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Newport Beach Music Lessons

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Jazz Cello Lessons - Robert B
Jazz Cello LessonsCosta Mesa, CA

Didn't get along with your last instructor? You won't have that situation with Robert B. robert is a devoted and licensed music tutor.

Jazz Music Lessons - Calvin A
Jazz Music LessonsCosta Mesa, CA

Calvin is one of the best music instructors who has been tutoring musicians for 12 years. Music sessions in Newport Beach don't have to be expensive. His prices start at just $100/hour.

Bass Lessons - Alec G
Bass LessonsHuntington beach, CA

Alec G. is an amazing instructor that instructs throughout Newport Beach. Is price a problem? At only $40/hour Alec is a great choice.

Ear Training Lessons - Rachel K

Sessions this expensive are top tier. Rachel's sessions start at $100/hour. Rachel is patient and straightforward to work with.

Pop Voice Lessons - Nuttalya R
Pop Voice LessonsNewport Beach, CA

Nuttalya's music sessions are for intermediate level students. Prepare to study and learn a ton. You haven't had any sessions yet? Nuttalya R. will be fantastic for you.

Classical Guitar Lessons - Timur D

Music tutors can be hard to come by. Timur D. will teach there, and at other locations. If you need a tutor who has a college music degree, select Timur D.

Guitar Instructor - Ramtin T

Ramtin T. is a musician who provides deathmetal music sessions to kids and adults of all ages. Your improvement with Ramtin T. will be incredible.

Piano Lessons - Mingyi G
Piano LessonsIrvine, CA

Is price an issue? At only $120/hour Mingyi G. is a great choice. Don't worry. Mingyi can tutor music in Newport Beach and other locations. He instructs according to each individual client's personality.

Saxophone and Piano Lessons - Laura O

Live in Newport Beach? Try Laura and you won't be disappointed. She is supportive and she takes her time to assist her students get to their desired objectives. She enjoys offering music lessons in her home.

Drummer and Private Teacher - Josiah W

Having a hard time finding a tutor near you in Newport Beach? You've come to the right place. You'll learn scales, theory, reading music with Josiah W.

Rock Drum Teacher - Nick Q
Rock Drum TeacherHuntington Beach , CA

Need a dependable tutor? Look no further than Nick Q. nick is an incredible music instructor in Newport Beach. He is patient and believes that anyone can learn music.