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Burbank Music Lessons

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Singing and Piano Teacher - Nicole M

You will be enthusiastic to continue with music for a long time, if you start classes with Nicole. Nicole can instruct and voice in tons of different styles.

Bass Lessons - Nicole R
Bass Lessons burbank, CA

Nicole has a fantastic talent for music that carries over to her sessions. Learning music will be a piece of cake if you take lessons with Nicole.

Professional Violinist and Teacher - Armen M

Start with Armen. He has had great success with any students up to the advanced level.

Voice Lessons - Jania F
Voice Lessons Burbank, CA

You'll be excited to go on with music for a long time, if you start lessons with Jania. Lessons in Burbank? Let Jania instruct you, and you won't be sorry.

Drum & Piano Teacher - David M
Drum & Piano Teacher burbank, CA

David has over 5 years experience mentoring music privately. Lessons on drums and piano are offered by David M. david offers music classes.

Top Music Lessons - Hatem E
Top Music Lessons Burbank, CA

Hatem customizes the music classes to work with your objectives. Get enjoyable and accessible music sessions when you take lessons with Hatem.

Guitarist and Private Teacher - Paul T

Paul T. is a great help and fun. Become one of the best musicians in Burbank with sessions from Paul. He has had great success with even advanced students.

Trumpet Lessons - Andrew S
Trumpet Lessons Burbank, CA

Andrew structures her classes so customers can learn what they want to study. Learn from Andrew if you're looking for a professional in Burbank.

Music Writing Lessons - Stephen C
1 Review
Music Writing Lessons Burbank, CA

Learn reading music, scales, theory, and more with sessions from Stephen. Your improvement with Stephen C. will be amazing.