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Marina Del Rey Bass Lessons

Where do you need a bass teacher?

Professional Guitarist and Teacher - Samuel W

Looking for one of the best bass teachers in Marina Del Rey who can offer students with no experience bass lessons? Samuel has a good program that works for children and adults of all levels.

Jazz Guitar & Bass Lessons - Nick S

If you're looking for effective and painless bass classes, learn from Nick. Learn funk bass with Nick.

Music Lessons - Aniela P
Music LessonsLos Angeles, CA

Aniela has over 18 years experience tutoring bass privately. Her sessions incorporate guidance in chamber music, orchestra, classical, and reading.

Guitar, Bass, and Drum Teacher - John W

Learn how to make beautiful music with services from one of the best s. music is one of John's main passions in life.

Bass Guitar Teacher - Brandon C
Bass Guitar TeacherLos Angeles, CA

Get ready to learn and have a lot of fun. Brandon is committed to see his students mature as individuals and musicians. His objective as a teacher is to change customers lives through music.

Guitar Tutor - Matt C
Guitar TutorLos Angeles, CA

Are you looking for the perfect teacher to support you in your goal to advance your musical career? Prepare to learn and have a lot of fun.

Advanced Slap Bass Lessons - Clark S

Trying to find bass lessons? Clark loves teaching bass. Learning bass will be a piece of cake if you take lessons with Clark.

Advanced Bass Lessons - Howard R

Looking for some of the strongest bass instructors? Howard gives bass sessions in Marina Del Rey.

Music Lessons - Andrew C
Music LessonsLos Angeles, CA

Learn your goals and start your music career with qualified lessons from Andrew. Andrew has a vast knowledge of music theory.