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Guitarist and Teacher - Sam S
2 Reviews

Fairfax is a great place to get music lessons for intermediate level students. Start music lessons with Sam S. and you'll be one step closer to being a professional

Guitar and Bass Teacher - Fernando F

Lessons on playing varying types of instruments and music are offered. Fernando F. gives music sessions for kids and adults who need to learn their favorite piece.

Music Composition Lessons - Rishab S

If you want to study your favorite songs, Rishab S. can start you off right. Rishab imparts confidence in the student, by giving them the ability to study music on their own.

Flute Lessons - Emily S
Flute LessonsAlbany, CA

Are you searching for the greatest tutor to support you in your goal to advance your musical career? Emily structures her classes so students can study what they want to learn.

Drum and Percussion Lessons - John H
Drum and Percussion LessonsSan Francisco, CA

Classes on playing varying types of instruments and music are offered.

Guitar and Piano Classes - Ryan P

Trying to find some of the strongest music teachers? Get entertaining and effortless music classes when you learn from Ryan.

Saxophone and Clarinet Teacher - Joseph C

Joseph trains and encourages customers towards attaining things they never thought possible. He tutors all styles.

Jazz Saxophone Lessons - Chazz A
Jazz Saxophone LessonsSan Francisco, CA

If you are searching for a incredible pop music instructor, go with Chazz A. chazz will make music classes a pleasant experience for you.

Guitar Teacher - Danny W
Guitar TeacherSan Francisco, CA

If you're trying to find effecient and uncomplicated music classes, learn from Danny. Students of all levels will feel right at home with music lessons with Danny W.

Beginning Viola Lessons - Matthew R
Beginning Viola LessonsSan Francisco, CA

Matthew R. gives in-home sessions for children and adults through all levels. Other subjects Matthew can teach include viola and violin.

In Home Piano Lessons - James D
In Home Piano LessonsSan Francisco, CA

Try James if you're looking for a professional in Fairfax. He has an incredible curriculum that is instructive for adults and children of all levels.

Piano Lessons - Nathan T
Piano LessonsSan Francisco, CA

Nathan's lessons for will challenge you and help you to practice hard. Be a pro music player with the help of Nathan T. his lessons can also include piano and guitar.

Bass Teacher - Curtis A
Bass TeacherNovato, CA

Curtis provides easy music lessons at reasonable prices. Learn how to create music with music lessons from Curtis A.