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Glendale Violin Lessons

Where do you need a violin teacher?

Fiddle Teacher - Gina R
Fiddle Teacher Los Angeles, CA

Gina has over 11 years experience mentoring violin privately. You haven't had any sessions yet? Gina R. will be great for you.

Professional Violinist and Teacher - Armen M

Armen is patient and adaptable as a teacher and will always listen to his client's needs. Take a violin lesson from Armen and learn a lifelong skill.

Suzuki Violin Teacher - Emily L
Suzuki Violin Teacher Los Angeles, CA

Emily is very professional, intelligent, and passionate about music. You'll learn theory, reading music, scales with Emily L.

Affordable Violin Lessons - Karina L
Affordable Violin Lessons North Hollywood, CA

If you are trying to find a great mariachi violin teacher, go with Karina. Her classes are at the going rate of $50/hour.

Violinist and Teacher - Matthew W
Violinist and Teacher Los Angeles, CA

Searching for some of the strongest violin teachers? You'll understand violin in no time, by focusing on technique and theory.

Top Music Lessons - Hatem E
Top Music Lessons Burbank, CA

Trying to find quality film scoring violin classes? Check out Hatem. Be an exceptional violin player with the assistance of Hatem E.

Piano and Violin Lessons - Louis A
Piano and Violin Lessons North Hollywood, CA

This tutor is available for in his home violin classes. Let this theatre arts degree holder be your teacher.

Classical Music Teacher - Liam L
1 Review
Classical Music Teacher Los Angeles, CA

Liam offers in studio sessions for children and adults to beginner and intermediate students. Check out Liam L. how much does he charge? Only $60/hour.

Suzuki Violin Lessons - Ashot D
Suzuki Violin Lessons North Hollywood , CA

Ashot D. is one of the best violin instructors who has been teaching violinists for over 4 years already. He is an experienced violinist that tutors violin lessons in Glendale.

Fiddle and Violin Lessons - Michael F
Fiddle and Violin Lessons Los Angeles, CA

Michael is a committed and qualified music instructor. You'll learn theory, scales, reading music with Michael.

Jazz Piano Teacher - Blenda L
Jazz Piano Teacher Monterey Park, CA

Blenda has over 3 years experience mentoring violin privately. Blenda L. is an incredible teacher at an incredible price. Lessons with Blenda start at just $50/hour.