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Berkeley Music Lessons

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R&b Guitar Lessons - Michael B
R&b Guitar Lessons Berkeley, CA

Michael B. has been teaching for 8 years. Michael tutors children how to express themselves through music. Become one of the best musicians in Berkeley with lessons from Michael.

Clarinet Teacher - Powell H
Clarinet Teacher Berkeley, CA

Become one of the strongest musicians in Berkeley with classes from Powell. Powell H. is patient and effortless to work with.

Trumpet and Trombone Teacher - Shane C

Shane can teach and trombone in tons of different styles. Berkeley music sessions should be fun. Shane C. is a talented musician.

Bass Lessons - Michael W
Bass Lessons Emeryville, CA

If you're searching for useful and effortless music lessons, try Michael.

Guitar Lessons - Rory M
Guitar Lessons Oakland, CA

Schedule an appointment with Rory if you need a experienced tutor who has been offering guitar classes since 2013. He incorporates rhythm in his sessions.

Guitar Instructor - Ruben Q
Guitar Instructor Oakland, CA

Don't take music classes in Berkeley before you look at Ruben Q. he teaches all the fundamentals of technique for guitar with correct hand positions, fingering, and position.

Blues Guitar Teacher - Bj D
Blues Guitar Teacher Emeryville, CA

Bj D. has over 21 years experience tutoring music privately. Need a trustworthy instructor? Look no further than Bj D.

Guitar and Piano Classes - Ryan P

Ryan provides in-home sessions for children and adults up to the advanced level. He is patient and thinks that anyone can learn music. Learn from Ryan if you're looking for a great teacher in Berkeley.

Music Composition Teacher - Dina S

Dina will set the base for your music playing through Dina mentoring. Dina sessions are at the going rate of $45/hour.

Flute Lessons - Emily S
Flute Lessons Albany, CA

Looking for one of the best music tutors in Berkeley who can offer those just starting out music sessions? Emily S. is a versatile musician.

Songwriting Teacher - Ronnie H
Songwriting Teacher Oakland, CA

Ronnie offers qualified music lessons to beginner and intermediate students. Have a entertaining time while studying music with Ronnie H. ronnie's students learn to play with great technique and style.