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Piedmont Music Lessons

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Guitar Lessons - Rory M
Guitar Lessons Oakland, CA

If you're trying to find impressive and effortless music lessons, learn from Rory. Rory M. is among the strongest music teachers nearby.

Guitar Instructor - Ruben Q
Guitar Instructor Oakland, CA

Live in Piedmont? Try Ruben and you won't be sorry. His sessions can also include guitar and drums.

Blues Guitar Teacher - Bj D
Blues Guitar Teacher Emeryville, CA

Want to play Chopin and Beethoven? Learn from Bj, and get started today.

R&b Guitar Lessons - Michael B
R&b Guitar Lessons Berkeley, CA

Let this art and science degree holder be your tutor. Learning music will be a piece of cake if you hire Michael. Study rock music with Michael B.

Guitar and Piano Classes - Ryan P

Take a music lesson from Ryan P. and learn a lifelong skill. He gives licensed music lessons that will improve your skills.

Music Composition Teacher - Dina S

Looking for one of the best music teachers in Piedmont who can offer beginners music lessons? Dina also provides rhythm training.

Bass Lessons - Michael W
Bass Lessons Emeryville, CA

Michael W. provides bass lessons for kids and adults. He not only appreciates his customers, but is committed to see them blossom as musicians. Learning music will be a piece of cake if you learn from Michael W.

Trumpet and Trombone Teacher - Shane C

Searching for a jazz teacher? Look no further. Shane's music classes are for even advanced students.

Flute Lessons - Emily S
Flute Lessons Albany, CA

Emily says that communication is key. Understanding the client should take priority. You're going to like having Emily as a tutor.

Guitar Lessons at Home - Alex D

Alex gives online sessions for children and adults through all levels. He has had a career in music for over 12 years now.

Classical Voice and Piano Lessons - Chynna R
1 Review

Chynna R. provides up to advanced music direction . Music classes in Piedmont don't have to be boring. Start with Chynna and have fun!

Songwriting Teacher - Ronnie H
Songwriting Teacher Oakland, CA

Ronnie has had a career in music for over 2 years now. Get entertaining and painless music classes when you take lessons with Ronnie H.

Clarinet Teacher - Powell H
Clarinet Teacher Berkeley, CA

Master your goals and start your music career with experienced lessons from Powell H. powell is a gifted musician.