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San Jose Music Lessons

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Piano and Voice Teacher - Fallon N

Music lessons for any students up to the advanced level will be entertaining with Fallon. She instills confidence in the student, by giving them the ability to learn music on their own.

Piano and Singing Teacher - Samantha M

Samantha includes rhythm in his sessions. Her prices are reasonable. They're $60/hour. You'll learn music fast with Samantha.

Guitar & Piano Teacher - Ron T
Guitar & Piano TeacherSanta Clara, CA

Ron is a musician with over 2 of teaching experience. He tutors children how to express themselves through music.

Private Piano Lessons - Truong H

You'll learn and classical when you take music lessons from Truong H.

Music Lessons For Kids - Jesse M

Jesse's customized and skillful guitar sessions will help customers master or improve their artistry. Lessons in San Jose? Let Jesse M. teach you, and you won't regret it.

Flute Teacher - Christina K
Flute TeacherSunnyvale, CA

Christina K. is a musician who provides classical music classes to children and adults of all ages. Your kids will love taking music classes with Christina.

Professional Guitar Teacher - Jonathan C

Jonathan is among the best music instructors who has been mentoring musicians for 12 years. Your improvement with Jonathan will be incredible.

Patient Guitar Lessons - Sebastian B

If you're looking for impressive and painless music sessions, learn from Sebastian B. music is one of Sebastian chief passions in life.

Guitar Teacher - Stephen S
Guitar TeacherSunnyvale, CA

Stephen S. is a career tutor who has 23 years of experience in offering quality music classes throughout San Jose. Stephen's students learn to play with fantastic technique and feeling.

Guitar Tutor - Max D
Guitar TutorSan Jose, CA

Max instills confidence in the student, by giving them the ability to study music on their own. Max studied at The University of Edinburgh as a linguistics and psychology major. Max D. is an accomplished musician.

Flute Tutor - Lilly K
Flute TutorSanta Clara, CA

Lilly K. offers flute lessons for kids and adults. You're going to love having Lilly as a teacher.