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Stanton Music Theory Lessons

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Music Teacher - Sean R
Music TeacherCypress, CA

Trying to find some of the best music theory tutors? Try Sean R. if you're looking for a great teacher in Stanton. You'll learn music theory in no time with Sean R.

Guitar Lessons - Saul B
Guitar LessonsAnaheim, CA

Saul is among the music theory tutors who also provide ska, blues, rock and roll, and reggae music theory sessions.

Fun Violin Lessons - Dom D
Fun Violin LessonsBuena Park, CA

Hello! My name is Dom D. and I have been playing the violin for about 12 years now. Much like any youngster, I started playing because I saw a lady play her violin live and I immediately fell in love with the sound. I went home that day and told my mother that I wanted to play the violin and, being a second generation violinist herself, could not be more proud. Of course, I was not thinking about all the hard work and dedication it would take to actually be good. Many times I felt like quitting but I could not see myself parting with my instrument. Playing the violin has brought me experiences that no normal person my age, (19), could even dream of experiencing! I have been on tour twice, I have played in two major orchestras, and I was the concertmaster of my high school orchestra. I have also played at the Walt Disney Concert Hall three times. Also, being familiar with the violin has indirectly brought me other skills such as the ability to play the piano almost seamlessly, even though I have never had one piano lesson. My love for violin started to plateau when I was in the eighth grade because I was not receiving formal training. Without proper guidance, I felt lost and unable to really take my playing to the next level. My goal for my students is to be that guidance that they need to push them to the next level and cultivate their skills and passion for the instrument. That is the only way to truly be great. I hope that you will give me the chance to push you to the next level because I feel that it is my turn to give back!

Piano Instructor - Yolanda B
Piano InstructorFullerton, CA

You haven't had any sessions yet? Yolanda will be amazing for you. Don't worry. Yolanda B. can teach music theory in Stanton and other locations. Yolanda is a graduate from Philippine Women's College of Music & Fine Arts who specializes in classical and pop and classical & pop.

Classical Trumpet Teacher - Levi B

Hello there! My name is Levi Bent and i have been playing trumpet for 10 years now! I began in 3rd grade at Sierra Vista Elementary School in La Habra under direction of Ken Holland. I played throughout middle school where i learned to march with the only home school marching band in Southern California. I entered high school expecting to learn much and i did. I worked my way up to first chair and eventually section leader in Sonora High School Band under the direction of Jerome Diebolt. I have instructed only one other that wasn't already in my section at Sonora. My junior year of high school I auditioned with Pasadena City College to march in the 2014 Rose Parade! I passed the audition and played third trumpet for the band! I am very excited to teach and also learn more with you!

Piano Teacher - Brittany B
1 Review
Piano TeacherAnaheim, CA

Brittany is a consummate professional. Stanton music theory classes should be enjoyable. If you want to begin local music lessons, then select this talented professional.

Jazz Music Lessons - Calvin A
Jazz Music LessonsCosta Mesa, CA

Learn banjo and guitar when you begin with one-on-one sessions from Calvin. He has had great success with all levels of students.

Pop Voice Lessons - Nuttalya R
Pop Voice LessonsNewport Beach, CA

Music theory classes in Stanton don't have to be expensive with Nuttalya R. nuttalya is encouraging and assists you attain new heights in your music theory playing.

Piano & Music Production Tutor - Charles T

Charles T. is one of the best music theory tutors who has been mentoring music theorists for 10 years already. How much does he charge? Only $50/hour.

Fun Drum & Music Theory Tutor - Ricardo A

I'm a percussionist that's active in the L.A. County and Orange County areas with a decade of ensemble and band experiences underneath my belt. Examples include Rock and Heavy Metal Bands, Jazz Combos and Big Bands, Symphony Orchestras, and so on. I love having fun by playing awesome and cool styles of music and I also love spreading the joy of music around to people. Helping someone achieve their goals in music, whatever it may be, is one of the most rewarding experiences; it brings me joy to see students grow, achieve their goals, and most importantly, have fun!

Piano Teacher - Shine H
1 Review
Piano TeacherLakewood , CA

Shine H. has been teaching for 8 years. If you want a tutor in Stanton with a degree from CUNY at Queens College, you've come to the right place. She is a consummate professional.