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Santa Ana Guitar Lessons

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Licensed Guitar Teacher - Hoyt B

Hoyt has over 21 years experience tutoring guitar privately. Hoyt B.'S students explore technique and expressive performance in a enjoyable and creative environment.

Flamenco Guitar Lessons - Caroline E

Caroline gives in-home lessons for kids and adults to intermediate level students. Caroline gives effecient and complete guitar sessions throughout Santa Ana.

Guitar Classes - ALI Z
Guitar ClassesIrvine, CA

Need local guitar lessons in Santa Ana? You've found them in ALI Z. aLI Z. is a great help and enjoyable. He tutors children how to express themselves through music.

Fun Piano & Guitar Lessons - Terry A

Learn from Terry if you're looking for a professional in Santa Ana. He instructs according to each individual student's personality.

Rock Drum Teacher - Raymond D

As one of our talented guitar tutors, Raymond offers licensed guitar sessions. He tailors the guitar lessons to work with your goals.

Jazz Music Lessons - Calvin A
Jazz Music LessonsCosta Mesa, CA

As a teacher, I have worked with of many ages and backgrounds. One of my students, Skylar Stecker, has gone on to become a successful major label recording artist. I Recently had the opportunity to tour with her as her guitarist and pianist.I have studied, performed and taught music for over 10 years. I hold a B.A. in music from USC. My professional experience as a musician and teacher has led me to many areas of the music business. I've worked as an apprentice to several established film composers and arrangers and have had the opportunity work with Lionel Hampton New York Big Band, Metropole Orchestra, Clayton-Hamilton Jazz Orchestra, Clayton Brothers, Rachelle Farrell, Michael Buble, and Charles Aznavour. I play guitar, piano, bass, ukulele, banjo as well as write music.*** Lesson Details *** I am extremely patient and firmly believe that anybody can learn to play music.I try to keep my teaching philosophy simple. We figure out your musical goals and aspirations and carve out a path to achieving them. Along the way I will try to illuminate how the path to attaining your goals and aspirations is best taken at an enjoyable, relaxed pace and with a strong work ethic.I always prepare for your lessons based on your interests, integrating relevant books and videos, creating handouts tailored to what we are studying in order to maintain clarity.*** Specialties *** Any style you prefer (Rock, Pop, Folk, Country, Jazz, Bluegrass, etc.)

Pop Guitar & Banjo Instructor - Richard C

Richard is patient and believes that everyone can learn guitar. Richard C. provides beginner, intermediate, or advanced guitar direction .

Guitar Lessons - Saul B
Guitar LessonsAnaheim, CA

Hey rockin' rollers! Are you ready to learn and aspire to your dreams? When I was about 8 years old my grandfather sat me down and taught me guitar. At every birthday party or gathering, my uncles and him would sit around singing and playing. Being the life of the party! Seeing them play and bring joy to my family and friends inspired me as a young boy to want to spread that same happiness and love through music as they did. I hope to bring such motivation and inspiration to you! Going on 11 years, guitar and music has been my life, and to have the privilege to pass my knowledge on and spread my love of music to others would be my honor. Through out those years I have taken lessons learning blues, country, rockabilly, and western swing. And I'll be honest I am not be the biggest scholar with a bunch of certificates under my belt, but I have the passion for music and the passion to bring joy to others. To help accomplish dreams. So are you ready? Something tells me you are not! But is anyone? So c'mon! Lets learn some awesome music together and who knows, maybe we will be great friends... and you can go on in life like, like I go on in my life and say "that guy taught me guitar, that person taught me happiness. He was MY teacher." Cause in my opinion, that is the biggest honor.

Piano, Guitar, and Bass Teacher - Adam M

Adam M. is a guitarist who gives jazz guitar classes to kids and adults of all ages. Trying to find guitar lessons? Adam loves tutoring guitar.

Classical Guitar Lessons - Timur D

Imagine touching your family and friends with your good guitar playing with sessions from Timur.

Guitar Instructor - Ramtin T

Ramtin provides in-home classes for children and adults to beginner and intermediate students. Learn from Ramtin T. if you want guitar lessons.

Guitar and Bass Lessons - Tyler S
1 Review

Tyler has an incredible program that works for all ages and levels. He offers guitar classes all through Santa Ana. Tyler is patient and uncomplicated to work with.