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Sun Valley Music Lessons

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Pop Guitar Lessons - Max M
Pop Guitar LessonsNorth Hollywood, CA

Master your goals and start your music career with licensed lessons from Max. Is your budget around $50/hour? That's exactly what Max M. charges for music lessons.

Pop Drum Lessons - Kenny S
Pop Drum Lessonsnorth hollywood, CA

Fun music lessons are a given when you study with Kenny S. he additionally offers sessions for drums and ear training.

Guitar Tutor - Corey H
Guitar TutorNorth Hollywood, CA

Are you looking for the greatest instructor to help you in your goal to advance your musical career?

Music Production Lessons - Darren S
Music Production LessonsNorth Hollywood, CA

Darren is patient and thinks that anyone can learn music. Music sessions in Sun Valley don't have to be aggravating. Begin with Darren S. and have fun!

Music Classes - David W
Music ClassesNorth Hollywood, CA

Are you trying to find the best teacher to help you in your goal to advance your musical career? David's degree from Oberlin Conservatory of Music helps him be a incredible instructor for you.

Guitar Teacher - Yngrid A
Guitar TeacherN Hollywood, CA

Yngrid can tutor up to intermediate music students all over Sun Valley. While learning to play music, you'll acquire a deep appreciation for music.

Bass Guitar Lessons - Ben B
Bass Guitar Lessonsnorth hollywood, CA

Ben is dedicated to see his students progress as individuals and musicians. Learning music will be a piece of cake if you hire Ben B.

Fun Music Teacher - Beckie E
Fun Music TeacherNorth Hollywood, CA

Hi! My name is Beckie and I have played music for all of my life. I play and teach many different instruments such as the Trumpet, French horn, Saxophone, Mandolin, Guitar, Clarinet, Voice, and Piano.I graduated from Chapman University in 2010 with 2 degrees in music, Music Education and Music Performance on French horn. I am currently attending UCLA for my masters in Music Performance on French horn.When I first began teaching, I taught at an elementary school for 3 years as a brass coach for a Montessori Academy. This is where I fell in love with teaching. I have been teaching privately for 12 years now and love the one-on-one attention that I can give the students.I have worked for many great organizations like the Los Angeles Philharmonic and California Philharmonic.I currently am a freelance musician. I perform regularly with two different orchestras and am in a Brass Ensemble called the Vine Street Brass and a horn ensemble called the Thursday Horn Club. I have performed in such wonderful venues as the Walt Disney Concert Hall and the Sydney Opera house, in which I was able to premier a piece!I look forward to working with you or your child in helping to start or continue a musical instrument! *** Lesson Details *** When I teach lessons, I like to go at the pace of the student. I am very patient but I expect the student to practice during the week. I will always work with a student as long as it takes to have them understand what is difficult for them musically. I use a lot of different books like Teaching little fingers to Play and Standard of Excellence.For Adults, I like the Big Beginners Piano book which has easy classical pieces to play!I teach from the rudimentary skills and build on the fundamentals of music. After 3 or 6 months, my students feel accomplished with what they have learned and excited for the next 3 to 6 months!I usually play my instruments with the students, but being a freelance musician, I may need to save my chops for an upcoming gig. Not always, but happens from time to time :)*** Studio Equipment *** practice space in home w/ seating for parents and music stand. I also have a cat and a dog, so if you are allergic, please let me know! The cat and dog are always put away during the lesson time.*** Travel Equipment *** I have one music stand. I expect the student to provide the music books and their own instruments.*** Specialties *** I specialize in classical genres of playing.

Drum & Piano Teacher - David M

Sun Valley music lessons should be enjoyable. David is incredible with children who are just starting the ABC's of the musical alphabet, as well as more experienced musicians. Become an amazing rock musician with sessions from David M.

Guitar Lessons - Cary S
Guitar LessonsNorth Hollywood, CA

Cary gives music sessions for kids of all ages. His personalized and skillful guitar classes will help clients master or advance their artistry.

Fun Drum Teacher - Jimi E
Fun Drum TeacherNorth Hollywood, CA

Get enjoyable and easy music sessions when you take lessons with Jimi E. you'll figure out your musical goals, and he will help you carve out a path of achieving them.

Classical and Jazz Piano Teacher - Maddy R

Want to play Chopin and Bach? Learn from Maddy, and get started today. Maddy's students explore technique and expressive performance in a enjoyable and creative environment.

Drum & Bongo Lessons - Zach N
Drum & Bongo LessonsSun Valley, CA

Sun Valley music classes should be fun. Regardless of the skill level, Zach will deliver the subject matter in a straightforward manner.