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Lawndale Songwriting Lessons

Where do you need a songwriting teacher?

Experienced Music Teacher - Seth D

Seth is also available for one on one, or small group lessons on Saxophone, Clarinet, Piano, Guitar, Vocals and Music Theory, and Music Production. Available to all styles, ages and levels in your home or his in Los Angeles, CA. Lessons are tailored to the individual styles and goals. Seth has been teaching for over sixteen years primarily working with children. He has worked with Grammy winning producers, touring musicians, helping them hone up on their music theory, and piano chops.

Professional Singing Lessons - Paula J

Trying to find some of the strongest songwriting tutors? Paula has had great success with intermediate level students. Paula J. gives songwriting classes.

Pop Guitar Lessons - Danny C
Pop Guitar Lessons Los Angeles, CA

Danny has been teaching for 5 years. Danny gives beginner or intermediate songwriting instruction .

Guitar & Songwriting Lessons - Prince D
Guitar & Songwriting Lessons Los Angeles , CA

Prince has over 1 years experience tutoring songwriting privately. His goal is that students of all ages will enjoy private songwriting lessons.

Voice Tutor - april l
Voice Tutor Los Angeles, CA

Looking for a licensed singing instructor who offers techniques for hitting high and low notes? April is dedicated to your individual success.

Music Lessons - Mark D
5 Reviews
Music Lessons Studio City, CA

Searching for some of the strongest songwriting teachers? Songwriting lessons for any students up to the advanced level will be enjoyable with Mark.

Classical Music Lessons - Kaela S
Classical Music Lessons Los Angeles, CA

After graduating from one of the world’s foremost Jazz Studies programs at the University of North Texas, I spent years developing and honing my craft as a professional performer, session musician, and composer in the styles of pop, jazz, classical, rock, soul, R&B, and indie/electronic music. While working tirelessly to advance my career as a recording artist I also worked with hundreds of students and became a mentor and role model to many, instilling confidence and fostering creativity! My comprehensive understanding of vocal technique is rooted in formal training but bolstered by the experience of thousands of gigs, most recently a demanding nine-month international tour as the synth/keys player and vocalist for M83. I have natural instincts for nurturing younger minds and I'm passionate about communicating complex ideas to learners in a fun way!

Guitar & Ear Training Lessons - Ewan W

Want a trustworthy instructor? Look no further than Ewan W. this well-established tutor provides songwriting classes for a lot students.

Private Vocal Coach - Stephanie Y
Private Vocal Coach Los Angeles, CA

Stephanie gives effecient and comprehensive songwriting classes throughout Lawndale. Her songwriting lessons are for beginner and intermediate students at any age.

Experienced Piano Teacher - Kimberley E
Experienced Piano Teacher West Hollywood, CA

Want to play Chopin and Bach? Learn from Kimberley, and get started now. She instructs broadway, rock, pop, and r&b styles.

Ukulele and Songwriting Lessons - Brit R

If you want local songwriting classes provided by a tutor who has a lot of experience, choose Brit. She is very patient and polite.