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Hawaiian Gardens Guitar Lessons

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Guitar Lessons - Steven G
Guitar LessonsLong beach, CA

Want rock guitar sessions in Hawaiian Gardens? Steven G. can teach you what you're looking for. Apart from professional guitar sessions he also gives guitar and bass lessons.

Guitar Teacher - David G
Guitar TeacherLakewood, CA

I have been playing Guitar for 30 years , and , I teach privately and here Your Music lesson's.com . I studied Classcial Guitar with John Dearman of the LAGQ for five years and Scott Morris head of Cal State Domiquez Guitar dept. For two years ,and have studied Flamenco Guitar with Guillermo Rios Since 2003 , and also Jazz Guitar with Richard Hastings. I perform at private events through out the year, on solo Classical Guitar .

Trumpet Teacher - Yisun H
Trumpet Teacherbuena park, CA

You'll be enthusiastic to advance with guitar for a long time, if you begin classes with Yisun. Learn from Yisun.

Guitar Lessons at Home - Drew T
1 Review
Guitar Lessons at HomeHuntington Beach, CA

Learn and bass sessions with a Berklee College of Music graduate. Searching for in-home classes at a great price? You've found it with Drew.

Fun Piano & Guitar Lessons - Terry A

Okay, so I actually don't recall when I started teaching music - it was a long time ago and I have taught off and on. Up to this point, I've never advertised. The students I've taught have been the result of playing shows and at my church and people reaching out and asking me to teach them So what's changed you may ask. It may sound a bit corny but I have come to recognize that the knowledge I've amassed over my 30 something years of live and studio work, comes with a responsibility: I feel I should pass on what I've learned to people who want to learn. (Not to mention the realization I ain't gonna get rich and famous. But hey, the next best thing would be my STUDENT getting rich and famous. Right?)

Professional Guitar Teacher - Kevin L

Discover the magic of music with Kevin. Are you serious about guitar sessions? Kevin L. takes sessions seriously too. Guitar tutors can be hard to find. Kevin will teach there, and at other locations.

Music Teacher - Sean R
Music TeacherCypress, CA

Learn audio engineering and bass when you sign up with one-on-one classes from Sean. He is helpful and he takes his time to support his students get to their desired goals. He teaches blues, rock, country, and singer/songwriter styles.

Beginning Guitar Teacher - Mikal R
Beginning Guitar TeacherHuntington Beach, CA

You will be excited to continue with guitar for a long time, if you start sessions with Mikal R. mikal gives classes in Hawaiian Gardens. Study pop guitar with Mikal R.

Guitar Lessons - Saul B
Guitar LessonsAnaheim, CA

Hey rockin' rollers! Are you ready to learn and aspire to your dreams? When I was about 8 years old my grandfather sat me down and taught me guitar. At every birthday party or gathering, my uncles and him would sit around singing and playing. Being the life of the party! Seeing them play and bring joy to my family and friends inspired me as a young boy to want to spread that same happiness and love through music as they did. I hope to bring such motivation and inspiration to you! Going on 11 years, guitar and music has been my life, and to have the privilege to pass my knowledge on and spread my love of music to others would be my honor. Through out those years I have taken lessons learning blues, country, rockabilly, and western swing. And I'll be honest I am not be the biggest scholar with a bunch of certificates under my belt, but I have the passion for music and the passion to bring joy to others. To help accomplish dreams. So are you ready? Something tells me you are not! But is anyone? So c'mon! Lets learn some awesome music together and who knows, maybe we will be great friends... and you can go on in life like, like I go on in my life and say "that guy taught me guitar, that person taught me happiness. He was MY teacher." Cause in my opinion, that is the biggest honor.

Guitar Tutor - Nathan Y
Guitar TutorDowney, CA

Nathan Y. offers uncomplicated guitar lessons at reasonable prices.