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Classical Voice and Piano Lessons - Chynna R
1 Review

Astonish your friends with your playing when you study from Chynna R. theory, ear training, and technique will all be part of your music lessons with Chynna R.

Guitar Instructor - Ruben Q
Guitar InstructorOakland, CA

Try Ruben if you want music sessions. He has an incredible skill for music that carries over to his classes. Become a incredible heavy metal musician with sessions from Ruben Q.

Guitar Lessons at Home - Alex D

Are you searching for the perfect instructor to assist you in your goal to advance your musical career? Alex D.'S students learn to play with incredible technique and feeling.

Guitar Lessons - Rory M
Guitar LessonsOakland, CA

If you're searching for effecient and effortless music classes, learn from Rory M. he has been working with students of all learning styles, age ranges, and ambitions for over 5 years.

Jazz Music Lessons - Jake K
Jazz Music LessonsOakland, CA

Jake is one of the strongest music teachers who has been tutoring musicians for 17 years already. Jake K. is a career tutor who has 17 years of experience in offering quality music classes throughout Alameda.

Blues Guitar Teacher - Bj D
Blues Guitar TeacherEmeryville, CA

Discover the magic of music with Bj. Looking for music lessons? Bj loves tutoring music. He offers qualified music lessons that will improve your skills.

Bass Lessons - Michael W
Bass LessonsEmeryville, CA

Become one of the best musicians in Alameda with sessions from Michael. He has a passion for every aspect of music.

Violin and Viola Teacher - Mia N

Mia will instruct you and classical. She also offers rhythm training. She has been teaching students of all age ranges, ambitions, and learning styles for over 13 years.

Adults Violin Teacher - Rachel P

Learn violin and viola when you sign up with private one-on-one lessons from Rachel. Her classes are at the going rate of $90/hour.

Music Composition Teacher - Dina S

Whether you want to play a piano concerto or just some Disney songs, Dina can help you out. Dina provides music lessons for children of all ages.