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7 Steps to a Succesful Practice Routine

7 Steps to a Succesful Practice Routine

Does this scenario sound familiar to you? You are on your way to your weekly music lesson and you cringe from the guilt of knowing you barely…kind of…sort of…did not practice your music this week. Or if you have children: “Johnny, did you practice your music this week?” He replies, “kinda…” You know this means a solid “no.”

This seems to happen all too often, right? Each weekly lesson we make another broken promise to our music teacher that we will practice every day the following week. But somehow, it never happens. Whether it’s your own or your child’s music lessons, it’s not that you don’t care about music, and it’s not because you enjoy throwing your money away each month at music lessons that are never practiced. It’s simply because there is no music practice routine engrained in your daily schedule.