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Top 3 Beginning Basses for Your Money

Top 3 Beginning Basses for Your Money

Now that we have talked about how to buy a beginning bass in the previous blog post, let’s talk about a few specific basses that we recommend be your first buy. These are inexpensive and yet outstanding basses for beginning as well as intermediate players. In our next blog post we will discuss the top bass amplifiers that can go with these instruments.


Yamaha RBX170 Bass

Yamaha basses are well known for their excellent craftsmanship and consistency and the RBX series happen to be Yamaha’s best-selling basses. Not only are they built with outstanding construction and fine sound quality, they also come with a price tag that is hard to believe.

This bass features high quality materials: Rosewood fingerboard, Maple neck, and body made of Alder or Agathis. It is equipped with humbucking pickups and two volume knobs and a master tone control.

You can get your hands on this bass for just $179.99 and for this price range you won’t find a better quality bass.


  • Price from Amazon
    • Yamaha RBX170 – $179.99 – Buy it here
    • Free Shipping
    • Grand Total: $179.99


Squier by Fender Vintage Modified Jaguar Special Short Scale

Here is another high quality beginning bass for a great price. The short scale feature makes it easier to play for players with smaller hands. The body is made of an agathis, neck made of maple, with rosewood fingerboard. The “Slim Fast Action Neck” makes it easy and comfortable to move quickly. The bass is equipped with dual pickups and a volume control for each pickup and a master tone. It has great sound quality and stays in tune very well. Now you can get yours for only $169.99


  • Price from Amazon
    • Squier by Fender – $169.99 – Buy it here
    • Free Shipping
    • Grand Total: $169.99


Ibanez Soundgear SR300

The Ibanez SR is a series of basses ranging from beginning to professional level basses and the SR300 is the basic model of its series. Despite the fact that it is a base model of the SR series, it is still an outstanding bass built with high quality materials and craftsmanship for its class. It has an agathis body, rosewood fingerboard, and the neck made of 5-piece combination of maple and rosewood for maximum playability. The high-output EXF humbucking pickups produce well-balanced and deep tone. This Ibanez SR300 is slightly more expensive than the other two above but it is definitely worth every penny.


  • Price from Amazon
    • Ibanez SR300 – $299.99 – Buy it here
    • Shipping – $12.49
    • Grand Total: $312.48


As you can see, you can purchase great quality musical instruments for very affordable prices. Hopefully one of these basses will satisfy all your needs and wants, and if you have any personal experience or comments on these basses feel free to leave them below!