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Guitar and Drum Lessons - Joseph T
2 Reviews
Guitar and Drum LessonsRedondo Beach, CA

Guitar lessons in Redondo Beach don't have to be hard. Start with Joseph and have fun! Joseph T.'S students learn to play with incredible technique and style.

Voice & Guitar Teacher - Jay

Need more voice control? Start with Jay and get it. Jay is encouraging and helps you reach new heights in your guitar playing.

Guitar Teacher - Jodi S
Guitar TeacherLomita, CA

Jodi S. began his teaching career 8 years ago. Her guitar sessions are expensive for a reason. They start at $80/hour. She gives qualified music lessons that will enhance your skills.

Beginner Guitar & Bass Teacher - Kevin B

Want to learn sight reading? Take lessons with Kevin and start learning now. He has a good program that is instructive for all levels of adults and children.

Professional Guitarist and Teacher - Samuel W

Samuel's prices are similar to the average, $60 an hour. If you're a advanced student, you'll be right at home with lessons with Samuel W. he includes rhythm in his sessions.

Pop Guitar Lessons - Danny C
Pop Guitar LessonsLos Angeles, CA

Guitar classes in Redondo Beach don't have to be boring. Begin with Danny and have fun! Danny instructs guitar in a comprehensive and integrated way.

Trumpet, Piano, and Guitar Lessons - Cesar P

I have been playing music for 11 years now and it's been a blast! I am currently a jazz studies major at UNT. Music has been an important part of life. My love for music has taken me to places I never imagined I'd see. From the Hollywood Bowl to Carnegie Hall in NYC, my love for music and dedication to my craft have solidified the importance of music. Music a beautiful language and we are all entitled to experience it.

Rock Guitar Lessons - Jim H
Rock Guitar LessonsMarina del Rey, CA

Jim H. provides impressive and thorough guitar lessons throughout Redondo Beach. Want to study sight reading? Take lessons with Jim H. and start learning now.

Guitar & Ear Training Lessons - Ewan W

Looking for one of the best guitar teachers in Redondo Beach who can give beginners guitar lessons? Ewan has had great success with students of all levels.

Flamenco Guitar Teacher - Mister K

Mister K. has been teaching for over 13 years already. Mister is a great instructor at a fantastic price. Lessons with Mister start at just $60/hour. Mister K. is accepting clients of all ages and levels for private lessons and coaching.

Experienced Music Teacher - Seth D

Learn guitar and voice when you start with private lessons from Seth D. he has had great success with all levels of students. Seth D. gives sessions in Redondo Beach.