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Emeryville Music Lessons

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Blues Guitar Teacher - Bj D
Blues Guitar Teacher Emeryville, CA

Bj gives sessions in Emeryville. Check out how much his sessions cost. You'll figure out your musical objectives, and he will help you carve out a path of accomplishing them.

Songwriting Teacher - Ronnie H
Songwriting Teacher Oakland, CA

Learn how to make beautiful music with classes from one of the best musicians. Ronnie H. is a talented musician.

Bass Lessons - Michael W
Bass Lessons Emeryville, CA

Michael is a music teacher you can trust. Didn't get along with your last teacher? You won't have that problem with Michael. Let Michael W. help you out!

Flute Lessons - Emily S
Flute Lessons Albany, CA

Are you searching for the right tutor to help you in your goal to advance your musical career? Emily's Emeryville music lessons are the best around. She is very patient and polite.

Clarinet Teacher - Powell H
Clarinet Teacher Berkeley, CA

Powell H. offers effortless music classes at reasonable prices. Need local music sessions in Emeryville? You've found them in Powell.

Guitar Lessons - Rory M
Guitar Lessons Oakland, CA

Rory M. offers impressive and thorough music lessons throughout Emeryville. If you want to learn your favorite songs, Rory M. can help you out.

Guitar and Piano Classes - Ryan P

Ryan offers music lessons for children and adults who want to learn their favorite piece. He attended University of South Florida.

Trumpet and Trombone Teacher - Shane C

Lessons in Emeryville? Let Shane instruct you, and you won't be disappointed. Learning music will be a piece of cake if you take lessons with Shane C. he teaches all genres.

R&b Guitar Lessons - Michael B
R&b Guitar Lessons Berkeley, CA

Schedule an appointment with Michael B. if you need a professional tutor who has been offering in-home guitar sessions for 8 years.

Guitar Instructor - Ruben Q
Guitar Instructor Oakland, CA

Ruben Q. provides guitar sessions for kids and adults. Ruben is patient and simple to work with.

Music Composition Teacher - Dina S

Dina S. began his teaching career 7 years ago. You haven't had any classes yet? Dina S. will be amazing for you. Dina is a great music instructor in Emeryville.