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Sherman Oaks Bass Lessons

Where do you need a bass teacher?

Guitar & Bass Lessons - Claudio T
Guitar & Bass Lessons Los Angeles, CA

Learn how to create beautiful music with lessons from one of the strongest s. claudio's ambition as a tutor is to change clients lives through music.

Drums, Bass, and Saxophone Teacher - Nathan K

Nathan not only respects his students, but is devoted to see them progress as s.

Bass Instructor - Brendan B
Bass Instructor Van Nuys, CA

Brendan gives entertaining and straightforward bass classes that aim to make a music lover out of the student. Didn't get along with your last teacher? You won't have that problem with Brendan.

Bass Guitar Lessons - Ben B
Bass Guitar Lessons north hollywood, CA

Ben gives bass classes for kids and adults. You'll learn bass fast, by focusing on technique and theory. Check out how much his sessions cost.

Bass Teacher - Austin D
Bass Teacher Tarzana, CA

Searching for sessions at an incredible price? You've found it with Austin D. Austin D.'S students explore technique and expressive performance in a enjoyable and creative environment.

Bass Lessons - Nicole R
Bass Lessons burbank, CA

Learn how to make beautiful music with classes from one of the best s. nicole instructs inventive bass for all levels of students.

Advanced Slap Bass Lessons - Clark S
Advanced Slap Bass Lessons Los Angeles, CA

Want local bass sessions in Sherman Oaks? You've found them in Clark.

Guitarist and Bass Teacher - Giovanni L
Guitarist and Bass Teacher North Hollywood, CA

Giovanni is patient and says that everyone can learn bass. Giovanni L. believes that it is key to learn to read music.

Guitar and Bass Teacher - Jay o
Guitar and Bass Teacher north hollywood, CA

Jay charges $75 for Jay lessons. You're going to love having Jay as a tutor. Jay specializes in acoustic, punk, singer songwriter, and folk

Bass Lessons at Home - Ryan R
Bass Lessons at Home North Hollywood, CA

If you are searching for a great funk bass teacher, go with Ryan. You'll learn bass fast, by focusing on technique and theory.

Guitar Teacher - Deanna P
Guitar Teacher North Hollywood, CA

Deanna is a who gives country bass sessions to children and adults of all ages. You'll figure out your musical goals, and she will help you carve out a path of attaining them.

Guitar, Voice, and Bass Teacher - Pedro A

Learn how to sing with Pedro A. he teaches pop bass sessions among others.

Music Lessons - Aniela P
Music Lessons Los Angeles, CA

Aniela gives piano classes for kids and adults. Learn theory, scales, and technique with this teacher who has been mentoring for over 17 years.