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Cypress Guitar Lessons

Where do you need a guitar teacher?

Music Teacher - Sean R
Music Teacher Cypress, CA

Sean is one of the strongest guitar instructors who has been teaching guitarists for over 17 years already. If you want to study your favorite songs, Sean R. can help you out.

Trumpet Teacher - Yisun H
Trumpet Teacher buena park, CA

Become an amazing orchestra guitarist with sessions from Yisun H. he has had a career in music for over 41 years now.

Professional Guitar Teacher - Kevin L
Professional Guitar Teacher Garden Grove, CA

Kevin's students end up loving him guitar classes. Guitar classes in Cypress don't have to be expensive. His prices start at just $40/hour.

Guitar Teacher - David G
Guitar Teacher Lakewood, CA

David G. offers guitar classes for children and adults. He incorporates rhythm in his classes. His degree from lahc helps him be a fantastic tutor for you.

Beginning Guitar Teacher - Mikal R
Beginning Guitar Teacher Huntington Beach, CA

Mikal has been teaching since 2016. Beginner students will develop with guitar classes with Mikal R. need a dependable instructor? Look no further than Mikal.

Fun Piano & Guitar Lessons - Terry A
Fun Piano & Guitar Lessons Garden Grove, CA

Want to play Liszt and Bach? Try Terry A., And get started now. He not only appreciates his students, but is dedicated to see them develop as guitarists.

Guitar Lessons - Steven G
Guitar Lessons Long beach, CA

Are you serious about guitar lessons? Steven G. takes classes seriously too. Start with Steven.

Rock Drum Teacher - Raymond D
Rock Drum Teacher Midway, CA

Get ready to study and have a lot of fun. Raymond's tailored and experienced drum classes will help customers master or improve their skills. Classes on playing varying types of instruments and guitar are offered.

Guitar Lessons - Saul B
Guitar Lessons Anaheim, CA

Hey rockin' rollers! Are you ready to learn and aspire to your dreams? When I was about 8 years old my grandfather sat me down and taught me guitar. At every birthday party or gathering, my uncles and him would sit around singing and playing. Being the life of the party! Seeing them play and bring joy to my family and friends inspired me as a young boy to want to spread that same happiness and love through music as they did. I hope to bring such motivation and inspiration to you! Going on 11 years, guitar and music has been my life, and to have the privilege to pass my knowledge on and spread my love of music to others would be my honor. Through out those years I have taken lessons learning blues, country, rockabilly, and western swing. And I'll be honest I am not be the biggest scholar with a bunch of certificates under my belt, but I have the passion for music and the passion to bring joy to others. To help accomplish dreams. So are you ready? Something tells me you are not! But is anyone? So c'mon! Lets learn some awesome music together and who knows, maybe we will be great friends... and you can go on in life like, like I go on in my life and say "that guy taught me guitar, that person taught me happiness. He was MY teacher." Cause in my opinion, that is the biggest honor.