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Practice Effectively and Gain Hours of Practice Time

Practice Effectively and Gain Hours of Practice Time

Serious musicians can practice for 4 or more hours every day. The idea is that if you practice more, you’ll progress faster. It makes logical sense. If you practice for 4 hours, you will progress 4 times faster than the person who is only practicing one hour. It doesn’t always work that way though. The musician that practices for 1 hour efficiently, can easily learn more than a musician that practices for 4 hours inefficiently.

Can you learn how to practice and cut your practice hours down to almost nothing? If you want to progress at the same rate you are now, then sure. I prefer to progress as much as possible. I want to practice as efficiently as I can, but also as much as I can. If you add time and efficiency together, you’ll end up with progress many times faster than what you are probably achieving now.