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Guitar and Bass Teacher - Fernando F

Looking for music lessons? Fernando loves mentoring music. Your improvement with Fernando F. will be amazing. Fernando's students learn to play with fantastic technique and expression.

Guitarist and Teacher - Sam S
2 Reviews

Sam gives experienced music lessons that will advance your skills. If you need a instructor in Ross with a degree from UC Berkeley, you've come to the right place.

Music Composition Lessons - Rishab S

No way lessons can be no fun with Rishab S. Take lessons with Rishab S. you'll learn music quickly with Rishab. Rishab has a great program that is effective for children and adults of all levels.

Classical Violin Teacher - Skarli G
Classical Violin Teachersan francisco, CA

Looking for one of the best music tutors in Ross who can give those just starting out music sessions? Skarli is very professional, knowledgeable, and passionate about music.

Beginning Viola Lessons - Matthew R
Beginning Viola LessonsSan Francisco, CA

Matthew provides classical lessons up to the advanced level. Prepare to learn and have a lot of fun. Searching for classes in Ross? Matthew R. has you covered.

Piano Lessons - Nathan T
Piano LessonsSan Francisco, CA

Nathan not only appreciates his clients, but is committed to see them grow as musicians. He tutors all styles.

Flute Lessons - Emily S
Flute LessonsAlbany, CA

If you're searching for effective and uncomplicated music lessons, try Emily S. emily S. offers music lessons.

Jazz Saxophone Lessons - Chazz A
Jazz Saxophone LessonsSan Francisco, CA

Learn theory, reading music, scales, and more with sessions from Chazz A. chazz thinks that it is key to learn to read music. Chazz A. is patient and effortless to work with.

Drum and Percussion Lessons - John H
Drum and Percussion LessonsSan Francisco, CA

If you want local music sessions taught by a teacher who has a lot of experience, choose John. He is helpful and he takes his time to support his students get to their desired objectives.

In Home Piano Lessons - James D
In Home Piano LessonsSan Francisco, CA

Discover the magic of music with James D. he provides lessons tailored to meet each student's learning style.

Guitar Teacher - Danny W
Guitar TeacherSan Francisco, CA

I have playing guitar since i was a teenager and started playing professionally when i was 18. I obtained my degree from Musicians Institute GIT and a grade 8 certificate from London Rock School. After I graduated, I continue to study and was mentored by Ross Bolton(Al Jarreau) and Brad Rabuchin(Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder). Some of my past experiences includes radio jingles, commercial music cue, festival, tv appearance, blues/funk clinic in Asia, wedding and restaurant gigs. I have been teaching for 5 years.

Saxophone and Clarinet Teacher - Joseph C

Joseph has had a career in music for over 23 years now. Joseph C. finished learning at University of Miami in 1999.

Bass Teacher - Curtis A
Bass TeacherNovato, CA

Looking for some of the strongest music teachers? You'll master music in no time, by focusing on technique and theory. Curtis is a music degree holder from Idyllwild Arts Academy.