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Guitar and Drum Lessons - Joseph T
2 Reviews
Guitar and Drum LessonsRedondo Beach, CA

Lessons in Redondo Beach? Let Joseph T. teach you, and you won't be disappointed. His prices are reasonable. They're $45/hour. Joseph T. is a great help and enjoyable.

Voice & Guitar Teacher - Jay

Jay teaches both and adults to play beautifully. Is your budget around $60/hour? That's exactly what Jay charges for music lessons.

Audio Engineering Lessons - Mikey C
Audio Engineering LessonsHermosa Beach, CA

Mikey C. provides audio engineering lessons for children and adults. This teacher is available for in student's homes music classes.

Piano Lessons - Jasmine L
Piano LessonsRedondo Beach, CA

If you want local music lessons taught by a instructor who has a lot of experience, choose Jasmine. This great music tutor works with students of all ages and interests.

Trumpet Teacher - Dez G
1 Review
Trumpet TeacherHawthorne, CA

Dez's goal is that students of all ages will like private music lessons. Dez is patient and effortless to work with.

Drumming Instructor - Walter D
Drumming InstructorTorrance, CA

Ear training, technique, and theory will all be part of your music lessons with Walter D. walter D.'S students explore technique and expressive performance in a enjoyable and creative environment.

Advanced Bass Lessons - Howard R

Looking for one of the best music tutors in Redondo Beach who can provide beginners music sessions? Howard's students learn to play with incredible technique and style.

Beginner Guitar & Bass Teacher - Kevin B

Kevin offers classes tailored to meet each student's learning style. Kevin is a great music tutor in Redondo Beach. Prepare to study and learn a lot.

Voice and Violin Lessons - Brandon R
Voice and Violin LessonsManhattan Beach, CA

Brandon R. provides violin lessons for kids and adults. Brandon R. is encouraging and helps you reach new heights in your music playing. Live in Redondo Beach? Try Brandon and you won't regret it.

Guitar Teacher - Jodi S
Guitar TeacherLomita, CA

You'll study scales, theory, reading music with Jodi. No way lessons can be aggravating with Jodi S. Need a dependable teacher? Look no further than Jodi.