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Trumpet, Piano, and Guitar Lessons - Cesar P

Looking for one of the best guitar tutors in Los Angeles who can give students with no experience guitar sessions? Cesar's students learn to play with amazing technique and expression.

Guitar Tutor - Matt C
Guitar TutorLos Angeles, CA

If you want a tutor in Los Angeles with a degree from University of Southern California, you've come to the right place. Is your budget around $60/hour? That's exactly what Matt charges for guitar lessons.

Guitar, Bass, and Drum Teacher - John W

John is very professional, smart, and passionate about music. He guides and encourages clients towards attaining things they never thought possible. John is a percussion performance/jazz drum set degree holder from George Mason University.

Guitar Tutor - Nathan Y
Guitar TutorDowney, CA

I was born and raised in Downey, CA where I first started my musical stride. At the age of 8 my father placed a in my hands and I was taught to read music, which sparked my inspiration to be the best musician I could be. I have since played with many bands/artists in around around LA, outside of the US, and in the studio. I enjoy sharing the knowledge I have learned in the classroom as well as on the bandstand with interested students that want what I want -- to make music!

Classical Guitar Teacher - Erick H
Classical Guitar TeacherLos Angeles , CA

Erick H. is a fantastic teacher that teaches in Los Angeles. Guitar classes for intermediate level students will be fun with Erick.

Jazz Guitar Lessons - Ben D
Jazz Guitar Lessonslos angeles, CA

Understand your goals and begin your music career with professional classes from Ben D. while learning to play guitar, you'll develop a deep appreciation for music.

Experienced Music Teacher - Seth D

Seth is a fun loving person who believes in creating a positive environment. He is committed to see his students develop as individuals and musicians.

Beginner Guitar & Bass Teacher - Kevin B

Study with a pro musician in your home.All ages/levels/styles.Fun friendly atmosphere.If you are willing to practice my lessons will help you improve as a player.Anyone from beginners to advanced students are welcome!

Private Guitar Instructor - Joseph M

Is your budget around $60/hour? That's exactly what Joseph charges for guitar lessons. He is a consummate professional.

Rock Guitar Teacher - Randy M
Rock Guitar Teacherlos angeles, CA

If you want local guitar classes provided by a teacher who has a lot of experience, choose Randy. If you need a teacher in Los Angeles with a degree from Citrus College, you've come to the right place.