Get The Best Electric Guitar for Worship

Hello fellas, we are here once again in this delightful day to encourage you on your journey of guitar playing. It is not a facile task to learn to play electric guitar. Just a random guitar can never support you the way you need it. There are a hell lot of things you need to consider and practice a lot to create amiable music.

In this article, our goal is to introduce learners with some of the best electric guitars for worship. In addition, you will learn the experience of several legends of this genre as they have supported us making this article.

So, keep reading, you will be amazed by the priceless information. This article covers worship guitar reviews, essential buying tips and many other queries about worship music.

Now the obvious question arises. Wondering what that is. Well, the question is how to learn electric guitar for worship?

Buddy, the very first task is to select the right guitar. Just because you have lots of money does not mean you will purchase one without any consideration. You have to get the one that listens to you and plays in your tone. Then you can start playing. Remember, legends were on your shoe while they have started due to less technological advancement. 

Nevertheless, time is different now. You can get some unbelievably good sources online, to begin with. You can also get a guru, which I believe the best way to learn guitar. Now follow the methods and practice. The more you practice, the better you will become. There is no shortcut.

Best Electric Guitar for Worship: Reviews in Details

Its review time! I, with some of my guitarist friends, decided to help the newbies so that they can overcome the challenge of grabbing their first guitar. The first guitar is always the closest to our hearts. Therefore, we need to pick one that fits perfectly. We visited many guitar shops, talked with several pros and manufacturers, and finally got our top five. Here, we will provide a review of the best electric guitar for worship in detail so that you can purchase by knowing everything. Let’s get started.

1. Fender American Original 50s Stratocaster

The Fender American Original is one of the finest guitars for the price. It is famous all over the world for its quality construction, excellent sound quality, and loving appearance.

The hardware on the guitar is so impressive. They make it one of the most durable options. Besides, you do not have to take much hassle, as the installation is simple and straightforward. Only 10 seconds is fair enough.

The sound quality is crystal-clear and sparkling.  Even the look of the guitar is classy. You will be amazed by the performance of the guitar. Don’t worry. The price is reasonable too. 

2. Gretsch White Falcon Players Edition (g6136T)

The Gretsch White Falcon G6136T is the second option on our list. This Guitar will impress you in every possible way. The single-cutaway hollow body of the guitar is constructed with the highest quality maple wood material. You will notice gloss urethane finish. Therefore, the guitar is well built as well as impressive to look at.

U-shape neck of the guitar is also made of maple wood and covered in a gloss finish. The scale length is good enough. Both the pickup and Fretboard is good.

 For sure, you will get soothing sound from the White Falcon G6136T. For everything, the price is a bit high but acceptable. You should give it a go. 

3. Suhr Classic T Pro

What makes a guitar legendary, or should I say what the qualities of a top-quality guitar are? The answer will remain the same for both the questions. The guitar must have stupendous sound quality, cracking construction, excellent playability, and affectionate design.

The Suhr Classic T Pro gets the highest mark in everything. Top-quality pickup, body, Fretboard, and strings provide the sound of your dream. The sound quality is fair enough, even for a newbie. It is not hard to play, slightly smoother than you can imagine.

The double-cut shape, neck, and headstock make it the most comfortable option to keep playing. You can play it for an extended period without any pain. The built-quality is excellent, so as the design. 

It will impress you in every possible way. Don’t miss this champ. Yeah, the price is a bit high, but Suhr Classic T Pro deserves the price.

4. Duesenberg Starplayer TV

A guitar can cry, smile, shout, and produce a lullaby if you know how to do it. However, knowing is not the only thing to create magic. You have to have a great guitar with all the essential features. In that case, Duesenberg Starplayer TV can be an excellent choice for you.

If you have some necessary skills, this guitar will push you to become a pro. It is constructed with top quality materials. All the hardware on the guitar is top-quality. Thus, it will last for many years. 

But you have to maintain it properly. The Duesenberg Starplayer TV provides clean sound. Even if you are a novice and have limited skills, you can play it better. It will give you an excellent tone.

The playability of the guitar is outstanding as well. Overall, it is one of the most beautiful guitars for the price. Give it a go before the stock expires.

5. Reverend Guitars Double Agent OG

Exclusive Coral Finish gives a pleasing look to the Reverend Guitars Double Agent OG. In terms of appearance, it is the best worship guitar in the market today. It is a Humbucker guitar with P90 pickups in a single-cutaway body. All the hardware is made of the highest quality material. It will serve you for many years. If you care properly, it can even help you a lifetime. 

The Tunematic Bridge and stop the tail of the guitar plays a crucial role in producing quality sound. You will get a unique and impressive tone from this champion.

The size and weight of the guitar are just perfect. Therefore, you can play it for an extended period. It will not cause massive fatigue in the tip of your fingers.

The Reverend Guitars Double Agent OG is the quintessential example of quality. The price is a bit high. But highly acceptable for the price. Do not miss it. Hurry up. The stock is limited.

These are the five best electric guitars for worship. I hope you liked our reviews. You can read the detailed review of each guitar by clicking the link. If you want any of the above guitars, don’t rush. Read the details and then decide. Now I am going to share some buying tips for worship guitar. Read carefully.

Things to Consider before Buying a Worship Guitar

Maybe you are wondering how have we managed to select the five best guitars for worship, right? Well, experience helped us to figure this out. However, is there any guide for the newbies so they can also understand which guitar is right for them and which one is wrong? Of course, there is a guide.

This part covers the buying tips. Read carefully until the end. If you want to pick the perfect guitar that fits your playing style. If you read this section, you can also support others to select their worship guitar.

Before we begin,

Do you know what a worship guitar is?

I am sure you already know that still if you are someone with no idea about this genre, let’s elucidate. It is a style of playing guitar, occurs in different churches. Many churches have their specific praise and worship team that performs live for their audience with worship guitar. In a worship team, you will see two or three guitarists along with other musicians. The style of worship guitarist is unique and provides different tastes to the audience. Now, as you already know what worship guitar is, let me tell you some basics so that you can pick a worship guitar wisely.

Single Coil vs. Humbucker

While buying a guitar, the first thing you need to decide is the type of pickup. The sound of the guitar varies depending on the pickup. You can pick either a single-coil pickup or a humbucker pickup. Let us discuss both of them briefly.

Single Coil Pickups: Single Coil Pickups utilize one coil of copper write that is covered around a magnet and pole pieces. From a single-coil pickup, you will get a bright and crisp tone. They are ideal for heavy mixes of the worship genres.


  • The crisp and clean tone


  • Noisy
  • Sometimes harsh

Dial Coil Pickups: Dual Coil Pickups are also known as Humbucker. They are considered as quieter guitar pickups. You will get two coils, as the name suggested. They will be made of copper wire while covered with a magnet and pole pieces. They offer a thick and robust guitar tone.


  • Multipurpose
  • The warm, clean tone
  • Noiseless
  • Thick Bass


  • Duller clean tone


If you want to bring the worship sound to a whole new level, you have to have a great guitar. Of course, quality worship guitars are costly. If you need perfection, you have to pay. Well, folks, do not lose your heart just yet. Yes, quality guitars are pricey, but there are few mid-range guitars available in the markets that provide a smooth and flawless tone. We have already reviewed some of the most excellent electric guitars for worship, where few of those are mid-priced. However, they are not cheap.

Anyways, if you want to create better worship sound, you have to spend a bit. Yeah, you can pick a cheap worship guitar, but they are not worth it. So, it is better to accumulate some dollars for a few weeks and choose a quality guitar.


If you want to play safe, you should concentrate on brands. Few leading brands are making and selling the top-quality electric guitar for worship performances. If you do not have enough time, you can go for a recognized brand. They are usually trusted and always try to provide satisfaction to their consumers. Their guitars offer quality sound, and those guitars are well constructed with top quality hardware. Some of the most trusted brands are Fender, Gretsch, Nash, Fano, and Duesenberg.

But don’t be blind to brand always. If you have enough time, dig more and give opportunities to some newcomers. Often good guitars remain unsold just because of their brand value. If you can, please provide the opportunity to newcomers as well. Otherwise, they will always remain newcomers. 

Top Things You Should Know as a Worship Guitarist

The above points will help you to pick the excellent worship guitar. I hope they will help you out. Also, I have talked about some of the most elegant electric guitars for worship. I am sure now you can get your guitar wisely according to your playing style.

If you want to be a worship leader in no time, you need to follow some principles. In this segment, I will share the top things you need to know to become a leader soon. Let’s see:

  • Practice makes a man perfect. You need to practice more to acquire perfection! Sorry, there is no shortcut.
  • Learn to work on a team, practice with your team, and learn to be organized.
  • Develop your team.
  • Keep a good relationship with the pastor.
  • Pick great worship songs.
  • Love the church otherwise; you cannot be a leader of that place.

Song Selection Tips

Song choice is significant when you are a worship leader. You should select the song based on your audience, not based on your comfort zone. You need to serve so that you can engage people to worship. Here are some essential tips for you:

  • If your song is about Jesus, it is better. Nothing is better than that to encourage and let people concentrate on their worship. People are not on the church for musicians, and they are for Jesus. Don’t forget that.
  • You need to select engaging songs, something exciting, catchy, and fun to listen to. You need to capture a room, don’t forget that.
  • The song is singable to your team or not, that should include another fundamental consideration.
  • If the song teaches something good, it will engage more people. So try to select a song that shows the truth.
  • Popular song attracts more audience, period.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the right instrument for worship songs?

Well, the right instrument is the one that fits your playing style and your band. You can pick any acoustic guitar if the church is smaller in size. If the church is significant, you have to have a louder guitar. In that case, you don’t have any other option left rather than a worship guitar.

What is the right solo lead guitar for worship songs?

Well, when it is a worship performance, a guitarist should know that it is all about participation. So the purpose is to connect people not to entertain them. Thus, the right solo lead guitar should be one with a few bars that can create momentum and help the worshippers to concentrate more.

Are worship guitars pricey?

The price varies from one brand to another. Nevertheless, if you need a quality worship guitar, yes, they are pricey. Still, you will get a few guitars in the mid-price range that sound clean and good for worship performance. Even above, we have included a few of them. Check again and decide.

Final Words

Well, becoming a worship leader is no easy job. You have to have patience. Other guitarists play for themselves first and then for the others. However, Worship Guitarist needs to play for their audience from the very beginning. You need to engage them and help them to concentrate on their prayer. Thus, this genre is much more difficult.

This is why you need to be well learned and have a good worship guitar. I have talked about everything related to worship guitar and guitarist. I hope this helps. I am leaving you right now. If you still have anything else to know, feel free to comment. 

We will meet again soon with guitar reviews, tips, and tricks. Till then:

Live the fullest!