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Burbank Music Lessons

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Singing and Piano Teacher - Nicole M

Nicole provides in-home lessons for kids and adults up to the advanced level. Burbank music lessons should be entertaining.

Bass Lessons - Nicole R
Bass Lessonsburbank, CA

If you're trying to find impressive and uncomplicated music sessions, try Nicole. Become one of the best musicians in Burbank with classes from Nicole R.

Professional Violinist and Teacher - Armen M

If you're searching for effective and painless music lessons, try Armen. He has had great success with students of all levels.

Music Writing Lessons - Stephen C
1 Review

Ear training, theory, and technique will all be part of your music lessons with Stephen. Searching for sessions in Burbank? Stephen has you covered.

Voice Lessons - Jania F
Voice LessonsBurbank, CA

If you want to study your favorite songs, Jania can help you out. She teaches kids how to express themselves through music.

Trumpet Lessons - Andrew S
Trumpet LessonsBurbank, CA

Let Andrew help you out. He has an incredible curriculum that is effective for all ages and levels.

Piano Classes - Caitlyn B
Piano ClassesGlendale, CA

Caitlyn will offer you music lessons in-home. Learning music will be a piece of cake if you start with Caitlyn.

Top Music Lessons - Hatem E
Top Music LessonsBurbank, CA

Understand your goals and start your music career with experienced classes from Hatem E. take a music lesson from Hatem E. and learn a lifelong skill.

Drum & Piano Teacher - David M

Want to play Liszt and Beethoven? Try David, and get started very soon. His Burbank music sessions are the strongest around.