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Stanton Drum Lessons

Where do you need a drum teacher?

Piano Voice & Drum Teacher - Fredric H
1 Review
Piano Voice & Drum Teacher Garden Grove, CA

Worried about price? Fredric H. is only $40/hour. Try him out!

Rock Drum Teacher - Raymond D
Rock Drum Teacher Midway, CA

Looking for one of the best drum instructors in Stanton who can offer beginners drum sessions? Raymond offers enjoyable and simple drum sessions that aim to make a music lover out of the student.

Drum Instructor - Michael M
Drum Instructor Long Beach, CA

If you're looking for useful and straightforward drum classes, try Michael. His mentoring style is individually based.

Drumming Lessons - Eric H
Drumming Lessons Long Beach, CA

Eric says that music is a very special skill that needs cultivating. Eric is patient and accessible to work with.

Rock Drum Teacher - Nick Q
Rock Drum Teacher Huntington Beach , CA

Are you serious about drum lessons? Nick takes lessons seriously too. He has had a career in music for over 11 years now.

Jazz Drum Lessons - Andre C
Jazz Drum Lessons Long Beach, CA

Andre gives marching band classes to students of all levels. Andre will find new ways to break down complicated ideas. Understand scales, reading music, theory, and more with classes from Andre.

Drum Lessons - Earl L
Drum Lessons Orange, CA

If you're looking for effecient and accessible drum lessons, learn from Earl L. he is dedicated to see his students grow as individuals and musicians.

Drummer and Private Teacher - Josiah W

Discover the magic of music with Josiah. He thinks that music is a very special skill that needs cultivating. Josiah finished learning at Vanguard University in 2017.

Drum Teacher - Andres M
Drum Teacher Whittier, CA

If you want local drum lessons given by a teacher who has a lot of experience, choose Andres M. he has a fantastic curriculum that is effective for all ages.

Drumming Lessons - Kristian M
Drumming Lessons Orange, CA

Looking for one of the best drum instructors in Stanton who can provide students with no experience drum classes? Is your budget around $55/hour? That's exactly what Kristian charges for drum lessons.

Fun Drum & Music Theory Tutor - Ricardo A

I'm a percussionist that's active in the L.A. County and Orange County areas with a decade of ensemble and band experiences underneath my belt. Examples include Rock and Heavy Metal Bands, Jazz Combos and Big Bands, Symphony Orchestras, and so on. I love having fun by playing awesome and cool styles of music and I also love spreading the joy of music around to people. Helping someone achieve their goals in music, whatever it may be, is one of the most rewarding experiences; it brings me joy to see students grow, achieve their goals, and most importantly, have fun!

Pop Guitar Lessons - Isaiah B
2 Reviews
Pop Guitar Lessons La Habra, CA

Isaiah knows what he is doing, with over 7 of mentoring experience. Try Isaiah B. if you're looking for a great teacher in Stanton.

Experienced Drum Teacher - MichEal R

MichEal has been teaching for 8 years already. Interested in studying drums? Take your drums course from MichEal R. his prices are reasonable. They're $60/hour.