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Sunnyvale Bass Lessons

Where do you need a bass teacher?

Music Lessons For Kids - Jesse M

Jesse is $90/hour. Sounds expensive? You get what you pay for. His lessons for will challenge you and help you to practice hard.

Music Lessons - Brian B
Music LessonsBelmont, CA

Looking to start your singing career? Brian B. will help you get where you want to be. Brian B. can instruct advanced bass students in Sunnyvale.

Guitar Lessons For Children - Judy G

Are you searching for the right instructor to assist you in your goal to advance your musical career?

Guitar Instructor - Russell M
Guitar InstructorSan Ramon, CA

Russell's objective as a teacher is to change clients lives through music. He gets along with his bass clients in a entertaining but professional manner.

Bass Tutor - Ted G
Bass TutorCastro Valley, CA

Ted says that it is key to learn to read music. He teaches children how to express themselves through music.

Bass Teacher - Chase F
Bass Teachersan ramon, CA

If you want local bass lessons taught by a tutor who has a lot of experience, choose Chase F. he can instruct the basics including theory, reading music, scales.