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Downey Music Theory Lessons

Where do you need a music theory teacher?

Fun Drum & Music Theory Tutor - Ricardo A

Ricardo has had a career in music for over 1 years now. While learning to play music theory, you'll develop a profound appreciation for music.

Pop Piano and Composition Lessons - Ian B
3 Reviews

Ian B. provides beginner or intermediate music theory instruction .

Jazz Piano Teacher - Blenda L
Jazz Piano Teacher Monterey Park, CA

Blenda's goal as a teacher is to change clients lives through music. She structures her sessions so clients can learn what they want to study.

Music Lessons - Saunder C
Music Lessons Los Angeles, CA

Saunder C. offers voice sessions for kids and adults. Saunder music theory lessons are for all levels of students.

Classical Trumpet Teacher - Levi B

Looking for one of the best music theory teachers in Downey who can offer beginners music theory classes? Levi gives beginner or intermediate music theory direction .

Piano Instructor - Yolanda B
Piano Instructor Fullerton, CA

I came from the Philippines, a Filipina and I've studied music at the Philippine Women's University College of Music and Fine Arts. I have been studying since I was 8 years old non-stop until I went to college and finished Associate in Arts in music major in piano. I love to teach and have been doing this for 21 years now. I've been teaching some years previous to this but 21 years is when I really put my full time into it. At first I began doing private tutoring but after awhile I went into teaching at a piano studio in the year 1999 at the "Rios Piano Center" as a private one on one teacher as well as a group class teacher. At the same time I also did start on another piano studio called "California Music Studios" wherein they gave me students and I went to the student's home for piano lessons. I did these 2 jobs until the year 2003. After that I went back to my private tutoring and continued on until the present time. I've been active in playing hymns at churches where I use to go playing prelude and at offerings. I've been invited to events also to perform both classical and modern music. I'm very patient as a teacher 'cause it takes patience to learn it too. Don't be intimidated that it's hard to learn piano in fact it's very enjoyable especially when you can already read well and play your favorite songs whether pop music or classical. I teach both since students may request to learn songs they constantly hear like popular hits, maybe old songs or new. I'll teach you what you really love to play. Classical music is always best to learn too. You'll be so proud of yourself once you learn Beethoven's "Fur Elise" and Mozart's "Sonata in C". So start your lesson with me and enjoy while you learn.

Experienced Music Teacher - Seth D

If you need a teacher who has a university music degree, select Seth D. downey music theory classes should be entertaining.

Pop Music Teacher - Miles C
Pop Music Teacher South Pasasdena, CA

If you love music and want to learn how to make it, I'm here to make it as easy and fun as possible. Learn to play by ear, improvise, read music, arrange or write original pop songs. My job is simply to find the quickest path to musical creativity, joy and freedom for my students. I completed my Bachelor of Music at the Eastman School of Music in cello and music theory. Since moving to the LA area I've played on major motion picture soundtracks (Sony, Pixar, Warner Brothers), TV shows (ABC, Freeform, Netflix). I've played in recording sessions with Justin Timberlake and Dr. Dre. I've performed with the LA Philharmonic, John Williams, Danny Elfman, and others.

Trumpet Teacher - Dez G
1 Review
Trumpet Teacher Hawthorne, CA

Dez provides in studio sessions for kids and adults through all levels. Lessons on saxophone, drums, trumpet, and music theory are offered by Dez G.

Piano Teacher - Brittany B
1 Review
Piano Teacher Anaheim, CA

If you're looking for effecient and straightforward music theory classes, try Brittany B.

Fun Violin Lessons - Dom D
Fun Violin Lessons Buena Park, CA

Trying to find a classical teacher? Look no further. Dom will make music theory lessons a pleasant experience for you.

Guitar Lessons - Saul B
Guitar Lessons Anaheim, CA

Had a lot of music theory teachers with bad results? Try Saul B. you'll be happy you did. He teaches rockabilly, blues, r&b, and rock and roll styles.