Get The Best Electric Violin (Experts Opinion)

You might be seeking around to find the best electric violin but you could find it difficult to choose the best one. Right! It is obvious as a violin is not a product that you can purchase commonly. It is a great fun playing violin. However, if you don’t choose the right violin, it may result in a mess. Maybe you are dreaming of spending a romantic evening with your spouse or girlfriend/boyfriend. The wrong choice may result in changing this romantic dream into a nightmare for you.

Don’t go away!!! Don’t get panic!!! This article will surely help to pick up the right violin for you. When there is no solution, you take help from the Internet resources. Believe me you are at right place to get the perfect match for your desires. Stay with us and read the whole article to pick the best violin for you.

Below are the 10 top Electric Violins you could find on the market. You don’t need to physically go to the musical shops for purchasing them. In fact, you may order them online through Amazon and other shopping portals. Just make sure, you order what you require.

Therefore, the wait is over. Choose the best violin amongst the below 10. These are the best 10 electric violins available in the market worldwide. I am sure about it because I have researched myself to pick the best violins globally. I also have interest in violins like you. Therefore, you can believe me as one thing is common amongst us i.e.; choosing the best electric violin-our interest-our passion.

10 Best Electric Violins For You

No matter how much you are expert at playing violin. However, if don’t choose the right option, will it amaze the people? Definitely not! So spend some time before purchasing. If your spouse or girlfriend/boyfriend is romantic and has interest in music especially violin, don’t expect appreciation if your violin is not amongst the best. The sub-quality instruments don’t give the best quality in terms of sound and pitch. No matter how much you are expert at playing it, no matter how much magical fingers you possess, but the quality violin is mandatory to prove your magic. That’s why; I am writing this article to help you take your confusion away. I know, it is not an easy decision and I know it better as I have spent a couple of weeks to research and pick the 5 best options from the music market globally. Here you go!!!

1. Cecilio 4/4 CEVN-2BK Solid Wood Electric/Silent Violin

best electric violin

Choosing Cecilio 4/4 CEVN-2BK Solid Wood Electric/Silent Violin with Ebony Fittings is a smart move for the beginners. Because its price is not much yet the sound quality is fantastic. However, you should also choose a violin of such brand that has a reselling value. Cecilio is known for their high quality and stylish violins. The CEVN-2BK is used by professional stage performers. So, if you’re about to start learning violin or a pro, you should consider this one.


  • It’s a full size (4/4) violin with black metallic varnish.
  • It weighs 5 pounds.
  • The dimension is 32″ x 5″ x 12″.
  • The body is made from solid maple wood and its hand-carved.
  • Requires a 9V Alkaline battery to run.
  • The ebony fingerboard, pegs, chin rest, and tailpiece are inlaid with mother of pearl.
  • The bow is made from Brazil Wood and unbleached genuine Mongolian horsehair.
  • The violin is designed for the right-handed players.
  • It has 1-year instrument warranty for material or manufacturing defects. The warranty doesn’t apply for the accessories.


Sound & Performance: With low budget violin, we stay in fear about the violin’s sound and performance. Surprisingly, the CEVN-2BK from Cecilio does a great job in performing professionally. The downside to it is you have to consider the quality of its accessories. You can buy best quality accessories separately. You can compare the sound of this electric violin with acoustic ones and won’t feel much difference.

Accessory: This violin comes with all the necessary accessories you can expect. It even includes the 9V battery. The headphone that comes along has poor quality. So, you should buy a good one. The aux cable will allow you to connect it to your amp. But plugging it into your computer will require additional wires.

Durability: With consideration of its low price, you can’t expect high-quality material. But the wood that used to build it has a decent quality. This violin will serve you for many years.

Style: The code of design for this violin from Cecilio is “style 2”. There are other designs too. This style or design is for right-handed performers. But the model CEVN-L2BK is for the left-handed musicians. The stylish design gives it a unique and premium look.

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Solutions for Cons:

Let’s talk about the cons here. Feeling heavier is no big deal because your body will adapt it after 1 or 2 months of continuous training.

But we’ve to admit the case, the bow, and the headphones do not meet the standard. You should change the bow and the headphones as soon as you buy it. Maybe, the manufacturer focused on the violin’s quality and the price more. So, they couldn’t meet the standard for the accessories.

Many other violins of different brand cost less than this one from Cecilio. It’s because the sound quality, build quality, and design is good compared to the other violins of the same type.

Now, it’s time to talk about some newbie problems.

  • Many complaints about the neck not being painted. It’s done intentionally to ensure more natural shifting of positions.
  • Some say the bridges are loose. Well, it’s because the strings are loose. Unlike guitars, the violin bridges are not glued and rely on the string tension to stay in place.
  • What another problem often occurs to them is the tuning won’t stay fixed. It happens to any new instrument. After few days, it gets set Moreover, the problem can also occur due to weather change because wood material shrinks or expands according to the change of humidity level.

2. Bunnel EDGE Electric Violin

No initial setup is required after you buy Bunnel EDGE Electric violin. Kennedy Violin assembles and sets up the violin for free with their team of trained professionals. You just put the battery in the violin, tune it, and start playing. It is the #2 seller of electric violins on Amazon.

Bunnel EDGE Clearance Electric Violin


  • It’s a jet black finish violin, and the size is 4/4.
  • The shipping weight is 9.6 pounds; the violin weighs less.
  • The body is made from solid maple wood with 100% ebony fittings.
  • It requires a 9V Alkaline battery which is included.
  • The bow is made from Giuliani Brazil Wood and genuine horsehair.
  • The violin has D’Addario Prelude strings and Piezo-ceramic
  • The warranty is against any material or manufacturing defect for the lifetime.


Sound & Performance: This electric violin has excellent performing capability. Musicians from beginner level to professional, love this violin for its fantastic quality. It’s quiet when you’re playing unless you plug it into an amplifier. The violin has easy and quick volume and tone controller.

Accessory: The accessories list includes good quality bow, powerful mini amp, over-ear headphones, rosin, full-suspension case, polishing cloth, and a ¼” patch chord. The included accessories are durable. Kennedy violins recommend D’Addario NS electric violin strings for better performance.

Durability: Maplewood is used to make this electric violin which is very durable yet not so heavy. The manufacturer gives lifetime limited warranty, and 45-days money back guarantee.

Style: The design of this violin is compact, and it has stage performing style. You’ll fall in love once you take it in your hand.

Solutions for Cons:

First of all, the violin doesn’t need a power cord for its amp because it runs on a 9V battery. We included it as a con because some people complained about it where it’s not a problem.

Second of all, every newly bought violin needs tuning at first. It’s no big deal. You even have to optimize it for few days until it gets stable.

Last, of all, check the package on arrival for any missing accessories. Because the claim is valid and you should contact the seller immediately for any lost items.

3. Kinglos 4/4 White Blue Flower Colored Solid Wood Intermediate

Kinglos 4/4 White Blue Flower Colored Solid Wood Intermediate

The music we hear from a musical instrument cheers us up. But looking at that instrument, it doesn’t seem so alive. That doesn’t apply to the violins made by Kinglos. The design and colorful printing on the violin make them attractive and alive with colors.


  • The product dimension is 8.27” x 3.35” x 3.35”.
  • The product weighs 1.26 pounds.
  • It has a DV-9 active pickup with volume and tone tuners.
  • It also has sockets for mic and phone, line out, and on/off.
  • The violin is powered by a 9V alkaline battery.
  • The body is made from solid spruce, the strings are aluminum-magnesium alloy, and has ebony fittings.
  • The bow has high-quality horsetail and brazilwood


Sound & Performance: Besides of its looks, the Kinglos 4/4 White Blue Flower Colored Solid Wood Electric violin sounds excellent. You can rely on it for professional performance or practice sessions. With high-quality Piezo pickups, you have nothing to worry about how it sounds.

Accessory: The violin package includes all standard accessories you need to start playing right out of the box except the 9V battery. You can connect the violin to an external speaker for loud sound or use headphones for personal practice.

Durability: With all those high-quality materials, the violin is meant to last for a long time. The customer feedback is the proof of that. Some complained about the paint, but everything else works fine.

Style: Violins from Kinglos is all about style and its looks. No other violin in the market has such beautiful visual with modern design. It is meant for stage or street performance. Violin attracts people with its melodies, but this one also draws with its visuals.

Solutions for Cons:

Problem with loose pegs isn’t uncommon. It happens with most of the newly purchased violins. You can apply some raisin to the pegs and see if it stays in place or not. If the problem isn’t solved, you can check many online videos showing how to fix the issue in no time.

The paint seems to be a downside. With a low price tag, we couldn’t expect anything better. But it looks nice though. Moreover, you always have the option to choose one stylish colored violins from our list.

Not including a 9V alkaline battery is not a shocker. Almost all electric violin comes without the battery to power it. You can order it on Amazon along with the violin, and it doesn’t cost much.

4. Kinglos 4/4 White Sunflower Colored Solid Wood Violin (YSDS1310)

Kinglos 4/4 White Sunflower Colored Solid Wood Violin (YSDS1310)

The Kinglos 4/4 White Sunflower Colored Solid Wood Acoustic / Electric Violin is also available in all sizes. It’s a perfect violin for all because you can use it as an acoustic and even an electric one. Let’s see some detailed information.


  • It has a solid spruce top, solid maple back & side. The bridge is made from maple too.
  • The strings are aluminum-magnesium alloy, and it has ebony fittings.
  • It also has positive pick-up system with volume, tone tuner, and lines out socket
  • The standard set-up is based on advanced premium violin.
  • The weight is 1.21 pounds and dimension is 23.2” x 8.3” x 3.4”.
  • It requires a 9V battery to run.


Sound & Performance: It isn’t all perfect, but the sound quality and performance are two sectors that you can’t complain about this violin. This violin is a hybrid one because it has all the advantages of both acoustic and electric violins.

Accessory: It comes with a case, rosin, an aux cable, a bow, a shoulder rest, an extra bridge, and a set of strings.

Style: Kinglos is said to be the brand leader of visual arts by many critics. You’ll understand once you have one of the violins in your hand. The look will take your attention away from everything immediately. That’s why it’s perfect for stage performance.

Solutions for Cons:

It also has paint quality problem just like the previous model. Though the color looks nice, it is not so durable. So, keep in mind that issue while buying. You can see other products which guarantee color.

For the battery issue, you merely have to buy one which doesn’t cost much. Amazon offers batteries for really low price.

5. Stagg EVN X-4/4 MBL Electric Violin

Stagg EVN X-4/4 MBL Electric Violin

Another excellent violin for you as a beginner is Stagg EVN X-4/4 MBL Electric Violin. It has positive reviews of many users. We experienced it and would recommend it for the beginners. It has an elegant design, and at first glance, it seems like a guitar. Not only the design is attractive, but if you are short of bucks, this is the perfect choice to begin learning violin with this one. Stagg EVN MBL Electric violin composition includes maple. It is a silent violin, and you may enjoy it even when you don’t plug it in. If you are facing the problem of having annoying neighbors, you can still enjoy this instrument even in the silence of nights. It doesn’t make a louder sound while played without plugging in. Feel free to play the violin at night without having the risk of disturbing your neighbors.


  • It’s made from lacquered solid maple body
  • You’ll have tone and volume controls with internal headphone pre-amp
  • The violin comes with 1/8″ headphone and output jack
  • It includes a soft case with straps, bow, rosin, stereo headphones and a 9V battery
  • The color is metallic blue


Sound & Performance: Stagg EVN X has terrific sound quality, and it performs great. It weighs 5 pounds which may seem a bit heavy. But you’ll soon get used to it. More stability comes with some weight. The comfortable chin rest helps hours of practice without any significant neck pain.

Accessory: You’ll get the violin in a soft case with straps, bow, rosin, stereo headphones, and a 9V battery as a complete package.

Durability: The Berlin-based company is well known for their excellent quality electric violin. They offer 1-year official warranty for any manufacturing defects.

Style: We love the design and color of this electric violin. It looks very stylish. The violin has a classic outlook but is hollow. It is available in red, brown, white and blue color. We must recommend that it looks stunning in white color. However, the rest also gives a great look, but white is the best-it looks sophisticated.

Solutions for Cons:

First of all, you’ll get used to the weight after some weeks of use. Secondly, considering the price, the quality of the headphone should be better although the quality isn’t so bad. But those who can’t tune properly complain about the strings most. Many musicians told that the string has standard quality.

6. Yamaha Model SV-130SBL

Yamaha Model SV-130SBL

Whether you are a beginner or a professional, Yamaha Model SV-130SBL is sure to serve as a perfect violin for you. It’s an ideal one for practicing silently, and still, you will get the feeling of playing in a big hall. The acoustic sound is shallow, but you can play confidently without causing any noise outside. The color here is black. It comes in navy-blue too. You can practice comfortably anytime.


  • It has a hard maple neck
  • Spruce body
  • It has a beautiful ebony fingerboard for tuning adjusting tuners which is more comfortable than to use the pegs
  • It has four fine tuners
  • It has a piezo pickup which is just underneath the bridge
  • There is a master volume at the back of the violin so once you have set your violin with an amp
  • A wireless pickup kit
  • Three different types of reverb room, two already built in the violin
  • It has a headphone out, line out, and an aux chord in
  • It runs on two AA batteries, or it has an AC adapter
  • D’Addario helical strings
  • It includes a shoulder rest
  • They supply it in full size


Sound & PerformanceThis piezo pickup gives a very deep full music. It has a perfect sound with absolutely no amplification at all. The music is vibrant, and the performance is very bright, it provides you with sufficient ease to play. The sound all in all is excellent and lovely. You can use the reverb depending you’re playing in the room or any other atmosphere.

Accessory: The violin comes in with a sweet and smooth case. It comes with an example, a bow, rosin, a shoulder Rest, earphones, a cable, and a 2 AA Batteries

Style: The violin looks pretty cool. It has a cool design. Your first impression, once you take the violin out of the box, would be that; my god! What an impressive violin! You can show it to your friends, and they will surely appreciate as well. It is very light and puts no pressure on your shoulders.

Solutions for Cons:

The muted sound is not an issue once you take a little break while you practice. The muted sound needs no fixing since taking small breaks will resist muting of sounds. Not being able to hear full brightness gets reduced with time and care. The markings are a concern, but you can always give a little effort to check out the buttons. The jack was only fitting in a closed position to my hand, but it might not be so for others.

7. NS Design WAV 4 Violin Amberburst

NS Design WAV 4 Violin Amberburst

If you are beginning to learn violin, this NS Design WAV 4 Violin Amberburst is an electric violin and reasonably priced. You can have a look at this probably because it marks the first step of buying a violin of excellent quality. Perfect for a first buy.


  • It has a solid maple body
  • The neck is varnished with solid maple top
  • The fingerboard is ebony
  • It provides precision at 40:1 with fine tuners
  • Automatic string clamping
  • The piezo pickup system is polar directional
  • It is completely passive
  • No battery is required
  • The color is amber burst
  • The product dimensions are 32.1 x 9.1 x 6.5 inches.


Sound & PerformanceThe music from the violin sounds excellent, and especially there is reduced echo. It is just quieter than the regular violin. The tone is amazing. The tone pot is a very fundamental feature. The more you play the violin, the more you get used to with the structure, and the shoulder piece gets adjusted.

AccessoryThe strings tuners you get are instrumental. It comes with an original custom designed case for the body.

DurabilityIt has lifetime durability.

StyleThe violin comes off with a very untraditional violin body. It is easy to hold and carry. It has a well adjustable shoulder piece, and it has a neck piece too which fits right into the place.

Solutions for Cons:

It comes off with a bit of an unconventional design but most people kind of likes it this way. If it is sometimes hard to play for someone, any expert or just anyone who knows how to play can sure get things done. The classical violinist finds it a bit difficult in the beginning but they can also get used it with a few practices. It is not silent, but it is way better than the Yamaha and a lot more reasonably priced. There is no bow or headphone jack either you can always buy another from Amazon.

8. Full size 4/4 Ted Brewer Vivo2 VIVO AIR

Full size 4/4 Ted Brewer Vivo2 VIVO AIR

This item is a full size 4/4 Ted Brewer Vivo2 VIVO AIR Electric Violin. It has a tailpiece covered with aluminum, and a chin rest is rich in ebony. It has all those attributes that make it look stunning. It has an integrated structure designed in a way that it fits the frame and the body together. The frame is built with an advanced solid polymer material. The secret of the violin lies within the electronic package. You need to check it out on your own.


  • It has a piezo charge pick-up.
  • There is an analog charge amplifier which can digitally charge the violin.
  • There is a separate output socket for headphone.
  • There is provision for electronic tuning mode for A string.
  • The operation is smooth with the use of standard ¼” jack leads.
  • Auto- power off is a distinguishing feature.
  • An advanced TVB audio system
  • On and off switch


Sound & PerformanceThe quality of sound is exceptionally unique. Its performance is extraordinary. It stands perfectly fit for performance in public. It creates a revolution in music. It is a violin you can work with.

AccessoryThe violin comes with a PP3 battery. It has an acrylic fingerboard and a clear tailpiece.  There are Grover machine heads.

DurabilityThe durability is pretty considerable provided that it has well-built glass structure with light facilities. But the bridge with carbon fiber is almost indestructible.

StyleThe body is painted with acrylic varnish. It lights up the whole body when you play, and this is entirely beautiful to enjoy its beauty. The body color is available in clear, blue, purple and ice pink. The unique design makes everyone stare at it for a while, and it is an absolute pleasure. It has finger light touch buttons which looks stunning.

Solutions for Cons:

The bow and all other accessories of the violin can be bought from Amazon. The reason it’s a little uncomfortable is that the body is of glass. The price is a bit over exaggerated since there are no accessories either. But honestly, we can pull off with this considering how impossibly beautiful the violin is, both with the looks and the sound quality.

9. Bunnel Shredder Clearance Electric Violin (Jet Black)

Bunnel Shredder Clearance Electric Violin is the genuinely versatile violin that will surely take you to your surprise. You may always end up thinking that no matter what you buy is going to come up with some blemishes, and more, it is even a clearance material. However, I assure you this violin is almost perfect. Don’t let it take you to shock because you will love how soothing and lovely it sounds.

Bunnel Shredder Clearance Electric Violin (Jet Black)


  • This violin is the so-called one of the highest sold violins on Amazon.
  • According to the US customer service, it was ranked #1.
  • It claims to be the only stringed instrument with the 45-day-money-back guarantee.
  • The final assembly and setup of the violin have been performed by Kennedy Violins’ professional luthiers in Washington State.
  • The violin is entirely set up. That is no assembly is required.
  • The body of the violin is handcrafted with a solid maple body, 100% ebony fittings & Piezo-ceramic pickup.
  • The outfit includes everything you need including a mini-amp, instrument cable, Portland Guardian case, genuine Brazilwood bow, rosin, D’Addario Prelude strings, and polishing cloth.
  • For stage performance, there are control sliders on the face of the instrument that is easy to tone and volume adjustment.
  • The violin runs on the 9-volt battery power supply
  • The pick-up is of Piezo ceramic
  • There is 1/4” patch cord, a standard 3.5mm headphone jack with a 1/8 inch input.


Sound & PerformanceOnce you plug in, the tone will please your ears. It has an extra feature where you can change the volume both on the instrument and on the amp. If you are playing with it on stage, it will give your audience a feeling of joy and warmth at the same time a flawless performance.

AccessoryThe violin comes up with everything you can think of you need while playing, including a mini-amp, instrument cable, Portland Guardian case, genuine Brazilwood bow, rosin, D’Addario Prelude strings, and polishing cloth.

DurabilityIt claims to be the only stringed instrument that is backed by a lifetime warranty.

Giuliani Bow Features: The bow is firm and round with bow shaft of genuine Brazilwood with genuine Mongolian horsehair. It is half-mounted on 100% ebony frog for excellent balance and durability. The mother of pearl inlays on the frog. The silver winding and abalone bow slide are sleek and just perfect. Its precise weight gives exceptional stability and responsiveness, and the grip is of black leather.

Style: The violin has a full-suspension Portland Guardian Case with beautiful colored straps and accessory compartments. The Giuliani Brazilwood Bow is made of real horse hair. All in all, it’s compact and powerful mini amp wraps up as a total package to play gigs. The vinyl applied lightning bolt decals depicts a thrilled look!

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Solutions for Cons:

Bunnel Shredder Clearance Electric Violin is an excellent violin to have and play. The paint was not uniform on the back of my violin, but I must say it could be the problem in my case only.

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10. Yamaha YEV104NT

Yamaha YEV104NT

Yamaha offers the latest kind of its violins. The crafter exerts the design inspiration from the classic violin configuration. This way he ensures the natural beauty of wood and the monotony of clean lines. Thus combining the scheme with lightweight for assistance and innovation this violin gives birth to the incredible harmony and music. That is why Yamaha electronics are well known for their fabulous sound-producing instruments.


  • This violin is an all-access electric violin.
  • It looks beautiful, is light and comfortable.
  • The violin is pretty fun to play with and moreover at an affordable price.
  • The designers wanted to create a visually appealing instrument with pure, clear sound.
  • The material is made from 6 different kinds of wood.
  • You can only plug it into an amplifier and play.
  • No batteries or headphones and no preamps is necessary


Sound & PerformanceThe sound of this violin is so melodious that it strongly appeals to violin players. With the blessing of 6 different kinds of woods that it is made of, add to the overall unadulterated, original & reverberating sound of the amplifying apparatus. So it all adds up to make the thus gorgeous live-performance instrument. With better tuning, it can sound warmer and more stable.

AccessoryThe tool comes up not even with a bow. No other accessories have been provided. On the contrast, we must remember the device does not need any other accessories to play with and is self-sufficient.

DurabilityIt has a body made of six different kinds of woods. It can be trustworthy and dependable.

StyleYes! The fifth string is a C, so it wraps up all the pitch that is CGDAE. The scale limit, however, is that of a violin preferably than a viola, so it will feel common to play if you’re a violinist. So it’s combination is that of an ancient instrument yet wondrous.

Solutions for Cons:

You can buy the bow and other accessories from Amazon. And you must not miss this marvelous violin because of such blemishes. The fifth string is a C but most of the people like this a lot.

Buying Guide for Best Electric Violins

Our review of 10 best electric violins will give you a good insight and help you choose the best one that suits you. But why should you limit your options? You should explore more violin models from different manufacturers. Before you do that, read our buying guide so that you would know which factors are essential. This ultimate guide will help you shortlist the violins according to your preference. So, it’s more like “knowing yourself better guide” than a buying guide.

  1. Which size do you prefer?

Size depends on your neck to wrist length or neck to mid-palm length. It’s not the one you prefer. Most adults choose the biggest size of 4/4. But there are other sizes too. Your primary concern here should be how comfortable the violin is.

The most comfortable violin for you would be choosing the one that has the length of your neck to your wrist. If you’re learning with the guidance of a musician, you should ask

him/her for the best size. Otherwise, you can go for our mentioned measurement.

  1. What is your budget?

You can buy a violin with a budget of just a little over $100 to $3000 or more. If it’s your hobby to collect exclusive and antique violins, the case is different. Here, price doesn’t matter.

But if you’re a learner or a professional, you probably have a limited budget. You can look for violins by categorizing them by under $500, between $500 & $1000, between $1000 & $2000, between $2000 & $3000, and over $3000 price tags.

Under $500, you can’t expect high-quality instruments. But they’re perfect for newbies. As a professional, you should allocate some more budget. The quality, performance, and sound start to thrill you as you start increasing the budget. The violins above $3000 price tags are rare of their kind. You won’t have anything to complain about those.

  1. Which type do you need most?

Do you like to play with loud sound sometimes and silently sometimes? If yes, then you need the electric violin. With an amplifier, you can perform in front of a large audience. But if you live in an area where people live closely, you might want to consider practicing silently. For both cases, electric violins are the best option. For professionals, it is highly recommended to get a good quality electric violin.

Do you have no problem being loud all the time? You can choose the acoustic violins. Acoustic ones can also be amplified. So, performing on stage is no problem at all. It creates more natural sound than the electric ones. Always remember that nothing can beat the classic.

Want something that has both the features? No problem, you can always choose the acoustic-electric hybrids. It’s best suited for those who want to play acoustic violin with amplification for more rich sound.

Have you start learning violin? Or do you have to play in a comparatively loud environment? For both cases, fret strips on your violin’s fingerboard will be a great help. It looks odd on violin but ensures perfect playing.

Another type is the ones that are MIDI-capable. It’ll make the horizon of your creativity wider than anything. Using synthesizers, you’ll be able to make great fusions.

  1. How about the tone?

To say about the tone of your violin, it becomes more natural to hear as you go for higher priced ones. That’s it, no tricks here. With price increased, you can have a better quality violin which ensures more heart touching sound. You might wonder why Stradivarius violins cost so much. It’s just because how it sounds.

You’d be surprised to know that modern technology has reached to level where professionals can’t distinguish between a Stradivarius violin and a modern electric violin most of the time. There’s a wide range of choices. So, choose the type of tone you like and keep amazing the people around you.

  1. Which kind of design do you like?

We often get confused with so many design options. Many complain about the pegs as it’s difficult to keep the violin in tune with slippery pegs. So, you should choose a design which has the string tightening system as guitars.

If you have no problem with slippery pegs, you might be looking for a design that allows shoulder rest adjustment options. Or you might prefer a violin that has a cool design and astonishing colors.

Whatever the criteria are, we have any violin on our list. Go through our review articles and choose one among those because the products listed in our articles don’t compromise with quality.

Advantages of playing electric violin

  • With electric violin, you can practice wherever you want and whenever you want by plugging in headphones.
  • Electric violins sound almost like the electric violins. So, no worry on the tone.
  • It is great for stage performances. You can do a lot with electric ones like loops, flange, doubling, or many different effects.
  • Electric violins look way more relaxed than acoustic ones. The design and color make them very attractive.
  • To play Jazz/Rock music, your best option is to go for the electric violin.

Disadvantages of playing electric violin

  • If you’re still a learner, you should avoid electric ones because it will affect you bowing. Playing electric violin will allow you to get away with clumsier bowing which never happens with the acoustic ones.
  • Electric violin can give you false confidence which will break once you try to perform with an acoustic violin.
  • Only acoustic is good for classical music. You can’t feel the beauty of classics with electric ones.

My Final Verdict

Which is the best violin for you? It depends on your preferences. All the 5 violins mentioned above are the best in the market. However, to me, Bunnel Pupil Premier Clearance Violin Outfit 4/4 is the best. It gives the best output for your money spent.  However, it doesn’t mean I am not recommending the other violins. As I said earlier, it depends upon your preferences which instrument to purchase. For example, if you are looking for a low priced violin, you definitely wouldn’t prefer Bunnel.

Make your decision according to your preferences. I would just say, there are no other instruments which supersede the above mentioned in terms of quality and performance. When it comes to melodious tunes, reliability, performance and satisfaction, these are the best models available in the market worldwide. Just make up your mind, pick a violin from the 5 recommended above and enjoy.


In this article, I have listed the 5 best available violins in the market for you in order to take you out of the confusion. Don’t even think of choosing any other violin. These are surely the best. I know buying the first violin is a craze-at the same moment, it is hectic too. As you don’t know which is the right one that you should purchase? If you are having the same mess, there should be no confusion. This article is good to resolve your issue. Finalize your preferences and choose the best amongst them. It depends on you whether you give priority to price, quality or design.

The choice is yours. I have made all the efforts to make your task easy. I am sure I have achieved in doing so. This article surely will remove the confusion in the back of your mind regarding purchase of violin. This also will help you save your time comparing the violins.