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El Segundo Ear Training Lessons

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Experienced Music Teacher - Seth D

Seth is also available for one on one, or small group lessons on Saxophone, Clarinet, Piano, Guitar, Vocals and Music Theory, and Music Production. Available to all styles, ages and levels in your home or his in Los Angeles, CA. Lessons are tailored to the individual styles and goals. Seth has been teaching for over sixteen years primarily working with children. He has worked with Grammy winning producers, touring musicians, helping them hone up on their music theory, and piano chops.

Guitar & Ear Training Lessons - Ewan W

My name is Ewan Wallace, and I'm a guitar player from the UK. I've been playing guitar for nearly 30 years, and playing professionally since I was 18. I studied jazz at Chichester college in England and have 20 years experience as a studio musician, sideman and touring guitar player. I've recorded and performed with artists ranging from Erykah Badu and Andreya Triana to Tricky and Chet Faker, and have been touring the world as guitar player with UK electronic music act Bonobo since 2006 (www.bonobomusic.com).I don't have a set approach to teaching - I'll evaluate where you're at and tailor lessons to how your brain works and your own personal goals with the guitar. And most importantly, we'll have fun along the way!Thanks for your consideration!

Jazz Drum Lessons - Alex P
Jazz Drum LessonsLos Angeles, CA

Learn drums and ear training when you sign up with one-on-one classes from Alex P. his goal is that students of all levels and ages will enjoy private ear training lessons.

Pop Music Teacher - Miles C
Pop Music TeacherSouth Pasasdena, CA

Learn how to create beautiful music with classes from one of the best ear trainees. Miles has a passion for every aspect of music.

Music Lessons - Saunder C
Music LessonsLos Angeles, CA

If you're looking for effective and effortless ear training sessions, try Saunder. Regardless of the age, Saunder will teach the material in an accessible manner.

Music Lessons - Mark D
5 Reviews
Music LessonsStudio City, CA

Mark is among the strongest ear training teachers who has been tutoring ear trainees for 15 years already. He is very patient and considerate.

Classical Music Lessons - Kaela S
Classical Music LessonsLos Angeles, CA

Trying to find a tutor to help you sing like your favorite pop star? Kaela customizes the ear training sessions to work with your objectives.

Pop Drum Lessons - Kenny S
Pop Drum Lessonsnorth hollywood, CA

Kenny's goal is that students of all ages and levels will like private ear training lessons. Don't take ear training classes in El Segundo before you research Kenny.

Music Lessons - Joel B
6 Reviews
Music LessonsValley Village, CA

Become one of the best ear trainees in El Segundo with sessions from Joel B. his lessons are at the going rate of $60/hour.

Professional Voice Teacher - maureen d
Professional Voice TeacherValley Village, CA

Maureen D.'S students learn to play with incredible technique and musicality. Check out how much her classes cost. El Segundo is a great place to receive ear training classes for even advanced students.

Guitar Lessons - Saul B
Guitar LessonsAnaheim, CA

Hey rockin' rollers! Are you ready to learn and aspire to your dreams? When I was about 8 years old my grandfather sat me down and taught me guitar. At every birthday party or gathering, my uncles and him would sit around singing and playing. Being the life of the party! Seeing them play and bring joy to my family and friends inspired me as a young boy to want to spread that same happiness and love through music as they did. I hope to bring such motivation and inspiration to you! Going on 11 years, guitar and music has been my life, and to have the privilege to pass my knowledge on and spread my love of music to others would be my honor. Through out those years I have taken lessons learning blues, country, rockabilly, and western swing. And I'll be honest I am not be the biggest scholar with a bunch of certificates under my belt, but I have the passion for music and the passion to bring joy to others. To help accomplish dreams. So are you ready? Something tells me you are not! But is anyone? So c'mon! Lets learn some awesome music together and who knows, maybe we will be great friends... and you can go on in life like, like I go on in my life and say "that guy taught me guitar, that person taught me happiness. He was MY teacher." Cause in my opinion, that is the biggest honor.

Singer Songwriting Lessons - Steve E
Singer Songwriting LessonsPanorama City, CA

Learn music theory and voice when you begin with one-on-one sessions from Steve. He gets along with his ear training customers in a enjoyable but professional manner.