high-quality for smooth noodling. Strings are made from stainless steel and coated by phosphor-bronze. For these features, it ranked as SonicMaster.

Complete Accessories Kit: A soft nylon bag, three guitar picks (thin, medium & heavy), 4-band pickup EQ, cable, a shoulder strap, and an extra set of strings, included with this product. (Not Included AMP) So, it’s a great package with your range.

Ashthorpe Unboxing:

  • Guitar
  • 3 guitar Picks.
  • A nylon Bag.
  • Shoulder Strap.
  • One set Extra string.
  • 4-band pickup EQ
  • Guitar Cable for plugin.

4. Best Choice Products 41in Full Size Acoustic Electric Cutaway Guitar Set

Are you looking for the best acoustic electric guitar with full accessories under cheap range? Well, this is the best model for you. Cause BestChoiceProduct is offering full accessories within an affordable range. You don’t need to buy extra music kit after buying this classical guitar.

Style and Dimension:

  • Color: Black, Blue, Natural , sunburst.
  • Dimensions : 40.5 x 15.5 x 4.5 inches.
  • Hand Orientation: For right & Left both same model.
  • Strings: Six steel Strings.
  • Body Material: linden wood and okoume wood.

Why do we like it?                               

Considering the price and quality, the guitar model is worthy for all.Especially, we like this guitar for entry-level guitarists. It offers a combo set. So, you don’t need to take pressure for buying extra kit as a beginner guitarist.

 Overall rating, quality, is surprising for us. We have mentioned three cool features.

Specially Designed for Starter: This 41 inches long guitar have made by linden wood and okoume wood, which is very lightweight and smart looking for the beginner guitarist. Though, expert players can choose it for a reasonable price and quality.

Included 10-WATT AMP: Yes, this is a significant cause for highly recommending this. You will get here high-quality 10-WATT AMP,  with volume, bass and treble control there is also a cable included.

Included Extra Accessories: It also comes with accessories that are: A nylon gig bag, carrying bag, digital clip-on tuner, four picks, a strap, cleaning cloth, and a capo.

And also have here extra a set string, if need to replace.

Best Choice Unboxing:

  • Guitar
  • Picks
  • A nylon Bag.
  • Carrying Bag
  • Shoulder Strap.
  • One set Extra string.
  • 4-band pickup EQ
  • Guitar Cable for plugin.
  • AMP 10W
  • Cable for AMP plugin
  • Digital Tuner.
  • Cleaning cloth.

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5. Yamaha APXT2 3/4-Size Acoustic-Electric Guitar – Black

Yamaha is the most popular brand nowadays. This 5.30 pound “Yamaha APXT2” is a very lightweight and best acoustic guitar though this price is more than other models, among our picks.

If you want to get the best guitar under $200, you can take it.

Style and Dimension:

  • Color: Black, Natural , Dark Red Burst.
  • Weight: 29 LBS.
  • Dimensions: 36.2 x 16.5 x 4.5 inches.
  • Hand Orientation: Right
  • Strings: Six steel Strings.
  • Body Material: Meranti wood and mahogany

Why do we like it?

Though, Yamaha APXT2 is an expensive model in this list. But we like it, cause this is the most lightweight and comfortable to play. If you have a mid-level budget like more than $150, you can take it.

Yahama has multiple categories of the product, and it’s a trusted brand. Yahama product is expensive to compare to other brands. Cause they have focused for quality, not the product price.

Smart Looking and Travel Guitar: this model has three different bright colours, and this looks like a professional guitar. This is great for a stylish young guitarist. For lightweight, it’s great for as a travel guitar, or if you are a street singer.

High-quality Built: We recommend this model for hardness and lightweight. If your focus hasn’t at the lower price. This body is made from meranti wood, which is better than mahogany.

Sound quality:  The sound is better than other models in this list. Yamaha sound is enough for practice at home as a beginner.Already I’ve said this is number one picks for if you haven’t focus at a price.

Yamaha APXT2 Unboxing:

  • Guitar
  • Picks
  • Gig Bag

Buying guide:

Saving your money is our prior concern. To maintain the priority, we have to brainstorm on quality. The next steps will guide you to reach our ultimate money makeover by maintaining quality.

Guitar wood:

Since you are going to buy the cheap guitar, we recommend you to look at the wood. Maple wood can be a real money saver for its quality.

The wood moisture is balanced for a warm tone. Plus, it can handle the string pressure without compromising tonal balance. 

Electric pickups:

Acoustic-electric guitars have active or Piezo pickup to amplify the sound. These pickups render a guitar sound by maintaining a sensual quality. That is why we recommend you to check the pickups.

Within a limited budget, it’s tough to get high-end pickups. It is better to select by testing the sound.

Neck quality:

Guitar neck includes fretboard, strings, frets, and more. This part needs extra care. We found that rosewood fretboards are good for a smooth finger position. Brass frets are useful for quick shifting. Even the satin finish helps to shift the thumb smoother. So, consider neck quality. 

Some Frequently Asked Questions with an answer about the acoustic-electric guitar:

What does acoustic-electric guitar mean?

Answer: Acoustic-electric guitar is similar to acoustic guitar. The difference is: it has an electric pickup to amplify the sound. The pickup has volume and EQ to amplify the sound. 

What are the benefits of the acoustic-electric guitar?

Answer:  The major benefit of the acoustic-electric guitar is its comfort. For example, it has thin strings and neck for better finger position. You can run the fingers smoother than other guitars.    

Which Feature must be needed for an acoustic-electric guitar?

Answer:  Three essential features must be needed: quality wood, electric pickups, and strings.

Final words:

We are at the end of our suggestions. If you benefited by saving 30% of your budget, don’t hesitate to share our best cheap acoustic electric guitar post. Take care.