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Piano and Clarinet Teacher - Erandi T
Piano and Clarinet Teacher Marina Del Rey, CA

Born in Sri Lanka, I have been teaching for 17 years. My journey in music began at the age of 4. With a direct pianistic lineage dating back to Franz Liszt, my natural gift for music was instantly obvious and it did not take long before I began developing my superb technique under the guidance of virtuoso musician, Dawn Owen, and concert pianist, Beulah Ambrose. Affilations: Licentiate of the Royal Schools of Music, Music Teachers National Association, California Association of Professional Music Teachers, and more!

Classical Piano Teacher - Laura Leighe S
Classical Piano Teacher Santa Monica, CA

Trying to find lessons in Marina Del Rey? Laura Leighe S. has you covered. She is patient and believes that everyone can learn piano. She tutors original piano for even advanced students.

Private Piano Lessons - Marischka H
Private Piano Lessons Los Angeles, CA

Marischka has been teaching for 32 years already. Marischka H. is a career teacher who has 32 years of experience in offering quality piano sessions throughout Marina Del Rey.

Voice, Piano, & Guitar Lessons - Sara S

Want to play Liszt and Mozart? Learn from Sara S., And get started today. She provides piano lessons through all levels.

Experienced Music Teacher - Seth D

Seth is also available for one on one, or small group lessons on Saxophone, Clarinet, Piano, Guitar, Vocals and Music Theory, and Music Production. Available to all styles, ages and levels in your home or his in Los Angeles, CA. Lessons are tailored to the individual styles and goals. Seth has been teaching for over sixteen years primarily working with children. He has worked with Grammy winning producers, touring musicians, helping them hone up on their music theory, and piano chops.

Professional Trumpet Lessons - Aaron W

If you're trying to find effecient and uncomplicated piano lessons, learn from Aaron W. he also instructs piano at the elementary and adult levels.

Fun Piano Teacher - Grant M
Fun Piano Teacher Los Angeles, CA

Grant M. is a fantastic tutor that instructs all over Marina Del Rey. Check out Grant. Need to play a piano quartet? Grant has got you covered.

Music Lessons - Aniela P
Music Lessons Los Angeles, CA

While learning to play piano, you'll develop a deep appreciation for music. Take piano lessons with this California Institute of the Arts graduate.

Voice and Piano Lessons - Alexander B
Voice and Piano Lessons Beverly Hills, CA

Looking for one of the best piano teachers in Marina Del Rey who can provide those just starting out piano sessions? Alexander says that music is an extremely special expertise that needs cultivating.

Singing and Piano Lessons - Sahara T
Singing and Piano Lessons Culver City, CA

If you're looking for impressive and simple piano lessons, learn from Sahara. You haven't had any classes yet? Sahara will be amazing for you.

Piano and Singing Teacher - Lamont P
Piano and Singing Teacher Los Angeles, CA

Looking for one of the best piano instructors in Marina Del Rey who can offer those just starting out piano classes? Lamont P. is a music degree holder from University of Alaska Anchorage.