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Rock Drum Teacher - Raymond D

Hey there! My name is Raymond, but you can call me Kevin as well (long story lol). I wanna teach and share with you the ways of guitar and drums. You can rest assured that whatever I impart to you as your musical sensei will be not only be awesome and cool, but it will be something that will turn froma hobby into a fulfilling talent and passion. So let me be your mentor in furthering a life filled with musical scores.

Studio Vocal Coach - Laura V
Studio Vocal CoachWestminster, CA

I have been singing, acting and teaching music for over 20 years. I grew up in Argentina where I studied acting and singing, and where I toured with theatre groups and choirs. I graduated in Vocal Instruction from the Music Academy of Basel, Switzerland. In Europe I had the opportunity to study classical, jazz, latin, and broadway voice with many top instructors. 
Since I moved to California 2002, I continued to perform, record and teach music. I enjoy sharing my experience of music with students of all ages.

Fun Piano & Guitar Lessons - Terry A

Terry offers music sessions for children of all ages. No way lessons can be no fun with Terry A.

Professional Guitar Teacher - Kevin L

Searching for some of the best music instructors? Kevin has had a career in music for over 6 years now.

Rock Drum Teacher - Nick Q
Rock Drum TeacherHuntington Beach , CA

Nick is very patient and thoughtful. He has had great success with any students up to the advanced level.

Modern Singing Lessons - Rebecca L
Modern Singing LessonsFountain Valley, CA

Rebecca teaches , at her studio, , in student's homes, and . Don't worry. Rebecca L. can instruct music in Midway City and other locations. Rebecca L. is a vocal trainer that will have you singing like a expert.

Music Teacher - Sean R
Music TeacherCypress, CA

Thank you for checking out my profile!My name is Sean Roberts and I'm a professional working musician. I've been performing for over 30 years and teaching for over 17. Most of my students have gone on to become successful musicians themselves and I couldn't be more proud.When selecting a music teacher, consider their teaching style. Do they teach you the basics first or throw you in the deep end? A qualified and experienced teacher can make a big difference in the success of any student.Private instruction lets me tailor your lessons to match your goals, interests and learning pace of the individual student -- all in a fun, relaxed and musical atmosphere.

Professional Music Teacher - Benny R
Professional Music TeacherFountain Valley, CA

You will be thrilled to progress with music for a long time, if you start classes with Benny. You're going to like having Benny as an instructor.

Beginning Guitar Teacher - Mikal R
Beginning Guitar TeacherHuntington Beach, CA

Learn how to create beautiful music with classes from one of the best musicians. Mikal gives entertaining and easy guitar classes that aim to make a music lover out of the student.

Guitar Lessons at Home - Drew T
1 Review
Guitar Lessons at HomeHuntington Beach, CA

Learn scales, reading music, theory, and more with lessons from Drew. He is a fun loving individual who believes in creating a positive environment.