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Why Everyone is Taking Online Music Lessons

Why Everyone is Taking Online Music Lessons

If you’ve been looking for music lessons recently, you’ve probably noticed quite a bit of talk about taking private lessons online. Sure there are tutorials, videos, and a ton of articles on how to play an instrument, but we all know that private lessons are best. Getting direct one on one attention is paramount.

In the past, there have only been a couple of options when it comes to private lessons. You could go to the teacher’s home or studio, or the teacher could go to you. It seems like those are the obvious options, but lately online video chat lessons have started to gain popularity. There are a lot of good reasons that people have started taking them in droves.

More Available Teachers and Times

No matter where you live there is always going to be a limit to local teachers. If you are interested in a less popular instrument, you may have to drive quite a ways to get a good teacher. Even if you do find your ideal teacher, it’s likely that they are pretty booked. You may have to put yourself on a waiting list, or you’ll have to take lessons at a less than ideal time.

When you choose to take online lessons you’ve now opened up your possibilities almost endlessly. If you’re on the east coast, you’ll find hundreds of teachers with openings on the west coast in the “prime time” after school hours. On the west coast kids are all still in school at 4pm your time! The morning and early afternoon are times that are near impossible to fill for teachers, but because you’re in different time zones, they’re perfect for you!

Music Lessons Available in More Remote Areas

If you live in Los Angeles, New York, or some other large metro area, you may not have even considered this because there seems to be an endless supply of teachers near you. If you live in an area that is more remote, though, there may be no teachers in your whole town! The only option used to be just to learn on your own, or travel hours to the nearest teacher.

These issues are completely gone when it comes to online lessons. You can take lessons with one of thousands of teachers all over the world. You no longer have to be lucky to have a great teacher nearby. With the internet all teachers are nearby.

Convenient For Teacher AND Student

Students love it when the teacher can go to their home. It makes sense. There’s no need to drive, and parents can get work done at home without taking a couple hours out of their day. Although it’s great for students, teachers usually aren’t fans of driving to student’s homes. Often teachers need to save an extra hour from their schedule for traveling to and from lessons. It makes sense then that teachers tend to charge quite a bit more for the convenience of teaching in your home.

Online lessons change this completely. Now a teacher can teach from their home AND your home… At the same time! You don’t have to travel, and the teacher doesn’t have to travel. It’s a win win.

You’re Not Missing Out on Much

When I suggest online lessons to people, the number one concern they have is that they won’t be effective. In the past this may have been a good argument. You don’t want to have to deal with a bad connection and delay. Is the quality even good enough to learn anything?

You don’t have to worry about any of this anymore. Yes, online video chat still isn’t perfect, but it’s getting better day by day. It’s now to the point where in the large majority of cases you will find little, if any, technical problems that interfere with the lesson.

With online lessons you get the sound, you get the sight, but it’s a little more difficult to get the hands on approach. If the teacher has to move your hands, or adjust something on your instrument, the only option they have is to tell you, or show you what to do. If you ask me though, this is not a flaw. It can actually be one of the best benefits of online lessons. Why? What is the best way to learn? Is it for your teacher to do something for you? No, you have to do it yourself. Most good teachers will often give you instruction, show you how to do something, but then let you physically do it yourself. This should be the case for online lessons and local lessons. With online lessons teachers are forced to teach this way. Sounds like a positive to me.

Take Lessons Anywhere

Going on vacation for the summer? That could be a lot of potential lessons you’re missing out on. There’s no reason why you can’t still take lessons on vacation with online lessons. You may think that this is not much of an advantage because who wants to take lessons on their vacation right? Where this really comes into play though is when your teacher is out of town. Trust me, teachers don’t like missing lessons with their students. Teachers know that the only way their students will get better is with consistent lessons. You also can’t forget that losing income for teachers is tough.

With online lessons, though, if your teacher is out of town, they will often still want, and be able to, give your lesson. This means much fewer missed lessons and much more progression by the student.

Using Technology is Exciting for Children

Technology is pretty cool. Kids love it. Give a kid an iPad and you won’t hear from them for hours. Wouldn’t it be pretty cool for them to be able to use their iPad to take music lessons? Kids tend to be more excited about lessons when they get to use technology while taking it. It’s cool. It’s fun. That’s exactly what you want. When your kids dread taking their music lessons, you have a problem. This just doesn’t happen as much with online lessons.

Online Music Lessons are Inexpensive

This may be the best advantage to online music lessons. Teachers tend to price their online lessons lower than even local lessons in the teacher’s home. One reason this is the case is because teachers are new to online lessons just like you are. They want to make sure they are offering a quality service, so they often lower their prices. This isn’t the only way you’ll save money though.

Lessons go for different rates depending what part of the country your from. Lessons in New York tend to be more expensive than lessons in Ohio. That’s just the way that it is. What if you live in New York and take lessons from a teacher in Ohio? Guess what? That teacher likely charges much less than teachers in your local area just because of the market and cost of living in their area. The lessons are often discounted even more because online lessons are just priced lower.

You end up saving a lot. In the best case scenario it could be up to 50% less expensive to take private online lessons vs private local lessons. You might worry that you’re sacrificing quality, but you’re not. You can get highly qualified teachers at these lower rates and everyone is happy.


If you’ve gotten this far, you may think that I don’t think there’s any reason why everyone should be taking online lessons. You’re just about right. If you have a really slow internet connection, it may not be feasible to have online lessons. If this isn’t the case though, nothing should be holding you back. You should at least attempt some online lessons. You’ll be happy you did.

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Have you had online music lessons before? Are you a teacher that currently teaches online lessons? What was your experience with them? Let us know in the comments!