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Pacific Palisades Guitar Lessons

Where do you need a guitar teacher?

Voice, Piano, & Guitar Lessons - Sara S

If you want local guitar classes provided by a instructor who has a lot of experience, choose Sara S. guitar classes in Pacific Palisades don't have to be no fun. Begin with Sara S. and have fun!

Flamenco Guitar Teacher - Mister K

Discover the magic of music with Mister K. mister K. will help you become an amazing musician. His guitar classes are for even advanced students at any age.

Guitar & Ear Training Lessons - Ewan W

Ewan will offer you guitar classes in studio. Ewan gets along with Ewan guitar students in a entertaining but professional manner.

Rock Guitar Lessons - Jim H
Rock Guitar Lessons Marina del Rey, CA

Want to learn sight reading? Take lessons with Jim and start learning right away. Jim H. is a great teacher that teaches throughout Pacific Palisades.

Rock Guitar Lessons - David P
Rock Guitar Lessons Sherman Oaks, CA

Looking for one of the best guitar instructors in Pacific Palisades who can provide those just starting out guitar sessions? David gives painless guitar classes at reasonable prices.

Professional Guitarist and Teacher - Samuel W

Guitar lessons for students of all levels will be enjoyable with Samuel. His degree from Berklee College Of Music helps him be an amazing teacher for you.

Guitar & Bass Lessons - Claudio T
Guitar & Bass Lessons Los Angeles, CA

Looking for some of the strongest guitar tutors? Claudio specializes in rock, country, jazz, and blues

Music Teacher - Nicolas R
Music Teacher Sherman Oaks, CA

Nicolas instructs custom programs fit for each level client, including beginner, intermediate, and advanced guitar lessons. He structures her classes so clients can learn what they want to study.

Bass Teacher - Eduardo D
Bass Teacher Malibu, CA

Eduardo's lessons involve direction in music pre production, rock, music production, and music postproduction. Eduardo D. has a broad knowledge of music theory.

Guitar Lessons - Brendan P
Guitar Lessons Tarzana, CA

You'll learn more than you could have imagined before with guitar classes from Brendan. Brendan P. gives effecient and comprehensive guitar classes throughout Pacific Palisades.

Guitar and Singing Lessons - Richard B
Guitar and Singing Lessons west hollywood, CA

Looking for some of the strongest guitar tutors? Richard B. thinks that it is key to learn to read music.