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Trumpet Lessons Lakewood, CA

Where do you need a trumpet teacher?

Jazz Trumpet Teacher - Joshua J
Jazz Trumpet Teacher Long Beach, CA

Joshua's prices are like the average, $60 an hour. As one of our talented trumpet instructors, Joshua J. gives qualified trumpet classes.

Jazz Violin & Cello Teacher - Maximino T

Learn violin and viola sessions with a Cal State Long Beach graduate. Maximino tutors custom programs fit for each level client, including beginner, intermediate, and advanced trumpet lessons.

Trumpet Teacher - Yisun H
Trumpet Teacher buena park, CA

Yisun also tutors other instruments. He is among the trumpet teachers who also provide orchestra and classical trumpet lessons. Yisun H. is patient and easy to work with.

Professional Music Teacher - Benny R
Professional Music Teacher Fountain Valley, CA

Although expensive for Lakewood, Benny's sessions are some of the strongest out there. Let this music degree holder be your teacher. Benny R. can help you become a good musician.

Classical Trumpet Teacher - Levi B

Hello there! My name is Levi Bent and i have been playing trumpet for 10 years now! I began in 3rd grade at Sierra Vista Elementary School in La Habra under direction of Ken Holland. I played throughout middle school where i learned to march with the only home school marching band in Southern California. I entered high school expecting to learn much and i did. I worked my way up to first chair and eventually section leader in Sonora High School Band under the direction of Jerome Diebolt. I have instructed only one other that wasn't already in my section at Sonora. My junior year of high school I auditioned with Pasadena City College to march in the 2014 Rose Parade! I passed the audition and played third trumpet for the band! I am very excited to teach and also learn more with you!

Trumpet Teacher - Dez G
Trumpet Teacher Hawthorne, CA

Dez G. gives straightforward trumpet sessions at reasonable prices. Dez's students learn to play with fantastic technique and feeling. She can also tutor saxophone, drums, trumpet, and music theory.

Professional Trumpet Lessons - Aaron W

Want to play Liszt and Bach? Try Aaron, and get started now. Aaron W. is accepting students of all ages and levels for private one-on-one classes and coaching.

Trumpet and Trombone Teacher - Chris T

You will be excited to go on with trumpet for a long time, if you start lessons with Chris T.

Trumpet Lessons - Andrew S
Trumpet Lessons Burbank, CA

For the past 20 years, music has shaped my life and bestowed upon me a plethora of extremely positive experiences. With the trumpet, I have been blessed to perform and work with some of the most talented of musicians and recording artists in some of the most beautiful concert halls, including Carnegie Hall and the Walt Disney Concert Hall. I have been recorded for movies and countless other projects. In addition to recording I perform in local musicals, churches, major venues and teach music in the L.A. area.

Music Lessons - Juana C
Music Lessons La Mirada, CA

I have been singing for over 5 years playing the clarinet for 11 years and am actively performing as a vocalist and teaching. I will be completing my Bachelor’s degree in Music at Biola University. I find great joy in sharing my musical experiences in music with students of all ages. Having taught for over 3 years, I am experienced in teaching students that are in the beginning to intermediate levels of voice, as well as clarinet. I am vocally trained in Classical voice and crossover voice.

Trumpet, Piano, and Guitar Lessons - Cesar P

If you want a tutor who has a college music degree, choose Cesar. Cesar P. provides sessions in Lakewood. He is very experienced, smart, and passionate about music.