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Brea Clarinet Lessons

Where do you need a clarinet teacher?

Flute & Saxophone Lessons - Sean M

Sean M. offers beginner and even intermediate clarinet guidance . If you want to study your favorite pieces, Sean can help you out.

Guitar and Clarinet Lessons - Marcos M

I have been involved in music since I was a young lad. I began playing clarinet formally at the age of 11 and continued until I was 15. I picked up the guitar at 14 and have not put it down since. I am currently 28 years old. I have performed in several bands. I am currently in a bass/guitar player in a reggae/ska/jam band. I have taken a few classes, but I am mostly self taught. I have taken several music theory classes, and I can get by quite well. I find that music can channel out energy and bring happiness to a person. I would love to share my skills with others and pass on what I know. May the student become greater than the teacher.

Music Lessons - Juana C
Music Lessons La Mirada, CA

I have been singing for over 5 years playing the clarinet for 11 years and am actively performing as a vocalist and teaching. I will be completing my Bachelor’s degree in Music at Biola University. I find great joy in sharing my musical experiences in music with students of all ages. Having taught for over 3 years, I am experienced in teaching students that are in the beginning to intermediate levels of voice, as well as clarinet. I am vocally trained in Classical voice and crossover voice.

Experienced Music Teacher - Seth D

Want to play Liszt and Mozart? Learn from Seth D., And get started right away. Music lessons with this Musicians Institute graduate can be nothing but educational.

Saxophone, Flute, and Clarinet Teacher - Robert S

Robert's goal is that students of all ages will like private clarinet lessons. Get ready to learn and have a lot of fun.

Saxophone, Clarinet, and Piano Lessons - Joseph S

If you want local clarinet sessions given by a teacher who has a lot of experience, choose Joseph S. clarinet sessions for any students up to the advanced level will be entertaining with Joseph.

Jazz Violin & Cello Teacher - Maximino T

Hi, My name is Max. I graduated CSULB with a Bachelors in Music Education. My main instrument is violin. I am string specialist but also teach woodwind and brass instruments as well. I have been playing violin since middle school. I have been playing and teaching woodwind and brass instruments for about 10 years now. I have been teaching for almost 20 years now. I enjoy teaching people of all ages and sharing my love of music with them.

Music Teacher  - Thomas L
Music Teacher Alhambra, CA

Thomas provides saxophone sessions for kids and adults. He incorporates rhythm in his classes. You'll blossom quickly and have fun with your music lessons from Thomas L.

Saxophone Classes - Jeff M
Saxophone Classes Montebello, CA

I started teaching two years ago at an elementary school, ever since ive been recommended to teach many students. I have been part lots of great band, La Latin Orchestra, Eva Garcia Luna, Sonora De Los Angeles and the Cal State LA Latin Jazz.

Music Lessons - Thomas K
3 Reviews
Music Lessons Glendale, CA

Thomas K. offers clarinet sessions for children and adults who want to learn their favorite song. Didn't get along with your last tutor? You won't have that problem with Thomas K.

Professional Music Teacher - Benny R
Professional Music Teacher Fountain Valley, CA

You will be excited to go on with clarinet for a long time, if you start classes with Benny. Classes on playing numerous types of instruments and clarinet are offered.