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Drum Teacher  - Athan G
Drum Teacher North Hills, CA

If you want local music classes provided by a teacher who has a lot of experience, choose Athan. Athan can help you become an amazing musician.

Singer Songwriting Lessons - Steve E
Singer Songwriting LessonsPanorama City, CA

Steve has over 6 years experience mentoring music privately. His prices are similar to the average, $60 an hour.

Bass Instructor - Brendan B
Bass InstructorVan Nuys, CA

Brendan B. provides music lessons. He has been mentoring children since 2012. Even advanced students will succeed with music classes with Brendan B.

Rock Guitar Teacher - Max D
Rock Guitar TeacherNorthridge, CA

Max D. is one of the best music tutors who has been tutoring musicians for 24 years. Max is accepting students of all ages and levels for one-on-one sessions and coaching.

Fun Guitar Lessons - Matt H
Fun Guitar LessonsVan Nuys, CA

Matt has been teaching since 2009. Don't take music classes in North Hills before you research Matt.

Professional Drummer - Dennis L

If you need a teacher in North Hills with a degree from Holtlant College, Leiden, Netherlands, you've come to the right place.

Piano Lessons - Ian S
Piano LessonsReseda, CA

Ian is a great tutor that instructs all through North Hills. Ian sessions are at the going rate of $55/hour. Learning music will be a piece of cake if you take lessons with Ian.

Classical Clarinet Lessons - Alyssa G

Alyssa specializes in orchestral, romantic, chamber music, and contemporary she has been teaching children for over 10 years already.

Private Guitar Lessons - Ricky K

Looking for one of the best music tutors in North Hills who can offer those just starting out music lessons? You're going to like having Ricky K. as a tutor.

Piano Lessons - Mila G
Piano LessonsVan Nuys, CA

Trying to find some of the best music instructors? Mila's classes are at the going rate of $55/hour.