Best electric guitar for small hands – Boost Up Your Playing 40%

Have you ever felt down for not playing advanced chords? Or struggled enough to play a guitar solo with your small hands? Well, one of my students faced the same problems, even wanted to quit playing.

Come on! it’s natural for the newbie short fingered players. Trust me! some pro guitar players faced the same problems.

For instance, Angus Young from the legendary band AC/DC. He is only 5 ft 2 inches, still rocks the stage with his solo and duckwalk style.

Even Prince Rogers Nelson and Billie Joe Armstrong are killing the stage. Whats wrong! If they can, you can also! Just read this article.

In this article, you will know the best electric guitar for small hands. It can boost up your playing up to 40%. You will also read 100% working guitar practice tips as bonus. Wow! Before reading the review you can watch this amazing practice schedule. 

5 Best electric guitar for short fingers:

 Here you will find the 5 genuine reviews of short finger guitars.

This review section is going to be straightforward because I don’t want to get paid on some biased writing. So, stick with me for some expert opinion also. Who knows, you might get the best guitar-buying idea?

1. LyxPro Left Hand Electric Guitar 

LyxPro Left Hand Electric Guitar 

I am not fond of the left-hand guitar, but this Lyxpro impressed me with its single-coil pickups. The three coil sounds decent to me. I could even feel the tone clear enough. Let me clear the concepts with some points.


To find the reason for this smooth tone, I observed some facts. For instance, the Rosewood fingerboard and maple wood neck have made a great combination. This collaboration influenced the sound warm and satisfying.

I am not saying that it is outstanding, but within $150, this one is the best. Why? Check the next section.

Guitar parts:

Neck, body, and frets are well structured. I tried open chords, power chords, and advanced arpeggio with the tremolo bar. It was killing my amp. But, there is one thing to mention; if I would try the regular amp, maybe this review would not sound good 😛

Frankly saying, the tuner pegs, strings, nuts, and bridge are good enough for a little hand beginner guitar player. A left-handed guitar player can rock the stage with it. I guarantee this.

Guitar Accessories:

Like the guitar parts, the accessories are not good enough. I am not saying all the accessories are bad, but some of them could be better. For example, the pick and guitar bag could be better.

However, since Lyxpro electric Guitar is providing you a full package, you have to consider this flaw. What is included in the total package? The kit comes with a guitar, tremolo bar, amp, strap, extra set of strings, digital tuner, guitar cable, and picks.

All the gears of this package are decent. I want to mention some of the right things. First, the amp is good and has essential sound knobs. This means you can warm up your fingers on some good tracks.

Next is the digital tuner, it’s accurate and matched with the other tuning app. I tried three different types of tuning. It’s good to go. If you need still any further query, then don’t late.


  • Nice shape
  • Single coil pickups.
  • Warm tone.
  • Left-handed


  • They could make the accessories better.

2. Squier Fender Standard Stratocaster

Ah! I love this guitar. Once again, “I love this guitar,” why? Because The sound of Squier is seductive. I have a big crush over this guitar for this reason. And in the next, you will know the reason behind of the sexy sound.


From a clean tone to overdrive, I tried every tone on my amp. It satisfied me with the single coiled pickups. The coils have a five-way switching technology. It helps to adjust the tone according to demand. Overall, the sound is pretty good for starting your punk or country band.

Guitar parts:

As a renowned brand, Fender always improves their user experience- such as: tone. Their guitar parts represent the real classy tone. For example the neck and headstock has made of Maplewood.

The fingerboard is also made from rosewood. Fender even covered its body with basswood. This means you will feel a delicate taste. Whatsmore, the strings, bridge, and weight are comfortable for users.

Guitar accessories:

This Squier series does not come with satisfying accessories -except forma gig bag. I wish they could add at least a truss rod. But, it sounds fine without the rod.  

In a word, an excellent guitar to blow the garage. If you still need further information, click the amazon link. And if you want to get more options to read the following content.


  • Soothing tone.
  • Beginner series.
  • Flexible fretboard.
  • Left-handed


  • It does not come with enough accessories.

3. Fender Squier Affinity Series 

Fender Squier Affinity Series

Some guitarists have a crush over a Brown Sunburst guitar. If you are one of them, count this review, because I am going to write something phenomenal that may blow your mind.


First, this classical guitar is best for blues and classic rock. A definite recommended guitar, in my opinion, because from the first fret to the last fret, it represents the tone like a king is hitting the feelings. For example, five-way switching is tremendous.

I experienced a smooth tonal transition in each single-coil pickup. The sound adjustment of two-tone knobs makes this transformation more efficient- as far as my playing days.

Guitar parts:

All the components of this guitar body are connected with the sound quality. If I start with the headstock and fretboard, then I have to say that; the Maplewood gives the sound a pleasant weight.

And the big C shaped headstock is a real example. It helps the tuner peg to produce what you hit. Like the head part, the fretboard also works like a gem. Let me clear the concept.

If you play some Dominant chords or suspended chords in a clean mood, there you will find a mix of melody and warmth. This mixed sound is possible for wood and smooth polish. It does not mean I am giving all the credit to the head and neck part.

Of course, the body part has a role. The Alder wood controls the bridge and hardware part like a daddy. Yes, every time I applied a palm mute for some classic riff, it guided me to feel the real pressure.

Guitar accessories:

Except for the gig bag and tremolo bar, this series does not offer that much exciting thing for the player. This is the business policy of a brand (i guess). Still, I have a complaint about the whammy bar.

This bar is not perfect to feel the real vibrato. I will recommend using a hardtail instead of built-in Whammy.

However, in a word, I am satisfied with this guitar.


  • Sunburst brown color.
  • Left-handed
  • Nice tone


  • I did not like the tremolo bar.

4. Rise by Sawtooth ST-RISE-ST-SB-KIT-1 Electric Guitar 

Rise by Sawtooth ST-RISE-ST-SB-KIT-1 Electric Guitar

 I am not happy with this right-hand guitar. So, why am I reviewing this guitar? Most of my readers are either newbie or intermediate guitar players, they need to know the difference between a good or bad.


 I’ll start with the sound: Sawtooth has a humbucker pickup. It sounds just like; someone shouting over his son by keeping some grapes inside their mouth.

Am I clear? If it’s not cleared yet, then here is the straightforward statement. This guitar does not sound good enough. Even the knobs are not well adjusted to control that harsh sound.

Guitar parts:

One satisfying thing about this guitar is its part. The manufacturer used basswood for the body and Maplewood for the neck. Like the wood, they used solid strings. But the second strings sound odd for me.

Maybe it’s for the intonation problem; I will check that later after changing the pickups. Overall, the body part seems reasonable to me.

Guitar accessories:

If you are one of the buyers, who wants everything under $90, then this section is for you :p This guitar manufacturer provides all the essential things. For example, it comes with a gig bag, straps, amp, picks, and guitar cable.

The quality of the accessories is not good enough for beginners. However, if you still want to know about the guitar, visit the Amazon link.


  • Quality material.
  • Right hand
  • Chrome hardware


  • I am not satisfied with this guitar at all

5. Fender Squier Classic Vibe 70’s HSS – Maple – Black 

Fender Squier Classic Vibe 70's HSS - Maple – Black

A perfect Stratocaster guitar after a boring guitar review. This guitar is not only accurate but also well structured. Why? Fender did effective market research over the guitar player before making it. And that is the reason behind this successful guitar. Let me explain it step by step.


The guitar player says “stupid-good” guitar after exploring this . I also agree with them, because the Alinco pickup has 3000 times better strength. And Fender proves it.

How? A combination of two pickups, humbucker, and single-coil, ensures the five-way tonal difference in every mood. I tried overdrive, clean, and dirty tones. All of them represented the real feel of 70s rock and roll, blues, metal, and country.

Guitar parts:

For the fantastic sound, Fender concentrated on guitar parts like a mommy. If I write about the body part, then this guitar has a poplar body. This is one of the primary reasons for that tremendous sound.

Like the body part, the neck and headstock is pure maple wood. This combination gives a smooth noodling experience. The playing even power up better for the whammy bar. It can create a dramatic vibrato.

Guitar accessories:

This guitar does not come with fancy accessories like the earlier one. Fender believes that: building quality with real experience can win more real musicians than regular customers. However, I did not like their color combination. It could be better.


  • Warm sound.
  • Alnico pickups.
  • Easy to play.
  • Left-handed


  • They could develop the color combination better

What to look before buying a small fingered guitar? 

So, you have read a bitter-sweet review, right? Yeah, I have to, since it’s your hard-earned cash. To express my admiration for your budget, I have structured a buying guide below. Check the sequences.

Check the materials:

First, you need to check the guitar materials. I mean the wood quality, strings, bridge, saddle, and nuts. These are the major factors for creating a warm and soothing tone. For instance, Maple and rosewood are best for fret and neck.

On the other hand, Alder, basswood, and poplar are perfect for the body. It’s wise to consider these materials before choosing the guitar.


Next, you will check the hardware. This means you will look the pickups and electronic setups. Now, there is a question; how do you know the difference? Well, you can take Fender as an idle. Their coils are tremendous.

Guitar shape:

Finally, it’s all about flexibility. Since you are a short finger guitarist, you need to consider the guitar shape. Every way is not everyone’s finger. So, check the weight capacity, and your finger reach. For example, all of my reviewed products are easy to play. You can play advanced Sus chords to augmented chords.

And that’s all the essential buying guide for you. There might be some other things like color, tuner pegs, and a lot more stuff. I don’t think that will have a significant effect on the buying cycle. Still, if you feel you need to check. Sure. On that note, I am moving to the FAQ section.

Guitar practice tips for small finger guitar players:

As I mentioned I will share some guitar playing exercise tips. Here you will find some common, but useful tips to improve your guitar playing skills. How will these directions help you? Give some time. First, I will go for the advice, and then you will get the proper interpretation.

Choose the right guitar neck:

There are two types of guitar neck; broad and narrow. For the short finger guys, I recommend using a narrow guitar neck. This sort of guitar is also called a 3/4 electric guitar or short scale electric guitar.

The significant benefits of the previously mentioned guitar neck are numerous. For example, you can easily play the scales, chords, and most importantly, your playing experience in standing position will be more comfortable.

Keep the thumb position accurately: 

The next tip is to concentrate on your thumb position. This is the most effective technique I have ever seen. For example, if you notice the playing style of Misha Mansoor (guitarist of Periphery Band), you will see; he touches some critical notes with his pinky.

This touch ensures an intense feeling of the guitar solo. To make this touch smooth, Misha keeps his thumb under the center of the guitar neck. His thumb position does not sustain every time.

Misha moves the thumb based on the style of playing. So, the reason behind pulling his example is to show that; the thumb plays a vital role.

Practice some stretching exercises:

Another way to improve your finger strength is to practice stretching exercises. Maybe the “Rock Discipline Book” by John Petrucci can help you to learn the finger stretching technique.

I integrated and improvised many stretching exercises from that book. It’s effective for every level guitar player.

Increase the strength of the index finger:

Playing Barre chords can help you to enhance the power of your index finger. I know F Major chord is the most irritating one, but it can enhance the strength. Now, how can you play this chord?

Your usual thumb position may not help you to bring the exact sound, right? In that case, I recommend you; position the thumb down to the center of the guitar neck. Then it will be better for you to push some pressure on the thumb. Try it!!

Better you can watch this video:


Q:Is a Mini Electric Guitar Good for Small fingers?

A: Well, according to experts, mini electric guitars are perfect for small hand guitar players. The short scale of these guitars is easy to reach. Many famous guitar players use mini guitars for performing better on the stage. So, yeah, these guitars are perfect for small hands.

Q:What is a 3/4 electric guitar?

A: A mini version of an electric guitar in one word. This sort of guitar is made for kids. Kids like 5 to 10 years can play this guitar.

Q:What are the benefits of ¾ electric guitar for a kid?

A: There are a lot of benefits to a mini guitar for a kid. If a kid starts to play with a mini electric guitar from his/her early age, his/her future is bright. I see many young guitar players on youtube now. They play fantastic covers. This means, in the coming future, the demand for this sort of guitar player is high for any established band.

Q:What type of neck is good to thin or thick?

A: Well, it depends on the guitarist comfort. But I would prefer a thick neck. The weight of a thick neck can generate a better tension of notes. Contrary, a thin neck cannot produce that. It sounds lighter than a thick neck. Still, there are some benefits to a thin neck. For example, good gripping, easy to hold some difficult chords.


Finally, I have come in the end of my article. Here I have served a proper assistant to the small fingered guitarist. Now, what have I shared? I showed some celebrity guitarists as motivation. Later put a review of 10 best electric guitar for small hands.

 I also included a buying guide and a FAQ section. So, the intention of this whole writing is to help you out from the struggle. I know this journey is tough for the newbies. But one thing -the more you practice, the more you will develop.

Remember, the instruments help you only 30%, and the rest of the 70% is your practice. So, follow my tips to make your guitar playing fluent.