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Private Guitar Instructor - Joseph M
Private Guitar Instructor Los Angeles, CA

Joseph gives sessions tailored to meet each student's learning style. Music lessons don't have to be hard. Joseph will make sure your classes are an amazing experience.

R&b Piano Lessons - Joseph M
R&b Piano Lessons Los Angeles , CA

Discover the magic of music with Joseph. He offers enjoyable and uncomplicated piano sessions that aim to make a music lover out of the customer.

Voice & Piano Classes - Kelsey L
Voice & Piano Classes Los Angeles, CA

Searching for in-home sessions at a good price? You've found it with Kelsey L. She also instructs other instruments.

Guitar Lessons - Paul S
Guitar Lessons Los Angeles, CA

If you're looking for impressive and painless music classes, learn from Paul. Fun music lessons are a given when you study with Paul S.

Voice Lessons - Hocheul S
Voice Lessons LA, CA

Looking for online classes at an amazing price? You've found it with Hocheul. Try out Hocheul S. if you want to improve your voice.

Guitar Teacher - Will P
Guitar Teacher Los Angeles, CA

Understand your goals and start your music career with skillful lessons from Will P. he trains and encourages students towards completing things they never thought possible.

Jazz Guitar Lessons - Ben D
Jazz Guitar Lessons los angeles, CA

Ben has over 11 years experience teaching music privately. Didn't get along with your last teacher? You won't have that problem with Ben D.

Bass Guitar Teacher - Brandon C
Bass Guitar Teacher Los Angeles, CA

Are you trying to find the best tutor to assist you in your goal to advance your musical career? Brandon went to University of Southern California.

Rock Cello Lessons - Peter J
Rock Cello Lessons Los Angeles, CA

Get entertaining and accessible music lessons when you hire Peter J. searching for classes in Los Angeles? Peter J. has you covered.

Professional Bass Guitar Lessons - Shareef A

Shareef's sessions are at the going rate of $45/hour. Los Angeles music classes should be enjoyable.

Bass Lessons - Eddie C
Bass Lessons los angeles, CA

Eddie C. is a musician who gives funk music classes to kids and adults of all ages. Eddie's students learn to play with incredible technique and expression.