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Trumpet Teacher - Yisun H
Trumpet Teacherbuena park, CA

Yisun has been mentoring adults for over 42 years already. He instructs custom programs fit for each level customer, including beginner, intermediate, and advanced music lessons.

Piano Instructor - Yolanda B
Piano InstructorFullerton, CA

Yolanda likes offering music lessons in student's homes. She teaches original music for even advanced students.

Classical Piano Teacher - Camden B
4 Reviews

Live in Buena Park? Try Camden and you won't be sorry. You're going to like having Camden as an instructor. Learn reading music, scales, theory, and more with sessions from Camden.

Guitar Lessons - Saul B
Guitar LessonsAnaheim, CA

Hey rockin' rollers! Are you ready to learn and aspire to your dreams? When I was about 8 years old my grandfather sat me down and taught me guitar. At every birthday party or gathering, my uncles and him would sit around singing and playing. Being the life of the party! Seeing them play and bring joy to my family and friends inspired me as a young boy to want to spread that same happiness and love through music as they did. I hope to bring such motivation and inspiration to you! Going on 11 years, guitar and music has been my life, and to have the privilege to pass my knowledge on and spread my love of music to others would be my honor. Through out those years I have taken lessons learning blues, country, rockabilly, and western swing. And I'll be honest I am not be the biggest scholar with a bunch of certificates under my belt, but I have the passion for music and the passion to bring joy to others. To help accomplish dreams. So are you ready? Something tells me you are not! But is anyone? So c'mon! Lets learn some awesome music together and who knows, maybe we will be great friends... and you can go on in life like, like I go on in my life and say "that guy taught me guitar, that person taught me happiness. He was MY teacher." Cause in my opinion, that is the biggest honor.

Beginning Piano Lessons - Tran N
1 Review

You will be excited to go on with music for a long time, if you begin classes with Tran N. music sessions in Buena Park don't have to be aggravating. Start with Tran and have fun!

Music Lessons - Juana C
Music LessonsLa Mirada, CA

I have been singing for over 5 years playing the clarinet for 11 years and am actively performing as a vocalist and teaching. I will be completing my Bachelor’s degree in Music at Biola University. I find great joy in sharing my musical experiences in music with students of all ages. Having taught for over 3 years, I am experienced in teaching students that are in the beginning to intermediate levels of voice, as well as clarinet. I am vocally trained in Classical voice and crossover voice.

Classical Piano Teacher - Hyoin K

Hyoin is among the strongest music teachers who has been teaching musicians for 2 years already. Hyoin will make learning a piano sonata easy.

Fun Violin Lessons - Dom D
Fun Violin LessonsBuena Park, CA

Hello! My name is Dom D. and I have been playing the violin for about 12 years now. Much like any youngster, I started playing because I saw a lady play her violin live and I immediately fell in love with the sound. I went home that day and told my mother that I wanted to play the violin and, being a second generation violinist herself, could not be more proud. Of course, I was not thinking about all the hard work and dedication it would take to actually be good. Many times I felt like quitting but I could not see myself parting with my instrument. Playing the violin has brought me experiences that no normal person my age, (19), could even dream of experiencing! I have been on tour twice, I have played in two major orchestras, and I was the concertmaster of my high school orchestra. I have also played at the Walt Disney Concert Hall three times. Also, being familiar with the violin has indirectly brought me other skills such as the ability to play the piano almost seamlessly, even though I have never had one piano lesson. My love for violin started to plateau when I was in the eighth grade because I was not receiving formal training. Without proper guidance, I felt lost and unable to really take my playing to the next level. My goal for my students is to be that guidance that they need to push them to the next level and cultivate their skills and passion for the instrument. That is the only way to truly be great. I hope that you will give me the chance to push you to the next level because I feel that it is my turn to give back!

Pop Violin Lessons - Nina K
1 Review
Pop Violin LessonsCypress, CA

If you want local music lessons provided by a instructor who has a lot of experience, choose Nina. She structures her sessions so customers can learn what they want to study.

Piano Lessons - Kristen K
Piano LessonsAnaheim, CA

If you want local music lessons given by a instructor who has a lot of experience, choose Kristen. You'll play more than you could have imagined before with music classes from Kristen K.

Piano Lessons - Bill V
Piano LessonsStanton, CA

Understand your goals and start your music career with qualified sessions from Bill. Bill provides beginner and even intermediate music direction .

Classical Pianist and Teacher - Sean K
1 Review

Sean says that it is key to learn to read music. He is a professional musician that tutors music lessons in Buena Park. Have a enjoyable time while learning music with Sean.