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Huntington Beach Music Lessons

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Rock Drum Teacher - Nick Q
Rock Drum TeacherHuntington Beach , CA

Nick's music lessons are for all levels of students. He charges $45/hour.

Bass Lessons - Alec G
Bass LessonsHuntington beach, CA

Alec is among the strongest music teachers who has been tutoring musicians for over 6 years already. Alec tutors custom programs fit for each level student, including beginner, intermediate, and advanced music lessons.

Jazz Music Lessons - Calvin A
Jazz Music LessonsCosta Mesa, CA

Learn how to make beautiful music with lessons from one of the best musicians. Learn theory, scales, reading music, and more with sessions from Calvin.

Drummer and Private Teacher - Josiah W

Check out how much Josiah's classes cost. His tailored and skillful drum classes will help customers master or enhance their skills. You're going to love having Josiah W. as a teacher.

Rock Drum Teacher - Raymond D

If you want local music lessons given by a tutor who has a lot of experience, choose Raymond D. master reading music, scales, theory, and more with classes from Raymond D.

Professional Voice Instructor - Stephen A

Stephen gives sessions for kids and adults through all levels. Looking to start your singing career? Stephen A. will help you get where you want to be.

Pop Voice Lessons - Nuttalya R
Pop Voice LessonsNewport Beach, CA

Get ready to study and learn a lot. Theory, technique, and ear training will all be part of your music lessons with Nuttalya.

Guitar Lessons at Home - Drew T
1 Review
Guitar Lessons at HomeHuntington Beach, CA

Drew includes rhythm in his lessons. Are you serious about music lessons? Drew takes classes seriously too.

Modern Singing Lessons - Rebecca L
Modern Singing LessonsFountain Valley, CA

Are you trying to find the best teacher to help you in your goal to advance your musical career? Rebecca L. is a career instructor who has 2 years of experience in providing quality music classes throughout Huntington Beach.

Beginning Guitar Teacher - Mikal R
Beginning Guitar TeacherHuntington Beach, CA

Mikal provides entertaining and painless guitar sessions that aim to make a music lover out of the student. This teacher is available for music sessions.

Jazz Cello Lessons - Robert B
Jazz Cello LessonsCosta Mesa, CA

Learn how to create beautiful music with lessons from one of the best musicians. Robert additionally tutors music at the elementary and adult levels.