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Cypress Songwriting Lessons

Where do you need a songwriting teacher?

Music Teacher - Sean R
Music Teacher Cypress, CA

Learning songwriting will be a piece of cake if you learn from Sean R. sean instructs songwriting in a integrated and comprehensive way.

Pop Guitar Lessons - Isaiah B
2 Reviews
Pop Guitar Lessons La Habra, CA

Looking for a pop instructor? Look no further. Isaiah includes rhythm in his sessions.

Music Classes - Christian B
Music Classes Rowland Heights, CA

Looking for one of the best songwriting teachers in Cypress who can provide beginners songwriting sessions?

Classical Music Lessons - Kaela S
Classical Music Lessons Los Angeles, CA

Kaela is patient and versatile as a tutor and will always listen to her customer's needs. She also teaches songwriting at the elementary and adult levels.

Professional Singing Lessons - Paula J

Lessons on voice, audio engineering, and songwriting are offered by Paula J. she gives pop classes to intermediate level students.

Private Vocal Coach - Stephanie Y
Private Vocal Coach Los Angeles, CA

Master your goals and start your music career with professional lessons from Stephanie. She offers musical-theatre classes up to the intermediate level.

Pop Guitar Lessons - Danny C
Pop Guitar Lessons Los Angeles, CA

I am encouraging, positive, and knowledgeable in various styles of acoustic and electric guitar. I would love to guide you in reaching your musical potential.

Voice Tutor - april l
Voice Tutor Los Angeles, CA

I began playing the piano and organ at the age of 4 and, as a kid, writing my first song at 6. I auditioned and performed in a children's singing group and choirs. During my bachelor's degree I studied piano, bass cello and chamber music. I graduated with a BA in Art and MA in Interdisciplinary Art with a concentration in sound design, music and web animation. I have taught a variety of topics in the college setting including animation and music. I've written, recorded, produced performed, and toured with my own compositions and played keys in various bands in San Francisco, and Los Angeles. My curriculum is prepared to create a morning routine, incorporating it into your daily activities just like you brush your teeth every day. I want to help keep you accountable and brighten your day. We'll try to incorporate the daily routine into your life so you can start your day with a relaxed smile. Starting with a fun way to start your day, you'll find with this practice that you'll be able to communicate more clearly, free your mind from worries through the use of breathe, and improve your singing voice. I'd also like to help you with encouragement and positive affirmations!

Experienced Music Teacher - Seth D

Having a difficult time finding a teacher near you in Cypress? You've come to the right place. Seth D. is encouraging and helps you attain new heights in your songwriting playing.

Songwriting Teacher - Michael N
Songwriting Teacher pasadena, CA

Searching for a soul teacher? Look no further. Michael is helpful and he takes his time to support his students get to their desired objectives.

Guitar & Songwriting Lessons - Prince D
Guitar & Songwriting Lessons Los Angeles , CA

HALLELUYAH Love to each and all, I am here to share my knowledge with those who are embarking on a new journey in music, specifically playing the guitar. I travel the world and teach. I also play harp, flute , piano and many other instruments,

Jazz Music Lessons - Calvin A
Jazz Music Lessons Costa Mesa, CA

Trying to find a pop teacher? Look no further. Check out how much Calvin's sessions cost. He offers a relaxed and friendly approach.

Ukulele and Songwriting Lessons - Brit R

If you're a beginner and even intermediate student, you'll be right at home with lessons with Brit. Become one of the strongest songwriters in Cypress with lessons from Brit R.